Shield of Absorption

From Corruption of Champions II
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Shield of Absorption
Creators Balak Knightfang
Other Name(s) AbsorbShield
Item Type Shield
Slot Offhand
Weapon Class 1H (Heavy)
Price 200
Has Special Effect? Yes
Is Unique? Yes
Tags Metal
Stack Limit 1
Version Added 0.4.32
Armor 5 Armor Penetration -
Evasion - Ward 5
Focus 5 Initiative -


One of Vitruvius' masterworks, this bronze-bossed shield is lined with both brilliant repousse work and scrolling electrum runes. While the shield itself wouldn't normally be as protective as many of its sibling items, its enchantments are used to reinforce the wearer when successfully used to block otherwise incredibly damaging blows.

Special Effect: When an attack that otherwise would have been a critical hit is negated by this shield, the wielder gains a bonus to Armor, Ward, and Focus for two rounds.

Special Effect

When the shield blocks a critical hit, the wielder gains the AbsorbShield status effect; which gives them +15 Armor, Ward, and Focus for 2 turns.


Quest Related

Kalysea's Offerings

The Shield of Absorption is one of the unique items that can be gifted to Kalysea.

Used By

Currently not used by any character.