Passion Pasture

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Passion Pasture

Passion Pasture map.png

Location of the Passion Pasture
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

The Passion Pasture is a brothel in Main Street, established by the brothel mistress Feronia. She boasts that her Passion Pasture is the finest establishment of its kind in Khor'minos, and her courtesans sate the needs of a great many bulls, cowgirls, and other Khor'minoans.

"Our motto is a simple one: head empty, heart full. Lovers must be clean — there are plenty of bathhouses, we don't run that kind of business ourselves — we don't take bribes, and we don't mix work and pleasure."

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There's a peculiar... musk, and sweetness to the air as you go past the next building. You're brought almost immediately to a halt by the sight of the brothel; sat outside on a little bench is a cute cowgirl with black makeup, wavy hair, and a pretty black silk dress. It's a rather modest affair, despite the sexual nature of the building behind her, and the sated bull sauntering out behind her.

Private Rooms:

With most of the resting space belonging to the front of house, the latter half of the Passion Pasture is a singular couch and a series of private rooms with heavy wooden doors made to muffle the sounds of pounding... weirdly enough, however are a series of dusty little bells attached to strings that look like they can be pulled from inside the room.



Upon entering the Passion Pasture, you can speak to Feronia to learn about the establishment and gain access to the private rooms. In the private rooms, you can procure the services of the working men and women.