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Infrith Bust DCL.png
Bust of Infrith by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Orc
Gender Feminine
Occupation Apprentice Priestess
Family Hretha (master)
Religion Lumian
Faction Kervus Tribe
Location Kervus Warcamp
Level 3
Health 250
Resolve 100

Infirth is Hretha's second and general assistant.


Infrith is a young she-orc of about 19 years. She stands about 7'4, with thick and curvy build that's noticeably less muscular than most of the other orcs in the tribe. She has dark brown hair worn loose around her shoulders and rust-colored eyes, along with a pair of chipped-off tusks. Infrith has been gifted with the most fertile figure in the orcish camp: she has tremendous hips, a plush ass, and thick thighs, plus a weighty F-cup bust. Her figure is what pushed her parents to give her over to Lumia rather than to forge her into a warrior.

Infrith wears a fur bustier, plus a knee-length hide skirt and boots. She wears an amulet with Lumia's holy symbol, though it often vanishes into her prodigious cleavage. She's no fighter, but she can cast argent spells.
--Character description


The first encounter the Champion has with Infrith will be hostile as she will assist her mistress and master, Hretha, and Gerik in fighting off the intruding Champion. Losing to the orc shamans will result in a bad end.

If the Champion were to win against the shamans, Hretha will ask the Champion to spare her apprentice and she will take whatever vengeance the Champion has. The Champion may indirectly sex both orcs through the double boobjob option, which will not anger Hretha. However if the Champion were to choose to ignore Hretha's pleas and fuck Infrith, This will lock Infirth and Hretha in the future.

The Champion may return to the orc shamans having not fucked Infrith and Arona has become the new warchief. The Champion will find her near her mistress, however if the Champion were to fuck Hretha upon repeat visits, Hretha would tell Infrith to bring Gerik along and go somewhere else. As of now, Infrith cannot be interacted with directly.



Attack Power: 32 Spellpower: 41
Sexiness: 15 Armor: 26
Physical Resist: 30 Warding: 9
Magic Resist: 24 Focus: 9
Mental Resist: 4 Evasion: 25



The Champion may sex Infrith if they are victorious against the orc shamans

  • Double Boobjob - Rather than fucking either of them, how about you get both orcs on their knees to use those big tits to get you off... (requires a cock)
  • Fuck Infrith - Ignore Hretha's pleas and plow her curvy apprentice. This will lock Infirth and Hretha in the future.
    • Cum Inside
    • Fuck Her Ass - You've taken Infrith's virginity. Fully defile the young priestess with a hard assfuck.


  • 110 XP
  • 40 EC

Quest Related

Right of Conquest

Infrith along with Hretha and Gerik must be dealt with for the Champion to reach the Orc Pavilion.