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Busts of Serena by Moira
Creator Alypia
Full name Serena
Species Minotaur Cowgirl
Gender Female
Occupation Teacher
Title Miss Serena (to her students)
Height 5'11"
Bust Size E

Unnamed Father (Father) [delinquent]
Unnamed Mother (Mother) [disappeared]
Doria (Elder Sister)
Lucianus (Brother-in-law)
Unnamed First Brother (Brother)

Unnamed Second Brother (Brother)
Nationality Minoan
Location Ember's Taphouse

"Kids just... they have so much love in them. Sometimes they aren't the people you want them to be, but sometimes, sometimes they're just so much more than you could ever imagine."

Serena is a young teacher from the fishing village of Signia, on the eastern edge of the Deeprealms. Unlike many of the others who have fled to the safety of Khor'minos during the siege, she and her fellow villagers are used to seeking shelter behind the walls due to orcish raids. As such, they're better placed to try to keep their normal lives going during the state of emergency, and Serena continues to teach her students in temporary spaces at Khor'minos' own lyceum. But by the time the Champion meets her, the siege has dragged on for so long that she and her young teenage students are growing worried.

During the siege, Serena can be visited at Ember's Taphouse on Khor'minos' main avenue. Like most Minoan cowgirls, she's very friendly. She's also happy to share stories on any number of subjects. If the Champion visits her a few times, she asks them and their companions to drop by the Khor'minos lyceum to say hi to her students and spend a little time with them; near the end of this visit, the Champion has the opportunity to flirt with her. Serena is only interested in sex with Champions whom she knows well.

Serena is the quest giver for the miniquest Dye-ing To Get To Know You, and in one of the resolutions, she helps the Champion acquire a new piece of shoulder wear.

"She's all right. She tries really hard."
"What I like is that you can just talk to her about stuff. She cares about what we care about. You know?"


Elegance is the first word that comes to mind when you look at Serena's face. The well-made-up, bronze-skinned cowgirl's long, glossy black hair is pulled back into a single thick horsetail that drops all the way to her waist like a bolt of silk. Two smooth locks hang down beneath her soft bovine ears and gently rear-swept horns to frame the sides of her heart-shaped face. Dark eyebrows twitch intelligently over her Tychrian glass spectacles and bright spring-green eyes, and her lips are almost perpetually pulled up into a gentle smile. Although her glasses make her look a little bit older, the lack of lines around her face and her clean, smooth skin would place her somewhere in her late twenties.

Serena's white sleeveless dress is simple and relatively modest by Minoan standards, but that means it still shows a great deal of her warm, well-tanned skin — not that anyone would complain, of course, especially given the curves of the body it shows off. The dress plunges in a deep V all the way to her belly, barely covering her ample E-cup breasts and giving anyone who looks at her an excellent view of cowgirl cleavage. Just below that, her trim tummy and slim, red-sashed waist flare out into a pair of fertile hips and a soft, bubbly booty, and though the dress technically covers them all it leaves none of them to the imagination. Serena's healthy curves are positively svelte compared to some of the other cowgirls you've seen in Khor'minos, but a lady who's slim for the Deeprealms is an absolute hourglass by surfacer standards.

You also know that underneath her dress is a soft, tender, very teasable pussy with a small, trimmed-back bush above it. Her round, squishy buttcheeks are perfect for squeezing, and between them is an asshole, right where it belongs.

Like every Minoan cowgirl, Serena has unguligrade legs covered in sleek, exquisitely groomed black fur from thighs down, as well as a dark tail with a neat, shiny tuft of fur on the end that swishes from side to side on the rare occasions when she's irritated or flustered. Each leg ends in a carefully-trimmed hoof, and when she's standing on them she looks to be an inch shy of six feet tall — taller than average for a woman of the Deeprealms, but not unusually so.

The curvy, immaculate cowgirl turns fractionally to the side as you look, but doesn't fidget under your gaze. She hasn't got the prideful preen of a noblewoman, but is clearly used to people's eyes all the same; the gentle smile she sports is more than enough to give that away.


Serena's initial encounter with the Champion at Ember's is little more than an introduction; after meeting her and chatting for a short time, she realizes that she needs to prepare for school and excuses herself.

Serena's talk options only open up on the Champion's second visit; it cannot happen any sooner than the subsequent day, after school is over (so, beginning at 13:30). After the first time, Serena's interactions at the taphouse will always follow this schedule; she will never be available to hang out until after work, and she'll retire at midnight every night, so in order to spend time with her, Champ must go to the taphouse between 13:30 and midnight on any given day.

On Champ's third visit, Serena will have another special interaction where she asks Champ if they're willing to visit her class in the Khor'minos lyceum. Doing this and flirting with her afterward unlocks her sex menu.



  • Family - She's got people, right?
  • Teaching? - So, what made her want to teach? Kind of a strange job to pick.
  • Relaxation - A girl's got to let her hair down from time to time...


  • Amenities - There's probably some things in the city that you can't find in the country...
  • Colosseum - How's she feel about the arena's particular brand of entertainment?
  • Crowds - Any culture shock for a village moo in the big city?
  • Slums - Glitz and glamour is one thing, but...


  • Ambience - She mentioned the unique atmosphere?
  • Vitra - The beer-mander's something else, isn't she?
  • Vitruvius - What about Vitra's brother?


  • Dangers - [serena.relationshipRange 1|Is she willing to talk about the bad parts of village life?|The city's relatively safe, but are there threats out in Khor'minos' satellite villages?]
    Serena is not willing to discuss this until the party visits her class, and even if Champ knows her well, she still won't talk about it if Arona is in the active party. When rebuffing the request with Arona in the party, Serena is kinder to the orc if Arona is both exiled and submissive.
  • Fishing - She said it was just a fishing village, but what is that actually like?
    Asking Serena about this begins the miniquest Dye-ing To Get To Know You.
  • Villagers - Rural folk sometimes pick up reputations...
  • Entertainment - If they don't have the glittering lights of the cities, what do Minoan villagers do to enjoy themselves?


  • Fun? - Is making sure children learn actually, y'know, a fun job to have?
  • Teen Drama - If she's mostly teaching young teenagers, you can only imagine what kind of nonsense they get up to...
  • Mentoring - Sounds like she's meant a lot to some of her students.
  • Acting Out - What about misbehavior?
  • Motivation - Sounds like school could be boring for antsy young women. What does she do to make sure her students stay focused?
  • Effect - How well does it all work?
  • Downsides - There's got to be some things she doesn't like about the work, right?


  • Massage - The life of a Champion is very stressful, and you'd really like her to loosen you up...
  • Moosionary - Cowgirls gonna cowgirl. While you [pc.hasRealCock|give Serena a pounding|pleasure Serena's pussy], see if you can get a mouthful of milk.
    Requires a real or magical cock
  • Dildo Fun - Have her ravish your [pc.vagOrAss] with a toy.
  • 69 - Mutual monching.
  • Face Sitting - Become the teacher's chair. Being on bottom doesn't necessarily mean letting Serena have full control, though...
  • Nursejob - Have the momdommy teacher cradle you in her bosom and share her sweet moo-milk with you. She'll even have a hand free to make sure you fully relax.

Lyceum Visit

The Champion's third interaction with Serena begins with her asking the player if they would be willing to visit the Khor'minos lyceum, where her students attempt to continue their studies amidst the dislocation of the siege. She mentions that the students regularly devote some of their time to a service project and that the Champion's presence there would be lovely; they could interact with the girls, reassure them about the siege, and get to know her class.

Plus, she points out that there'll be food.

From then on, the Champion may visit the lyceum tile on Khor'minos' main avenue on any day between 08:00 and 12:00 to visit the class. The companions in the active party will also participate in a meaningful way. After being ushered into the building by a friendly guard, the Champion finds Serena's class in the middle of learning some classical literature. After they finish, she introduces the Champion and their companions to the girls, then sets everybody up with the service project of organizing cloaks and clothes for the Minoan legions.

While working with the students, the Champion learns a little about them and exchanges stories for about an hour. After that, Champ and the crew get fed, and the companions spend some time chatting with the students. At this time, Champ can chat with Serena and end the event by either being platonically friendly with her or by flirting with her. Afterwards, Champ and the party leave the school, briefly reminisce about the visit, and continue with their journey.

The school visit is a non-repeatable event.

Subsequent visits to Serena at Ember's are even friendlier than they were before, and if the Champion took the opportunity to flirt with Serena, she offers to bring them up to her room to enjoy intimate time together.

During the date, the Champion's different companions have significantly variable reactions to the events:

  • Agnimitra - Agni is exuberant as ever. Instead of eating during the lunch break, she warms to the crowd of teachers and students and launches a musical performance, augmented by a light show as the fiery phoenix soars around the lyceum's courtyard.
  • Arona - As a Kervus orc who's led several bloody slave raids against the Minoan coast generally and even Signia specifically, Arona is not allowed inside the lyceum. If she's brought there, the guards will have her leave. While Champ is inside the lyceum, Dominant Arona relaxes by fucking Livrea into a stupor outside the Passion Pasture; Submissive Arona mopes around, scribbles some graffiti on the walls, gets into a fight, and gets drunk.
  • Atugia - Tui excitedly shares some history of the world outside the Deeprealms with the Minoan students.
  • Azyrran - If Azzy is currently a Hive Knight, she will be surprised and a little embarrassed to be so popular, but will shyly demonstrate flying to the onlookers. Bimbo Azyrran is much more at ease, and takes it upon herself to offer relationship tips to the students, although these mostly consist of "go for it, cutie!"
  • Brienne - Brienne argues with Arona if they are both in the active party. She seems extremely curious about the school, as she did not experience Minoan higher education as a teenager. Her unusual stature for a cowgirl makes her extremely popular with the girls, and after excitedly sharing stories with them she confides in the Champion that the visit has awakened some mama instincts - a particularly salient comment if she is already a mother or is expecting.
  • Brint - Brint attempts to calm Arona down if they are both in the active party. He is less curious than Brienne, but equally popular with the students and teachers, especially given his prodigious muscles and jovial, amiable demeanor. If Brint and the Champion have children together, he will happily chat about their family and the future at the end of the visit.
  • Cait - Cait will help tell stories during the service project. The catgirl priestess is very much at ease with the cowgirls, quickly sharing big-sister romantic advice and then teaching them - with some difficulty, given the Minoan teenagers' hooves - how to dance the Jassiran way.
  • Etheryn - Ryn receives special notice as a monarch during the introductions. If she is present, the Champion has her participate in telling the story of "that time you rescued the princess of the snow elves", with varying levels of charm and romance depending on Ryn's Confidence. Her Confidence also affects how she hangs out with the students during lunch. A shy Etheryn will stick to herself and feed her bird, only reluctantly coming out of her shell when a few students see how unhappy she is. At medium Confidence, Etheryn is quiet, but at ease, and amiably teaches one student how to feed and play with Harrick. A fully confident Etheryn finds it easier to be the center of attention, shows off her bird proudly, and teaches the girls how to dance and act like princesses.
  • Kiyoko - Kiyoko receives special notice as a den mother during the introductions. She is reserved but not unapproachable, preferring to sit by herself quietly and think about her own children while courteously redirecting any young cowgirls who try to talk to her. She also reminds the Champion about their social obligations to their hostess.
  • Quintillus - Quin is also quiet, preferring to read and enjoy the ambience during lunch. However, if asked about the experience afterward, he is very happy he went. If the Champion has had children with Quin, however, he's more receptive to chatting with students and sharing some stories.

Serena has several named students:

  • Euclia - Thoughtful student whose skills have been developing rapidly of late.
  • Licinia - Shy, young artist and fan of the Colosseum fights.
  • Livilla - Dating Marciana. Interested in engineering, which is the family business. Older sister is Consentia, a former student.
  • Marciana - Dating Livilla. Her mother, Claritia, is the cowgirl who owns the murex dye business that is the village's dominant industry.
  • Mariniana - Intervenes in her classmates' romantic lives; is homesick.
  • Matilda - Human; only non-cowgirl in the class. Has a well-developed sense of citizenship and is good at stitching.
  • Renata - Forthright, active learner with an impish sense of humor who likes to argue. Has some skill in magic.
  • Valentina - Only briefly mentioned as "Val" in Serena's introduction.


Dye-ing To Get To Know You

Serena is the quest giver and a potential end point for this quest.


  • Serena's dialogue implies that her mother was enslaved or killed by Kervus raiders.
  • As with many interactions in Khor'minos, Brint and Brienne provide a great deal of additional context in many of her talks and events.
  • Much of Serena's literary content consciously references classical Hellenistic or Roman literature. For example, one of the stories she reads with her students is based on Antonios Diogenes' The Wonders Beyond Thule, a Roman-era adventure story written in Greek; the character names Derkyllis, Mantinias, and Paapis are all directly borrowed from the story. The Wonders Beyond Thule was referenced and summarized by the Byzantine scholar Photios in his Bibliotheka but no fragments of the original text have survived to the modern era.
  • Serena's silly mode content is very extensive.
    • She, the Champion, and Arona are all liable to make Latin jokes, alluding to Khor'minos' aesthetic borrowings from classical Rome. Arona also references the classic "Romanes eunt domus" scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian.
    • As an educated cowgirl, she frequently drops modern literary and historical references in silly mode. When discussing her interest in taking walks in the city, she will teasingly call herself a "flâneuse" (a reference to a Charles Baudelaire meme picked up by urban historians, including Walter Benjamin). Agnimitra's joke about charivari after the lyceum visit to Serena's class refers to a touchstone of European rural history writing in the twentieth century. Serena can also quote Faulkner (to Arona's consternation) and, in conversation with her, the Champion can quote Voltaire.
    • Although she doesn't express a preference for any particular gender or sex parts, Serena makes frequent silly-mode lesbian jokes about disasters, gremlins, and so on.
  • Serena provides the codex entry for Education, also written by Alypia.