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Vrannus nude.Moira.Full.png

Personal Information
Full Name Vrannus Moratia
Titles Crown Prince
Relatives Kelsaz (father)
Varena (sister)
Occupation Crown Prince of Khor'Minos
Location Khor'Minos
Biological Information
Species Minotaur
Gender Male

"Ah, yes, my boy. He makes a habit of being fashionably late, but when he arrives I'm sure he'll find a way to make up for lost time. He's a whirlwind when he wants to be, and far better than his old father at livening up a party too."
-King Kelsaz

"But he is a scholar of the military arts," a sage insists. "Crown Prince Vrannus has been crucial in planning the city's defenses! It was he who first realized that the flaws in the outer settlements' walls made them vulnerable to the winged imps, and pleaded with the good king to withdraw our people behind the capital's impregnable defenses!"
-Unnamed Sage of King Kelsaz

Vrannus is the crown prince of Khor'minos, first met during the Royal Feast. Beneath the dainty feminine exterior lie a ambitious person, and a tactical genius, though not much of a combatant.


The royal cow's nothing like his father at a glance: slight of build, lanky, downright curvaceous under his crimson toga. Being honest, if it wasn't for his bovine facial features, you'd have taken him for another cowgirl at a glance — admittedly, a particularly tall one, with a proud rack of gold-adorned horns.


Vrannus is late to the party (For reasons champion can discern if they deign to slip into the royal chambers), and therefore can only be interacted once the third part of the feast begins. The champion can ask him about his family, his role in the kingdom, and flirt with him, with female identifying champions being let down gently, while showing interest towards male identifying champions, extending an invitation to a 'gentleman only soiree' that he will host in nearby future.