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Bust of Mimi by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Minotaur Cowgirl
Gender Female
Occupation Courtesan
Family A "few children"
Location Passion Pasture

"Ay-ah to you, [handsome / beautiful]! My name is Mimi, I love cuddles, and fucking. Do any of these things strike your fancy?"

Mimi is one of the courtesans at the Passion Pasture. She's a soft, curvy cowgirl who embodies the 'head empty, heart full' motto of the fine establishment. Mimi has been with the Passion Pasture for a while, having helped introduce Nikol to the business.

"There is Mimi, a sweet babe of a cow who has been with us a few years now. She has had a few children in her time, and is much loved by customers and visitors alike. Quite a few would-be-suitors have had to be disappointed, however; Mimi has proven unwinnable on any permanent basis... It doesn't stop many a bull — and even the occasional lady — from trying to become the apple of her eye, though. She is bubbly, and bright... the epitome of Passion Pasture's motto."


"Being soft, and warm, and bright. Also I have the finest pussy in Kay-Em, and I'm very good with my tongue!" She pointedly dips a finger into a plump pussy, while two of the fingers on her other hand stroke her kissable lips in invitation.

Mimi is in the private area of the Passion Pasture, accessible through Feronia. It costs 50 EC to hire Mimi's services, which is automatically deducted from your balance once you choose to Fuck the bubbly cowgirl.

  • Cuddle Time: You could use some head-empty heart-full.
  • Lusty Breedfuck: Just lose yourself in pleasure. (requires penis)
    • Eat Out: Seems only polite.
    • Squeeze Cheeks: You're not interested in a faceful of spunk; give her bum a squeeze at least.
  • Get Eaten: Have Mimi eat you out. (requires vagina)
  • Milky Titfuck: She has huge milky tits, what do you expect? (requires penis)
    • Finger: Absolutely
    • Suck: You'll be fine with just sucking, thanks.