Kervus Warcamp

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Kervus Warcamp
Maps Kervus Warcamp.png
Region Frost Marches
Accessible from Foothills
Leads to Great Pavillion Tent
Neutral Hub Yes (post Right of Conquest)

The Kervus Warcamp is home to the Kervus Tribe stationed at the Frost Marches.

Writer Credit

  • Room/Tile descriptions

  • Docks Room/Tile description


Outside the Camp:

Ahead you see a wide open valley between two of the largest hills in the range, though it's been closed off on all sides by a wooden palisade. Tanned-hide tents and wooden huts are laid out in long rows past the walls, each issuing a billowing column of black smoke from its roof. You can hear the unmistakable sounds of civilization within: a din of voices all speaking over one another, mixed with singing and shouting and every other emotive voice all flowing together into one indistinguishable din.

Path to the Pavillion Tent:

A packed-dirt road leads north to south here, straight through the middle of the Kervus tribe's war-camp. Dozens of tents line the road, probably for the highest-rank warriors, with those belonging to thralls and junior warriors fanning out to the east and west.
To the far north of the valley, you can see a huge four-posted pavillion tent. A pair of carved wooden wolves, each bearing racks of demonic horns, are sat at either side of the entrance flap. Alongside them are a pair of burly orcish warriors, each wearing heavy hides and wielding bronze great-axes.

Outside the Armorer's Hut:

You're on a small side-path through the camp, leading from the main thoroughfare to the shaman's tent.

Towards Hretha's Tent:

The path east leads back the Hretha's tent; south seems to curve around towards the main part of the camp; north leads into a particularly large hut reinforced with wood and stone. Thick black smoke billows out from the cut top within.

Outside the Orc Lodge:

Directly to the north of you is a large wood-and-stone hall, once full of orcish warriors singing and drinking, you've since made sure they're no longer a threat.



During Right of Conquest

During Right of Conquest, a majority of the characters present are hostile and will attack the Champion and their companions, with the exception of Pavo, who will not care, since they don't look or smell like a Kervus. If the Champion is not an Orc, they will need a disguise from Pavo to freely roam around the camp without raising suspicion.

After Right of Conquest

After completing Right of Conquest with Arona as the new warchief, the Champion will be able to come and go as they see fit. The following characters can currently be interacted with:

  • Hretha - At the Shaman's tent to the east
  • Ragnild - At the Armorer's hut, near the shaman tent
  • Rroljar - At the Docks, below the Armorer's hut

Points of Interest

Shaman Tent

The Shaman tent where Hretha lives, along with her is her apprentice Infrith and her wolfhound Gerik.

Armorer's Hut

During Right of Conquest, Pavo will be in the hut working and can sell the Champion some of the stock. After Right of Conquest, Pavo will be sent back to the Slave Pens and be replaced by the tribe's metallurgist Ragnild, who will sell a different stock of items.


Currently harbors Rroljar and his longship along with crew and maintenance workers.

Orc Lodge

During Right of Conquest, the Champion may deal with Argoth's lackeys through different means.

After Right of Conquest, an Orc Gangbang may take place once the Champion enters the lodge. The following options are available for them to choose:

  • No - You're not having this; Arona has submitted to you, they need to know their place and stop this for good. (Arona must be submissive)
  • Run - You've made a terrible mistake — if you're fast or strong enough, maybe you can still escape. (to succeed requires (Strength + Agility range)/2 >= 50%)
  • Embrace - You've come to party one way or another; whether by sex or by drink, you're in for a pound now.

Slave Pens

During Right of Conquest, these pens hold the numerous slaves taken by the Kervus tribe, and, given certain options, they can be armed and freed.

After Right of Conquest, the slave pens cannot be interacted with. Pavo can be seen among the slaves.

Orc Pavillion Tent

Entering the Orc Pavillion Tent will find Arona on her throne.

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