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Bust of Feronia by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Brothel Mistress
Title Marm
Family A daughter
Location Passion Pasture

"Indeed, well... welcome, to my humble abode. My name is Feronia, and this is my Passion Pasture." Her voice has a seductive drawl to it, and you're surprised she doesn't call you some combination of 'sugar' or 'doll'.

Feronia is the proprietor of the Passion Pasture, a brothel in Khor'minos she built off her own back (as well as many other positions). She's not taking clients personally for the time being — which she claims is due to a half-hearted suitorship from King Kelsaz himself — but she's taught the working men and women in her employ everything they know, and works the front desk so she is aware of every visitor to her pasture.


The source of his satisfaction is readily obvious when you look towards the establishment's front desk, revealing a gothically-painted and dressed cow-girl leant over the counter with an impossibly-deep cleavage.


Feronia blinks and glances over your shoulder to make sure a queue isn't forming in the meantime, turning her attention to you a few seconds later with a winning smile. "I'm Feronia, marm of this establishment. I've taught my girls and boys here everything they know, I keep a clean home, and I love to sit beneath the stars with a good book and a sweet white wine."

Feronia works the front desk in her brothel in Main Street, and needs to be talked to before you can solicit the services of any of her courtesans. The first time you approach her, you and any companions are awestruck by her. You can speak to her while she's not too busy, or ask about Courtesans to be granted access to the private rooms.

  • Feronia: Ask about Feronia.
  • The Brothel: Ask about the Passion Pasture.
  • Sex & Minos: Sex seems really important here.
  • Flirt: Perhaps she'd be down for a roll in the proverbial hay?
  • The Girls / Courtesans: Who's grazing in the Pasture?
    • Enter: Go see those hard workers.
    • Back