Harpy Thief

From Corruption of Champions II
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Harpy Thief
Harpy Thief Bust.png
Harpy Thief bust, by DCL
Creator Savin
Species Harpy
Gender Female
Title Thief
Location Foothills
Health 70
Resolve 100


"Hey there, groundwalker," she teases, drawing a blade from the belt of her dark, skin-tight clothes. "Why don't you be a good little girl and throw me your coin? I'd hate to hurt a pretty thing like you..."

Harpy thieves are the daughters of the Harpy Matron, and operate in flocks around the Foothills region.


You’re facing a thieving band of harpies!

Their leader is a young, slender harpy, standing just a hair over five foot five. Huge feathery wings grace her voluptuous form, and her arms and head are both covered in the same soft down. Her sisters are smaller and less aggressive, but nonetheless armed and following the leader's orders as she moves in for the steal.

Despite being garbed in black thieves’ rags and cowls, you can easily see the harpies possess the signature traits of their race: plump asses, egg-bearing hips, and meaty thighs that lead down into bird-like legs. Each of them wields a curved dagger in a backhanded grip, though they seem more interested in teasing and grandstanding than doing you any harm.


  • Fight
  • Pay Them (You pay 10 Electrum coins)
    • Leave
    • Fuck Her


Always appear in groups, sometimes including other types of harpies. If you lose to the group, they'll fuck you and, if the PC has a cock, try and breed an egg from you.


  • Vaginal
  • Get Licked
  • Group Assjob