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Busts of Livrea by Moira
Creator Gardeford
Nickname(s) Dessie, Dess
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Prostitute
Religion Mallachite
Location Passion Pasture

"Hello again, my [handsome hero / sweet little hero]. Come to empty those stressful thoughts and fill up your heart?" Decima says, standing straight to show herself off.

Decima is a courtesan at the Passion Pasture. She's very passionate about her job, considering it an honour to provide passion and succor to the people of Khor'minos. In addition to her lush, fertile figure, and generally being very good at pleasing her partners, she has a magical tattoo that seals her excess milk production until a virile partner fills her womb.

"Decima is a sweetheart, and committed enough to the trade to have gotten just the most wonderful tattoo."


Decima is a pinnacle of all the lewdest aspects of motherliness. Her long hair is sculpted into a wild afro, so thick and curly that it would cover her eyes completely if not for the band of butterfly shaped ties that hold it aloft. Everywhere she looks, her gaze is always full of nothing but warmth and welcome. In fact, welcoming seems to be a bit of a theme in every part of her. Her plump lips are pursed in an ever present smile, kindly asking to be kissed. She wears rich blue lipstick that catches the light in all the right ways, contrasting wonderfully with the rest of her.

Below the neck, she's no less stunning. Her choice of attire leaves almost nothing to the imagination, a loose fitting series of silk coverings that wrap around and under her breasts, hefting the K-cup melons despite their best attempts to escape. The wraps must be strong stuff, because they're thin enough that you can see the bronze cups that cover her nipples sticking out the sides. The metallic plates also serve as anchoring points, with metal rings that hook through the cloth and secure their place.

Below that, what passes for a skirt provides even less coverage. A loose drape of sheer cloth hangs from Decima's prodigious hips, so low that her dusky delta is on full display when she's standing. Her slit is only hidden by the well trimmed forest of curly black fuzz that covers her entire crotch. She doesn't mind the bareness in the least, and gives you an exaggerated stretch to show off.

Just above the hair, an intricately designed tattoo of a sun shaped bottle with a keyhole at its center thrums with gentle sapphire light. Her stomach is equally uncovered, showing off her smooth figure. She's thick, but without excess fat, and that thickness extends all the way to her powerful hips. The smooth chocolate skin ends midway down her thighs, where it transitions into a lighter coloration with bright caramel splotches. Fur reaches from there down to her hooves, and that completes the picture.


All Decima's interactions are gated behind paying for her time, she is a courtesan after all. you can talk to her about a few topics, compose a poem for her, or even take a nap.

  • Appearance: Take a closer look at what you're paying for.
  • Fuck: It is the primary purpose of a brothel, after all. (requires 50 EC)
  • Talk: You'll still have to pay, but sometimes the people who are paid to listen make the best listeners. (requires 50 EC)
    • Prostitution: How did Decima get into sex work?
    • Funny Stories: Surely there must be some particularly amusing examples
    • Tattoo: [So how does her tattoo work? / Her tattoo is pretty, does it have any significance?]
  • Muse: She has huge milky tits, what do you expect? (requires 50 EC, and Charmer class or Courtesan or Minstrel background)
  • Nap: Just a quick nap wouldn't hurt. (requires 100 EC for subsequent naps, initial nap is free)


If you pay 50 EC for the privilege, you can also join Decima in the bed to do what one would generally do with a prostitute.

  • Eat Out: Give Decima some thanks for her hard work.
  • Cowgirl: Have he mocha moo ride you till you fill her up. (requires penis, follow-on choice to drink from her milk is only available if you're not impotent)
    • No
    • Yes
  • BJ+BJ: Get a boobjob and blowjob in one go! (requires penis)
  • [Grinding / Tribbing]: Rub together with the dusky moo.
    • Lead
    • Be Lead
  • Assplay Oil up Decima's ass and see what you can do with it.
    • Tongue: Eat her out. It'd be a shame to waste this well glazed cake
    • Dick: What better way to work out her tension as deeply as possible, and some of yours at the same time? (requires penis)
  • Milk Bath: Fill Decima's milk tanks and then have her give you a rub down. (requires having discussed Tattoo with Decima, a penis, and not being impotent)