Brazenberry Ale

From Corruption of Champions II
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Brazenberry Ale
Author The Observer
Type Consumable
Base Price 80
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable No
Combat Usable Yes


A traditional orc heartlander drink, which required an ox to chew the near-tasteless brazenberries before brewing them with malt to make a particularly strong ale. Other races were quick to substitute yeast to mimic the process responsible for the body and flavor, thereby excluding oxen regurgitation from the process.

Brazenberry ale is still a staple drink amongst those who live in the Belharan heartlands, where it's said to be a favorite of mercenaries. Sometimes it's not keen judgement that's needed, but a simple willingness to leap into the fray.

Imbibing this will increase your Attack Power by 10 + X + Y until the end of combat.


Consuming the ale increases Attack Power by 10 + Cunning + Toughness until the end of combat (Brazenberry Ale combat effect).



This item holds the same name as the Brazenberry Ale combat effect.