Harpy Thief

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Harpy Thief



Harpy Thief Headshots by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Harpy
Gender Female
Occupation Thief
Family Harpy Matron (matron)
Harpy Wingleader (aunt)
Harpy Enforcer (relatives)
Shar (aunt)
Other Harpy Thieves (relatives)
Location Foothills (all Regions)
Level 2
Health 70
Resolve 100


Unlike their mother, these women are clothed in colorful rags and scarves, barely concealing pert breasts and broodmother hips — though nowhere near the matron's size, and doing little to conceal their engorged sexes, glistening with feminine slime — and each carries a small, curved dagger in her winged arms.

Despite being garbed in black thieves’ rags and cowls, you can easily see the harpies possess the signature traits of their race: plump asses, egg-bearing hips, and meaty thighs that lead down into bird-like legs. Each of them wields a curved dagger in a backhanded grip, though they seem more interested in teasing and grandstanding than doing you any harm.


The Champion will first encounter the harpies upon initially exploring the Foothills. They will encounter the Harpy Matron along with her daughters, which the Champion has the following options on what to do:

  • Fight - Nobody's robbing you today!
  • Pay Them - Better to lose a few quick coins than tangle with these sultry thieves.

Should the Champion decide to pay them, the harpies will offer the Champion the chance to make an egg with them since they've been so cooperative. The following choices are available if the Champion has a cock (harpies will simply leave if does not have a cock):

  • Leave - No Thanks
  • Fuck Her - Well, you did pay her after all. Might as well take advantage of the opportunity.

Subsequent encounters with the Harpy Ambush will have the same Fight and Pay Them options.


The Harpy Ambush normally consists of:


Attack Power: 47 Spellpower: 41
Sexiness: 36 Temptation: 5
Armor: 5 Physical Resist: 1
Warding: 32 Magic Resist: 7
Focus: 15 Evasion: 34
Tease Resist: -50

  • Big Cocks
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Small Breasts

  • Big Breasts
  • Small Cocks


Random Chance for any Harpy to gain
(only one of each per group):



Victory Sex Options:

  • Vaginal - Give the harpies just what they wanted: a twat full of your cum. (requires a cock)
  • Get Licked - Force the harpy ringleader to (vag:eat you out|ass:use her tongue on your ass). A fitting punishment for her failed assault!
  • Group Assjob - Toss the alpha down on her hands and knees and fuck that gorgeous butt of hers while her sisters worship your shaft. (requires a cock and total harpies must be > 2)

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Defeat Ride (requires a cock) (Default scene for Fuck Her from Pay Them option)
    (default scene for Champions with both a cock and vagina)
  • Defeat Cunnilingus Faceride (requires a vagina)