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Busts of Shar by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Harpy
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Bust Size D - E (changes after Pregnancy)
Family Harpy Matron (mother)
Harpy Wingleader (eldest sister)
Harpy Thief (nieces)
Harpy Enforcer (nieces)
Religion Sorran
Location Foothills (Old Watchtower)
Level 1
Health 100
Resolve 100

"Our mother's been like that lately, encouraging them to go find men and treasure like it's going out of style. Which it had 'till now, you know? I don't do that, 'course. Can't fly, so I can't keep up with them even if I wanted to."

Unlike her harpy sisters, Shar has abnormal angelic wings which give her great difficulty when flying. Despite her lineage, Shar will not attack the Champion, however, she will also ask that the Champion not blame her for the nasty things her sisters have done. After completing Ugly Duckling she will take up residence in the old watchtower, where she can be visited at anytime. Although she is quite inexperienced, she's quite eager to learn how to defend herself and listen to the heroic conquests of the Champion.


Shar's not exactly your average harpy — you saw that right away the first day you met. She stands at about five foot six, with two arms and two legs, but unlike her many sisters, Shar's limbs are perfectly smooth and featherless. Her feet end in five bare little toes, and her hands culminate in long, delicate fingers. Rather than attached to her arms, Shar's wings are massive and angelic, sprouting from her shoulders and so large that they can wrap around her whole body. They're both covered in thick white feathers, as is her short, energetic little tail, contrasting the bright red feathers that make up her short mane. The only hair she seems to have are thin auburn brows and lashes.

Shar's got a cute, youthful face — feminine but unrefined, lacking the temptress's curves and pouty lips of her whorish siblings. Her eyes are large with gold-hued irises, and she has a pair of elfin ears sprouting from the sides of her head; they're covered with soft downy feathers that make them blend into her red hair. Shar's figure from the chest down is more similar to her sisters, at least: she's slender and her ass is thick and jiggly, making you think harpies need all that cushion to land on. Her thighs are a little plump, but not more than a particularly blessed human girl's might be. Unlike most of the other harpies you've met, though, Shar's got more than mosquito-bites for tits — she's easily a D-cup, with perky, full tits that seem like the perfect size to fill your hands.

You know that between Shar's thick thighs is a pretty little cunt, fringed by a downy layer of red fuzz. Like any harpy, Shar's body isn't capable of being 'tight' even when she was an absolute virgin; her pussy's wide open and easily stretched which, when added to her broad hips, makes laying eggs as easy as can be for her. A good thing, too, because this girl's got the lineage of a superhuman broodmother just waiting to be used by someone like you. Shar's got a relatively slender waist but very broad hips that stand out beneath her clothe. Her body's made for breeding — of that, there's no doubt.

Shar's currently wearing a simple wool tunic that covers her body and upper thighs. It's barely modest, but not in a sensual or exotic way; more like a child who's not yet concerned with covering herself up. She carries a training sword she made herself as her weapon.

Shar's appearance scene will vary based on a few factors.

  • Belly Range
  • Hip Range
  • Cup Range
  • If Champion has fucked before
  • Her current attire (based on her class)(currently not changeable)
  • Her weapon (based on number of times of Play Fight)


First Encounter

The Champion will first meet Shar outside an old Belharan tower at the north east of the Foothills. She's in a bit of trouble, as wants to enter the old tower but is unable to open the tower's gate. Due to the unusual size of her wings, Shar is unable to fly such that her sisters told her of a wizard in the old tower that can help her become more normal. She will introduce herself and ask if the Champion can help her open the gate to the tower. The Champion may decide to Help Her or refuse, refusing to help Shar will NOT lock future interactions with her and the Champion may decide to help her again at anytime. Whether the Champion decides to help her or not will start the events of Ugly Duckling.

When the Champion has decided to help Shar, they will be first tasked with dealing with the tower's gate. Each of the five different classes will have their own special way of dealing with the gate. Once the gate has been dealt with, Shar will compliment the Champion on their ability and will request the Champion's company in exploring the tower because its spooky. Inside the tower, Shar will temporarily join the Champion's party (however she cannot be manually controlled), they will come across an Arcane Golem that is guarding the tower. If the Champion is defeated by the golem, it will result in Shar's unfortunate death . When the Champion has defeated the golem and the party has gotten their bearings they will proceed to the top of the tower where the wizard's chambers lay. The party arrive at the chambers to not only find it abandoned but also that a skeleton, presumably the wizard, lays upon the bed in a tattered night robe. Despite the objective of the adventure to find the wizard has failed, Shar will decide to take residence in the old tower having been motivated by the Champion's words of not being on the ground due to the height of the tower. After burying the wizard and the golem, Shar can now be encountered anytime at the old watchtower.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits to Shar will have her safely glide down from her tower in order to talk with the Champion. The following interactions will be available for the Champion to decide on what to do:

  • Appearance
  • Tell Story - Regale Shar with the story of one of your heroic conquests.
  • Grope Ass - Shar's got such a killer body, barely covered by her skimpy clothing. Harpies are inherently sexual creatures, so surely she won't mind you getting handsy with her ample assets.
  • Fluffy Wings - Shar has such beautiful, snow white wings. They're unlike any other harpy's, and so incredibly soft. It's hard to resist the urge to reach out and pet her.
  • Play Fight - Shar didn't hesitate to stand beside you against the wizard's golem. She's got a fighter's spirit, so maybe you could help her bring that out...
  • Give Ovilixer - Harpies seem to love this stuff. You can't help but wonder if Shar feels the same way about it? Giving Shar Ovilixer will certainly result in her laying an egg for you. (requires an Ovilixer) (Written by The Observer)

Currently there exist only 2 stories that the Champion can regale Shar with, those being:

  • Master Tollus - Tell Shar the story of your first encounter with the vile master of Kasyrra's demon cult. (acquired after the events of the tutorial)
  • The Alraune - Tell Shar about your encounter with the Alraune, the corrupted plant-creature of the Old Forest. (acquired after defeating the Alraune)

Each story told will raise Shar's courage by 10 the first time the story is told to her.

Groping the harpy booty will make Shar all hot and bothered which will result in a plus 10 to her perversion scale. Though this can only be done once every 24 hours and will reduce up to a maximum of 20 resolve (depending on current resolve).

On the contrary to groping Shar, fluffing the flightless harpy will result in a restoration of 20 resolve, though it will not add or reduce any of the scales.

Play fighting with Shar will result in the Champion teaching her how to use a weapon to defend herself. Currently there exist 3 scenes of teaching Shar how to fight with a weapon (the scene flag being how many times the Champion has taught Shar; 0, 1 and 2). Teaching Shar will also raise her courage by 10 each training session.

When first introducing the Ovilixer to Shar, she will say that despite having been forced to attend the harpy big brew get-together when making said elixirs, she herself seems to have never tried it before and is very giddy to become the Champion's personal hen. She does explain that the eggs are duds and will not hatch unless a male impregnates the host while they carry the eggs. Shar being a harpy and having been told to focus on one of the colors of the goddess' wings, has the knowledge to lay any desired color of Eggs the Champion may want. See Shar Pregnancy for details.

The Champion may bring Shar another Ovilixer that will increase/decrease the time it will take for her to lay an egg. There are three stages in which the Champion may introduce an ovilixer and get a corresponding scene for it (Shar's pregnancy birth timer is <33%, <66% and >=66%). When giving Shar the Ovilixer, there will exist scene variations for each of the pregnancy stages and will also vary based her alignment scale. The scenes will check if Shar's courage is higher than her perversion. Each time Shar is given an Ovilixer, it will raise her hip and butt rating by 1 to a maximum of 20.

Perversion & Courage

Shar has two alignment scales, the first being the perversion scale which will determine if Shar is chaste or slutty and the second being her courage scale that will determine if she is scurred or bold. This will have an effect on how Shar acts and how the Champion will interact or refer to her as. Currently it does NOT affect anything YET outside of a few scenes that will check if Shar's courage is higher than her perversion. Doing certain actions with Shar will increase or decrease said scales.

Scale Range Result
Perversion <50 Chaste
>=50 Slutty
Courage <50 Scurred
>=50 Bold
Scene Increase/Decrease
Play Fight Courage +10
Tell Story Courage +10
(once per new story)
Grope Ass Perversion +10

Cloister Visits

Written by The Observer

If the Champion has completed Getting Into The Closet, Shar will appear as a helper of the cloister at the Chapel of Velun. It seems that as soon as the Champion brought back the relic, she was drawn to it and snuck into Hawkethorne to get to the relic. Brother Sanders had vouched for her, sensing no ill intent from her and she's become a welcome visitor to the village despite being a harpy. She has become a regular face around the chapel and is being taught by Sanders how to cook, she also listens to his prayers and daydreams in the pews right in front of Sorra. When Shar is among the relics of Sorra, she feels safe and at peace. Although she helps out during the day, she still returns home to the old watchtower at night.

Once the Champion has met Shar in the cloister, there is a 50% chance to encounter her again if the Champion uses the cloister during the day. The Champion may decide to have fun with Shar in the cloister before the meditation and reflection. The options are:

  • No - Nah, you have other things on your mind.
  • Yes - Oh, why not? Shar is really so fetching in this cute little getup.
    • Adore - Give some good wholesome loving to your most precious harpy.
    • Finger - Tease poor little Shar with your fingers.
    • Get Handy - Have Shar put those fingers of hers to work.

Each time the Champion decides to fool around with Shar, it will result in a reduction of corruption by one and a restoration of 10 resolve.


Shar will temporarily join the Champion's party as a guest during Ugly Duckling


Attack Power: 9 Spellpower: 6
Sexiness: 7 Temptation: 3
Armor: 18 Physical Resist: 2
Warding: 18 Magic Resist: 3
Focus: 17 Mental Resist: 2
Evasion: 12 Frost Resist: 10



During the day with 50% to occur, the Champion may have fun with Shar before they use the cloister (Written by The Observer):

  • Adore - Give some good wholesome loving to your most precious harpy.
  • Finger - Tease poor little Shar with your fingers.
  • Get Handy - Have Shar put those fingers of hers to work.

Quest Related

Ugly Duckling

Shar would like some adventure-y company to help her find the wizard of the old watchtower.

Getting Into The Closet

After the quest has been completed, Shar can sometimes be found at the Chapel of Velun