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Rroljar DCL Bust.png

Rroljar DCL Nude Bust.png

Busts of Rroljar by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Orc
Gender Male
Occupation Captain
Faction Kervus Tribe
Location Kervus Warcamp (post Right of Conquest)

What do you want to know about me? I'm Captain Rroljar, son in a great line of men and women who have captained my ship. I take these whelps back and forth for a fucking pittance, and I work my own damn hours."

Rroljar is an Orc of the Kervus Tribe and a Captain of an Orc Longship that brings orcs to and from camp.


Stood before them and observing the rest of the camp with a barely-restrained snarl on his face is perhaps one of the widest orcs you've ever seen. Chains and leather straps are wrapped around biceps made to bring destruction, and the salt seems to encrust it all. You're surprised there isn't a wooden creaking coming from him when he turns around, and his barked order is something you can feel in your gut even from a distance.


The Champion will find Rroljar at the docks in the Kervus Warcamp after the events of Right of Conquest. Upon approach the docks, the Champion will be greeted by the sight of an impressive longship put up on some large wooden braces and being worked on by some orcs with maintenance tools. Stood before them and observing is Rroljar, who will approach the Champion and will note that since they're walking through without starting a fight, they're probably the Champion. He will mention that thanks to the lack of raiding for the moment, he's shipping passengers.

The following options are available for the Champion to choose:

  • New Passengers - Who did Rroljar bring?
  • Longship - Impressive ship.
  • Himself - Ask about him.
  • Flirt - He might break you in two, but fuck.

Inquiring about the new passengers he's brought in will lead him to mention a couple of orcs, but simple a few bored raiders and that he also took a few back.

When eyeing the longship, Rroljar will state that "I'm saying that fucking boat is family, and has born raiders of generation after generation, captained by my fathers and mothers proudly." He will also state that the seas are incredibly dangerous, its chaos but fair and will add that they'll need as good a crew and captain as they do a ship itself.

Asking Rroljar about himself will let him boast that he is a son in a great line of men and women who have captained the longship before him.

Notable Names

Numerous orcs are mentioned by Rroljar when talking to him, those orcs are:

  • Velta - "Only bitch in this dump who knows how t'mix paint that won't rot in the salt."
  • Karisdóttir - "I am sure she has travelled inland on her stupid quest, if she hasn't fallen face-first onto a dick."
  • Grettel - "Who I am sure would find smashing your bones into dust beneath her cunt satisfying, but also..."


Flirting with Rroljar will result in him setting the rules: "No talking, no eye contact, no kissing bullshit. I pin you down and fuck you. Got it?"

  • Get Railed - Get pushed over and receive the hard fucking you deserve. (unavailable if Pregnant)