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Busts of Vaush by DCLzexon
Creator QuestyRobo
Full name Vaush Tempesh
Alias Orc Shaman
Old Man
Lazy Fuck
Species Orc
Gender Male
Occupation Shaman
Title Hero of Horn High
Height 7'8"
Cock Size 14"
Spouse Unnamed Wife
Faction Kervus Tribe
Location Foothills (west & north)
Level 3
Health 225
Resolve 100

Anyway. I'm a shaman of the Kervus tribe. I make potions, medicines for both practical and recreational use, help Hretha with religious rights, when I can stand her long enough, and train the few men who have higher aspirations than being a rank and file meathead. I also cultivate cheeses, whenever I can keep a cow around for more than a week without it getting carved up."

He bursts out laughing as he recalls more stories of his tribesmen dumbfounded at his new perspective. "Of course, when I started thinking about sticking with that, it didn't go over so well. Needless to say they were looking forward to me coming back onto the front lines after Horn High, so hearing that I might not got some of them up in a tizzy. Got into some fights, lost some friends, but in the end it just made me want to stick with it more. Eventually Doran died, and even though Hretha was technically named head shaman in his stead, I'm the one who handles most of his old duties. And so here we are, several mountains of bad blood and bullshit later and I slowly turned into the lovely old gentleman you see before you. I could go further, but then you'd just hear me grumbling about everyone for an hour. Well, another hour."

Vaush, unlike most orcs of the Kervus Tribe has little interest in fighting and would rather relax and drink instead. He will even invite the Champion to relax if he's alone, but that does not make him a slouch in combat.


He's close to eight feet tall, and built like an absolute tank despite his obvious inclination toward herbal and spiritual pursuits rather than physical combat. Even his full, dark brown robes can't hide the sheer bulk of his arms, the breadth of his shoulders, or the width of his chest. His long hair is well-kept and his chest-length beard is well braided and decorated with silver and gold ornaments. In his hand is a worn bronze mace that seems almost like a toy in his mammoth hands.


Initial Encounter

When first encountering Vaush, he will be uninterested in fighting the Champion however he will be forced to due to his younger and eager orc companions.

In the unlikely event that Champion has completed Right of Conquest and has not encountered Vaush before, he cannot be encountered.

Subsequent Encounters

Repeat encounters with Vaush, accompanied by his forced to assist his very angry looking companions.

Having met Vaush at least once, there is a 50% chance to encounter him alone, relaxing with a hearty drink. If the Champion has completed Right of Conquest with Arona as the new warchief, all encounters with Vaush will find him relaxing. He will invite the Champion to relax with him, in which the following options will become available:

  • Yes - He seems trustworthy enough.
  • No/Leave - You have better things to do.
  • Attack - Never turn your back on an enemy!

Attacking Vaush will cause him to be angry and will cause a slight chance of dialogue in certain scenes. Relaxing with Vaush will appease this anger.

Choosing to relax with Vaush will bring up the following options:

  • Talk - Use your mouth to say words.
    • Him - Ask about the man himself.
    • Tribe - Ask about his Tribe.
    • Past - Ask about the things he's mentioned about his past. (requires seen Him option)
    • Cum - Ask about his frankly ridiculous cum output. (requires have seen Vaush cum before)
  • Drink - Use your mouth to ingest alcohol.
    • Another! - Throw caution to the wind and get wasted!
    • Stop - Do the responsible thing.
  • Sex - Use your mouth to ingest orc cock (or the other way around).
  • Shop - Buy one of his strange brews.

Drinking with Vaush will cause the Champion to partake in some alcohol and throwing caution to the wind, if they request another round. As the Champion continues to drink, there will be a growing concern (based on the Champion's Alcohol Tolerance) that they should probably stop. Deciding to go over their tolerance will result in the Champion passing out and waking up sometime later with Vaush having hidden the Champion and their party from Vaush's returning party members.


Transformative Items
Name Price
Virility Booster 150

Vaush can also be found passed out, stinking of warm smoke with a strong herbal tinge, at the corner of Hretha's tent when the Champion visits her with Ragnild. Infrith will kick him in the butt and shoo him away, the mumbling Vasuh states that 'Retha's the only one who knows how to mix the correct proportions and that she wouldn't bother to teach him. He either won't notice the Champion or flat-out doesn't care as much as he stumbles out of the tent.


In combat Vaush will always be accompanied by an Orc Apprentice and an Orc Executioner.


Attack Power: 24 Spellpower: 18
Sexiness: 6 Temptation: 8
Armor: 43 Physical Resist: 12
Warding: 59 Magic Resist: 14
Focus: 6 Mental Resist: 6
Evasion: 24

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses




Victory Sex Options:

  • Pitch Anal - Fuck his butt. (requires a cock)
  • Catch - Take the big guy for a ride.

Should Vaush be found alone:

  • Pitch Anal - Fuck his butt. (requires a cock)
  • Catch - Take the big guy for a ride.
  • Blow Him - Slob on some orc knob.

If the Champion had offered sex but backed out at least 3 times,
a blueballed Vaush will take matters into his own hands:

  • Voyeur - A feast of meat for your eyeballs!

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Blow Him