King Kelsaz

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Personal Information
Full Name Kelsaz Moratia
Relatives Varena (daughter)
Vrannus (son)
Occupation King of Khor'Minos
Location Khor'Minos
Biological Information
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Other Information
Version Added 0.7.0

"I suppose proper introductions are in order, aren't they? I am Kelsaz, patriarch of House Moratia. My family has ruled Khor'minos for four generations. I have spent my three decades of rule rebuilding what was lost in the Godswar: reforging alliances, building trade networks, and investing in both infrastructure and education to ensure our citizens' prosperity."

King Kelsaz is the king of Khor'minos and an important NPC first met during the Royal Feast.


All eyes snap to the silken curtain beside the throne-dias, where a truly huge minotaur is just stepping out into the light. A royal purple cloak hangs from his otherwise-bare shoulders, draping over broad shoulders and bulging biceps, and down past the red-and-gold tunic that give the king the only air of modesty to his name. His black body fur is tinged with just a hint of silver scattershot across his massive chest, but his long, curly hair is almost half gray. Despite the harrowing of age and stress on his colors, the king is still a regal, imposing figure. A gilden lauren glitters on his brow, the only visible accession to his royalty.


During the feast, the champion can interact with the king in numerous ways. On first approach, they will be asked what they think of demons with the champion having multiple responses, with three being different flavors of 'I hate demons', one being a neutral one, and last one being somewhat pro-demon option. Afterwards, they will be able to speak with the king about a variety of topics pertaining to the king himself, his children, and the city of Khor'Minos. The champion can also flirt with the king to get access to the classic minotaur treatment (Aka giving them a blowjob) during the dinner.

Afterwards, during the feast, theres a few more topics to ask of the king, and possibly engage in a sexual encounter.