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Busts of Ragnild by Moira
Creator The Observer
Nickname(s) Rags
Species Orc
Gender Female
Occupation Blacksmith
Metallurgist (proclaimed preference)
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Religion Lumian
Faction Kervus Tribe
Location Kervus Warcamp
(post Right of Conquest)

It's nice to have another person to talk to whose conversation doesn't revolve about eating, drinking, sex and fighting.

Ragnild is the metallurgist/blacksmith for the Kervus Tribe after the events of Right of Conquest. Most of the time she spends on working at the smithy, or with her childhood friend, Hretha. Unlike her fellow clan orcs, Ragnild wouldn't partake in activities common to the tribe, which seemed to draw the ire of their previous warchief Argoth;

"Argoth's dislike for her wasn't all on him, either — people would like Rags more if she just wasn't such a stuck-up prick. Doesn't change anything, though. Until she takes an actual apprentice, we're stuck with her. Won't drink. Won't fight. Doesn't like us keeping slaves, says it makes us weak. Bo-ring."


Standing at six feet six inches, Ragnild is more a stout orc than a tall one, her body having decided to concentrate on growing out instead of up. Thick muscles wrap about body, more bulging and practical than chiseled and shapely; they're clearly visible on what muddy green swampwater-colored skin's exposed on her body. Like any orcess, she sports a pair of small tusks jutting up from her lower jaw, peeking out from her hard black lips, and slightly tapered ears that are partially hidden under her grey hair; she's done it up in a high ponytail to keep it out of the way at work, while her face is framed by twin locks that brush against her cheeks. Her face is less squarish and her chin more pointed than one might expect of the average Kervus orcess; along with her muddy skin color, it suggests mixed heritage of some sort, perhaps some ancestry from the heartland tribes.

Though most of Ragnild's front is covered by a thick leather apron, her furs clothe her considerably less from the back and sides, leaving little doubt as to her feminine curves. Weighty, dense D-cups sit on her chest, bordering on DDs — she's clearly the kind of girl who goes for density and gravitas over simple size. Brown-black, coin-sized areolae surround equally dark, perky nipples that push against her furs, belieing a raw, powerful sensuality fitting of a powerful woman.

Ragnild's defined abs stand out from the contours of her midriff, the result of a lifetime of heavy lifting coupled with evenings spent with Hretha and tea instead of feasting and drinking. She doesn't have the speed that would be expected of a proper orc warrior, but speed isn't what's required for her job, anyway.

Moving down, flared, motherly hips and muscled thighs fight for dominance on her frame — with how thick she is, Ragnild gives the impression that she could easily crush skulls between her legs and not even notice. Her entire front is covered by a long, thick leather apron, and her hands are protected from the forge by thick, elbow-length leather gloves. Even so, there're a number of burn scars on her upper arms, reminders of youthful mishaps learning the trade at her father's feet. Thick-soled shoes protect her feet from any inadvertent mishaps and sharp edges accidentally strewn on the ground.

The centerpiece of Ragnild's work ensemble is a stylised bronze mask shaped to resemble a ferocious sabretooth tiger, its mouth open and snarling, its eyes set with dark tinted glass. It's meant to protect her from the heat and light of the forge while working, but the amount of effort and fine detail that's gone into the piece makes it look more ceremonial than practical. Knowing her, though, she wouldn't wear it on the job if it didn't serve any actual purpose.

All in all, Ragnild's a honest example of stolid hard-working orcish womanhood. Not much for the battlefield like Arona is, nor sexy and mystical like her friend Hretha... instead, she's the quiet, solid backbone that keeps orc society in running order, inasmuch as it runs at all.

Note: additional text available should the Champion be an Orc, and based on Ragnild's current pregnancy stage.


First Encounter

The Champion will first encounter Ragnild upon returning to the Kervus Warcamp after the events of Right of Conquest (Arona Warchief conclusion) where they will be met by the sight of about a hundred Kervus Tribe orcs making their way to the warcamp. Apparently this new batch of orcs are fresh from their orcish islands. As the Champion starts to move towards the camp, Ragnild puts a hand on their shoulder and notes that:

If the Champion is an Orc; the Champion is not an orc from her tribe and questions what the Champion is doing here.
If the Champion is not an Orc; the Champion doesn't look like a slave and that they are pretty brazen to be out in the open in front of an entire warcamp of orcs.

Arona will come up, having finished a cursory inspection of the laden carts brought by the group, and will introduce the Champion to Ragnild. When Ragnild asks about Argoth, Arona will inform her of the fight that went down during the Right of Conquest, including the Champion's contribution. As Ragnild starts to mention Pavo, Arona states that he'd been sent back to the slave pens for failing the tribe for the last time (or for betraying the tribe for a good cocksucking if the Champion gave him some Oral Service). She thanks the warchief for personally greeting her and informs that she'll get her things set up and then settle down for some tea with Hretha.

First Visit

The Champion will be able to find Ragnild at the armorer's hut, where Pavo could be found during Right of Conquest. Upon entering the hut, the Champion will note that:

If the Champion had met Pavo before; the dark atmosphere of the hut has been replaced with light from a large open window and the generic works of Pavo have been replaced with pieces that posses a far more orcish character.
If the Champion had not met Pavo; the definite atmosphere and there's plenty amount of light for a hut that wasn't made for such as well as the pieces on the racks and walls having a very orcish character to them.

Ragnild herself is bent over an anvil, hammering a good temper into an orc-sized cleaver. When the Champion gets her attention, she sets down the sword blank on a bench and turns towards them. Instead of being greeted by Ragnild's orcish face, the Champion is greeted by a heavy bronze mask shaped like a sabertooth cat. This unexpected revelation causes the Champion to instinctively take a step back. Ragnild apologises and jokes about how her father's forge-mask was that of a boar, to be more hideous and ferocious than hers, which was said to remind him of her mother on a bad day.

When the Champion remarks that Ragnild is quite busy, she goes on to explain that Pavo had made a mess of things, now she's the one left holding the bag, and Arona probably expects her to fix everything. Ragnild goes on to mention that the Champion can get outfitted during the hut's operating hours of dawn to dusk, and come in the evening if they want to be social. When asked why she doesn't join the other orcs in the warriors' lodge, she states that she's grown to prefer tea with Hretha.

Repeat Visits

Visits to Ragnild during working hours (6:00 - 19:59) will find her hard at work, she will then ask if they want anything fresh from the forge which gives the following options:

  • Appearance
  • Shop - See what Ragnild has on offer.


Name Price
Mail Bikini 250
Studded Leathers 250
Warhides 250
Horned Helm 280
Name Price
Runic Shield 150
War Pick 220
War Totem 250

Social visits to Ragnild (20:00 - 5:59) will have Brint, Cait and Berwyn (if present) give the Champion some private time with Ragnild, while they go about the camp with their own plans. Knocking on the door to her private quarters will have Ragnild greet the Champion, and be brought into the room to be seated at a cozy, furred, leather-cushioned chair. The following options will become available:

  • Appearance
  • Chat - Small talk about a warm fire on a cold night... the tender mercies of life.
    • Just Chat - Make small talk about daily life.
    • Herself - Ask her about herself and her role in the Kervus tribe.
    • Family - What's her family like?
    • Pregnancy - How's she holding up there? (Ragnild must currently be pregnant)
    • Kervus - Ask her about her clan.
    • Done - You're done with talk for tonight. Call it an evening and take your leave.
  • Cook - Ask Ragnild to cook something delicious for the both of you.
  • Sex - She is an orc, after all. (requires the completion of Blacksmith's New Clothes)
  • VisitHretha - She's good friends with Hretha, isn't she? Why don't you go visit her together? (must have visited Hretha once)
    • Just Visiting - You're just here to see how everyone's doing, and the more the merrier, right?
    • Threesome - Have Hretha share in the fun. The more the merrier, right? (requires the completion of Blacksmith's New Clothes and has fucked Ragnild)

Chatting with Ragnild will bring up a wide variety of topics ranging from; life as an islander orc, her current life in the Marches, her mother and father, to her feelings on the whole "coming across to the mainland to fight a great evil" thing. When the Champion has finished chatting, Ragnild will mention that it was nice having someone to talk that doesn't resolve around eating, drinking, sex and fighting, she will also bid the Champion a good night.

When first asking Ragnild about her cooking, she will blink in surprise and spend a couple of seconds fidgeting in her chair. When she asks why, the Champion goes on to mention that she never turns up at the lodge and instead cooks for herself and sometimes Hretha and Infrith, which got them interested in her cooking. Despite the half-scowl on her face, she is openly fidgeting and unconsciously toying with her ponytail. When making dinner, she goes on to explain cooking is no different from smithing or any trade that involves creating something. After she finishes cooking and the Champion helps set the table, dinner will (at random) vary and will range from spiced vegetable stew, a large serving of leafy greens, fried with dried shrimp, onions and garlic for flavour; to an enormous stuffed cabbage filled with a fragrant mash. Once the meals have been finished, some topics may come up, like why Ragnild doesn't drink or that she never thought that she'd miss having her folks at the table.

When suggesting that they go and visit Hretha, she will perk up at the suggestion and may sometimes mention that she hasn't seen Gerik, the good boy, in a while. Once the pair have reached Hretha's tent they may find a sleeping Vaush (if the Champion has met him before), Hretha brewing a batch of tea, or Ragnild coddling an embarrassed Gerik. Once everyone has settled down, Hretha will ask "All right. To what do I owe the honour of having not just one, but the both of you here today?" Ragnild may mention that she's here to visit Gerik, to which Hretha mentions "That's what happens when an orc woman gets to her age without managing to have any children of her own — she goes a little crazy in the head and starts treating other peoples' pets as she would her own babies." or the pair will read to Hretha.

After some time, Hretha will mention that it's getting late and will thank the two for their company. The Champion will note that they've seen a side of Hretha that she doesn't show too often, to which she replies that good, genuine friends are hard to find. If Blacksmith's New Clothes has not been unlocked yet and the following conditions are met:

  • Talked to Ragnild about:
    • Family
    • Herself
    • Kervus
  • Ate Ragnild's cooking at least once
  • Visited Hretha with her at least twice

Hretha will have a word with the Champion once Ragnild has left, and invite them and their companions to discuss something private.


Ragnild can be knocked up through the Cuddlefuck, Wear Dress, Breed and Drunk Romp sex options.

If Ragnild is pregnant and she hasn't told the Champion yet, the next time they visit her will have her make the announcement. It will be discussed that their child/children will be sent to Ragnild's folks at the islands because both parties are busy and that its the way of the Kervus Tribe. The same conditions goes for once Ragnild has given birth.


The first time the Champion has the option to have sex with Ragnild would be through the closing phase of Blacksmith's New Clothes.

Regular Sex Options:

  • Cuddlefuck - Rags is a big tough girl, but you know that she just wants some mushy romance and cuddling to get to that gooey core of hers.
  • Wear Dress - Ask Rags if she'd wear the dress you had made for her. She does look very fetching in it, after all. (Ragnild cannot be at stage 2 pregnancy of higher)
  • Breed - The only way you could be more vigorous about this is if you'd asked Hretha for a blessing beforehand. (requires a cock)
    (alternate information if the Champion is currently in a Rut)
  • TummyWorship - Pay the best part of your orcish lover some particular loving attention.

Threesome with Hretha Options:

  • Drunk Romp - Get some drinks from the lodge, get drunk, roll into an orgy. There's no better nor more orcish way to go about this! (the participants must not be pregnant)
  • Double Titjob - Have Rags and Hretha worship your cock with their impressive racks. (requires a cock)

Quest Related

Blacksmith's New Clothes

Hretha's got it in her mind to play wingwoman and set the Champion up with Ragnild. It turns out Ragnild is secretly into stereotypically girly things, which aren't exactly encouraged among Kervus women.