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Author Savin
Type Consumable
Base Price 50
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No
Version Added 0.1.20


A small glass vial filled with a thick, cream-white substance. A small vellum tag wrapped around the stopper labels it as "Ovilixer," accompanied by a drawing of a mottled egg.

Additional Information

Ovilixer is a consumable item that induces an eggnancy in the one who consumes it if they are a member of an egg laying race, if not, it will shorten the duration of their current pregnancy. Ovilixer is brewed at "the big brew get-together" by the harpies of which the contents are bottled up and distributed after Zhara gets first dibs.

"We... well, harpies like laying eggs. My sisters really enjoy it. Won't shut up about it. But not everyone can get lucky enough to find a mate to scratch the itch when it comes, or even if they can maybe they don't want to make any chicks yet. Well... that's where ovilixer comes in. My sisters can lay eggs all they want, and feel really good doing it. The eggs are just duds, of course, unless they get a man while they're carrying. My sisters leave them all over the place, really — no one pays them much mind because they aren't going to hatch. Sometimes people or animals find them and turn them into dinner, but most of the time they just go bad where they lie. It's quite the waste."



Consuming the item will grant the following effects should their conditions be met:

Condition Effect
If Pregnant
If Ovilixer pregnancy Accelerate current pregnancy by 25%
If not Ovilixer pregnancy Accelerate current pregnancy by 10%
Has a Vagina and is not currently pregnant
Start Ovilixer Pregnancy
(see fertilized and unfertilized sections for more details)
20% chance to occur (all effects) & [1] and [2] must pass
[1] If Raw Hip Rating < 20 Raise Raw Hip Rating by 1 or until 20
[2] If Raw Butt Rating < 20 Raise Raw Butt Rating by 1 or until 20
If Thickness < 100 Raise Thickness by 5 or until 100
20% chance to occur &
if a member of an egg-laying race (Mothfolk or Harpy) &
does not have the perk already
Gain the Oviparous perk
If Pregnancy Speed is < 3 Raise Pregnancy Speed by .25 or until 3