Royal Amnesty

From Corruption of Champions II
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Royal Amnesty
Quest Giver Etheryn
Requirements Freeing Etheryn
Level Range ??
Quest Type Companion Quest
Reward ??
Location Corrupted Garden
Timed? ??
Can Fail? ??

This quest is not yet completed

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Upon initially receiving the quest from Etheryn Etheryn seems intent on getting to Castle Hawkstone, seat of the Frost March's hereditary baron. As a princess of the Winter City, she's likely got something important to say during this meeting — accompanying her would doubtless benefit you as well.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


Talking with Etheryn for the first time


After defeating the Alraune and exploring the Corrupted Garden during the events of In Her Footsteps, the Champion will comes across Etheryn who is bound by a complex network of thin ropes. Upon freeing her she will ask that the Champion to aid her in entering Castle Hawkethrone, the Champion can have her join their party or meet her at the castle. Having her join the party will replace one of two existing party members if applicable and would have to talk to her at camp or at The Frost Hound to learn of her plight to begin the quest. If the Champion had refused to bring Etheryn into the party, they will find her at the gates of Caslte Hawkethrone (the north most point in Hawkethorne) where she will find that the gates have been closed and the place seemingly abandoned, with spirits crushed, she will make her way to The Frost Hound where she will explain to the Champion her predicament and mark the beginning of the quest.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.