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Creator Balak Knightfang
Species Cinderscale Salander
Gender Male
Occupation Bronzesmith
Relatives Vitra (sister)
Location Salamander Smithing

"Greetings. Haven't seen you around here before, so, welcome to my slice of Khor'minos. I'm Vitruvius, namesake and proprietor of this here bronze smithery."

Vitruvius is a burly bronzesmith who runs a smithery on Main Street. Vitra's brother, he trained as an apprentice alongside her and went on to establish his own business. The demonic incursion has made Vitruvius very busy as he works to supply the Khor'minoan legions with bronze.


As you enter the store, you're immediately greeted by the sight of the shop's namesake. A towering cinderscale salamander male stands in the center of the workshop, hammering a metal sheet along the horn of a small bronze anvil, itself set into a large chunk of wood.

While he puts the finishing touches on his current project, you inspect the craftsman himself further. The 'mander works shirtless, leaving his toned chest, stomach, and back exposed to the heat—though his natural resistance to such temperatures leaves him largely unphased. Splotches of soot dot his red-scaled arms and tanned, human-like torso and neck, not to mention the fabric of his toolbelt. Were it not for the color of his trousers, you imagine those, too would be covered in similar dark hand marks. His tail is constantly in use, be it to grab a tool or object from elsewhere or to heat up a part of the metal that he's about to work.

His muscles flex and relax with each hammer blow, showing off years of hard work spent honing both craft and body. The sweat of exertion glints in the light cast by the lit furnace in the corner and the flickering of his tail-flame. Each movement is accompanied by focused breathing, perfectly in sync to maximize his precision.


The first time you enter his shop, Vitruvius introduces himself to you, and mentions he's already heard of you from Vitra if you've gotten close with her. His current interactions all pertain to his business Salamander Smithing and purchasing his goods, from his standard inventory to the special unique items in his display case.

  • Shop: (see Salamander Smithing)
  • DisplayCase?: What's in that display case? (unlocks SpecialStock)
  • SpecialStock: Take a look at Vitruvius' special stock of masterworks. (see Salamander Smithing)