Dream Palace

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Dream Palace
Map of Dream Palace.png
Map of the Dream Palace
Region Ways Between
Level range 5+
Accessible from Ways Between
Neutral Hub Yes

Written by Savin

Following Winter City, Kasyrra's palace will appear in the Ways Between. If you are Hostile or Lustful with Kasyrra, the gate is sealed, the realm itself twisting and contorting to prevent access. However, if you're Romantic with the demoness, you are welcomed inside. The previously vacant palace is filled with gaudy luxury and adorned with pre-Godswar treasures, and is possibly connected to the Gunvaldsen line. Nevertheless, it has served Kasyrra's purposes well. Upon entering the Dream Palace, there is a 70% chance Kasyrra will be present, or otherwise she will be off doing something dastardly to the people of the Frost Marches.

So, I awoke at the gates and let myself in. Thought it was a fever dream, or that I'd died and gone to some afterlife. I can't say who might have built this place. I brought one of my new succubi around after we met in the Winter City, a scholar, and she babbled on about some ancient emperor or another from some place called Belhar and how it was the most amazing discovery in her life and oh how very wet she'd become. Ha! I gather that at some point in the distant past this empire was able to navigate the Ways more easily than anyone today and just... sent workers and building material up here to construct the palace. Why or how, I don't know."



Before you is what could only be described as a palace, a sprawling structure that stretches out to... somewhere, you can't see far through the mist clinging to this otherworldly realm. But the shadow the building casts is deep indeed. Under your feet, beneath the crystalline glass of the realm's floor, you can see the indistinct outline of a crumbling tower — the same one where you first met Shar!

The entrance from the Ways Between. Here, anyone not on Romantic terms with Kasyrra will be prevented from entering.

Sitting Room

Kasyrra's little sitting room would itself be a fine manor back in Hawkethorne: there's gold and marble everywhere, with mahogany tables and chairs surrounding a fireplace in which flickers a flame without fuel. Perhaps it's been burning since before the demoness found this place. There are two plinths in this room, flanking the mantle, but whatever busts might once have adorned them are long gone now. Instead, Kas has shifted them up so they can serve to display her massive two-headed axe, addings its faintly-glowing runes to the light of the fire.

There's a plate of fresh cookies laid out on her coffee table, piping hot.

In through the foyer and to the east, you find a downright palatial sitting room. Kasyrra will be here if she's not out on business, though she leaves you a plate of cookies even if she's away.


Kasyrra keeps a fully-equipped sex dungeon under the palace. Ropes and chains hang all over, along with dozens of contraptions meant to trap submissives in sexual bliss — or sexual torture, looking at some of these things. You're not alone down here, of course: there's perhaps two dozen women chained up down here, mostly elves and cowgirls from Kasyrra's conquests, but a few humans and catfolk too. They're all bound and left on devices that can keep them stimulated while their mistress is busy with you: either with magical sextoys vibrating away inside them, or resting with their twats splayed over sharp-angled wooden horses.

If you head Downstairs from the foyer, you find yourself in Kasyrra's dungeons. Here, her submissives, who definitely came here voluntarily and are permitted to leave at any time, are tended to by latex-clad dominatrix succubi.


The master bed sits alone at the far eastern end of the house, up a short flight of stairs from the other living spaces. You should hardly be surprised it's as gaudy as it is: the bed's huge and heart-shaped, and while it has the structure for a canopy, there's a mirror held aloft by that wood that lets whoever's on bottom see all the action like a spectator. You could easily fit a dozen lovers into that thing at once, and the rugs around it are so plush that a whole orgy would be comfortable. And that's before you take into account the enormous bath tub in the en-suite...

Here up the stairs and to the east is where the magic happens, magic being physics-defying sexual intercourse with Kasyrra.