Salamander Smithing

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Salamander Smithing

Salamander Smithing map.png

Location of Salamander Smithing
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

Salamander Smithing is a bronzesmith on Main Street, where Vitruvius sells a range of weapons and armour. It's across the street from Ember's Taphouse, a tavern owned by his sister Vitra.

Writer Credit

Balak Knightfang



One of the buildings on the street radiates light and warmth through its open windows far beyond that than any of the others you've encountered on your traversal of the city thus far. On occasion, loud, metallic clangs ring out from it, telling you even before you see the sign over its doorway that the building houses a metalsmith of some sort.

Upon reaching it, however, you're able to see written on a sign just above the door the words, "Salamander Smithing," written in Khor'minoan and Belharan. On one side of the lettering, a crossed hammer and chisel stand out, while on the other is the tip of a tail with the shape of a flame atop it, exactly like the eponymous salamander's tail.


You're able to take this opportunity to look around the shop at the numerous bronzeworks spread throughout. From blade to armor to tool and beyond, every single item here seems to have been meticulously crafted and inlaid with intricate and loving detail. In the back corner, however, is a display case of weapons and armor a cut above even the finest words in the room.



Store interactions go through Vitruvius. You can ask him about the DisplayCase? which gives you access to unique works Vitruvius has created.

  • Shop: (see Store)
  • DisplayCase?: What's in that display case? (unlocks SpecialStock)
  • SpecialStock: Take a look at Vitruvius' special stock of masterworks. (see Special Stock)


Equipment Consumables
Item Cost
Crested Helm 300 EC
Bronze Petasos 300 EC
Trident 80 EC
Dagger 50 EC
Short Sword 80 EC
Curved Blade 110 EC
Spear 40 EC
Pike 60 EC
Poleaxe 80 EC
Battleaxe 50 EC
Francisca 75 EC
Javelin 70 EC
Mace 50 EC
Hoplon Helm 140 EC
Bronze Pauldrons 50 EC
Scale Armor 250 EC
Mail Cuirass 300 EC
Breastplate 200 EC
Iron Greaves 60 EC
Gauntlets 60 EC
Arm Guards 30 EC
Hoplon Shield 120 EC
Tower Shield 220 EC
Item Cost
Brazenberry Ale 80 EC
Naptha 80 EC
Steadfast Tonic 80 EC

Special Stock

Items in Vitruvius's Special Stock are unique, and only one of each item is available to purchase.

Item Cost
Skypiercer 1,500 EC
Frosthammer 1,500 EC
Flametongue Blade 2,000 EC
Shield of Absorption 1,000 EC
Conqueror's Breastplate 1,500 EC