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Creator QuestyRobo
Full name Vaush Tempesh
Alias Shaman
Old Man
Lazy Fuck
Species Orc
Gender Male
Occupation Shaman
Title Hero of Horn High
Spouse Unnamed Wife
Faction Kervus Tribe
Location Foothills (west & north)
Level 3
Health 225
Resolve 100

Vaush, unlike most orcs of the Kervus Tribe has little interest in fighting and would rather relax and drink instead. He has a dislike for the He will even invite the Champion to relax if he's alone, but that does not make him a slouch in combat.


He's close to eight feet tall, and built like an absolute tank despite his obvious inclination toward herbal and spiritual pursuits rather than physical combat. Even his full, dark brown robes can't hide the sheer bulk of his arms, the breadth of his shoulders, or the width of his chest. His long hair is well-kept and his chest-length beard is well braided and decorated with silver and gold ornaments. In his hand is a worn bronze mace that seems almost like a toy in his mammoth hands.


Upon initially encountering Vaush, he unlike his eager younger orc companions, is disinterested in fighting the Champion but will be forced to assist his party. Subsequent combat encounters will also lead to Vaush to attacking the Champion.

Defeating Vaush and his party in combat will only lead to post victory sexing.

Having met Vaush at least once, the Champion may encounter him relaxing with a hearty drink. He will invite the Champion to relax with him, in which the following options will become available:

  • Yes - He seems trustworthy enough.
  • No/Leave - You have better things to do.
  • Attack - Never turn your back on an enemy!

If Vaush is attacked, his invitation spurned, he will be angry which will have some dialogue changes to certain scenes. Relaxing with Vaush will appease this anger.

If the Champion were to relax with Vaush, the following options will be available:

  • Talk - Use your mouth to say words.
    • Him - Ask about the man himself.
    • Tribe - Ask about his Tribe.
    • Past - Ask about the things he's mentioned about his past. (requires seen Him option)
    • Cum - Ask about his frankly ridiculous cum output. (requires have seen Vaush cum before)
  • Drink - Use your mouth to ingest alcohol.
  • Sex - Use your mouth to ingest orc cock (or the other way around).
  • Shop - Buy one of his strange brews.

If the Champion has attempted to sex Vaush but has backed out at least 3 times, Vaush will get angry because he's being blue balled. Backing out again when he announces his frustration will cause him to leave to have a wank. The Champion can peep on him.

Drinking with Vaush will cause the Champion to drink some alcohol in which the Champion may have another round, throwing caution to the wind. As the Champion continues to drink, there will be growing concern (based on the Champion's Alcohol Tolerance) that they might want to stop. Deciding to go over their tolerance will result in the Champion passing out and waking up sometime later with Vaush having hidden the Champion and their party from Vaush's returning party members.

The non-combat sex options with Vaush will allow the Champion to choose both victory and defeat post combat sex options.

The Champion may purchase Virility Boosters from the Shop option for 150 EC.

In the unlikely event that Champion has completed Right of Conquest and has not encountered Vaush before, he will not appear as an encounter.


In combat Vaush will always be accompanied by an Orc Apprentice and an Orc Executioner.


Attack Power: 24 Spellpower: 18
Sexiness: 6 Armor: 18
Physical Resist: 12 Warding: 24
Magic Resist: 14 Focus: 11
Mental Resist: 11 Evasion: 9


  • Big Tits (G cupsize or bigger)
  • Big Cock (17' or greater)
  • Normal Tits (greater than B but less than G cupsize)
  • Normal Cock (greater than 5' but less than 17')
  • Big Ass (butt rating of greater than 7)
  • Vaginas


  • Small Tits (B cupsize or smaller)
  • Small Cock (at most 5')
  • Small Ass (butt rating of at most 2)



If the Champion is victorious in combat:

  • Pitch Anal - Fuck his butt. (requires a cock)
  • Catch - Take the big guy for a ride.

If defeated:

  • Blow Him - Slob on some orc knob.

If Vaush is blueballed enough, the Champion can peep on him wanking.


  • 70 XP
  • 50 EC

Chance for: