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Busts of Khor'minos Masseuses by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Cowgirl
Gender Female
Occupation Masseuse
Location Khor'minos Baths
Version Added 0.4.42

"Hi there. Here for a massage?" she says. "I'd be happy to take care of you."

The Masseuses are attendants in the Khor'minos Baths, happy to lend a helping hand to your relaxation. Ever since the massage oil started smelling different, their customers have been getting more and more excitable. Not that these hardworking professionals are complaining.

While there is art of different races and genders, the masseuse in text is always a cowgirl.


When you visit the Khor'minos Baths, you have the option to seek a Massage from one of the attendants. The masseuse makes small talk, commenting on your adventuring build. However, as they come to the end of the massage you notice you've gotten excited. Being a professional, the masseuse offers to help you.

  • Yes Please: You could seriously use the help. (see Sex)
  • No thanks: You'll handle it.


"It seems to happen to just about every[ man|one] I touch these days," she says. "Maybe my technique has just gotten that good? Or I'm just naturally lewd, haha! Hard to tell."

If you choose Yes Please, you're whisked away for a rendezvous. The scene varies depending on equipment, with a woman named Marissa joining in to humiliate you if your penis is below 4 inches, you having sex with the masseuse if your penis is 18 inches or over, or otherwise receiving hand relief.