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Busts of Tarandra by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Wyld Elf
Gender Female (Dickgirl)
Location Khor'minos Baths
Version Added 0.4.42

"Well, a bit of both," Tarandra says, biting her lip. "It's... it's my wyld mark. I just so happen to be extremely compatible with big, strong, horsecocked men. She shrugs helplessly. "I mean, it's how I was born."

Tarandra is a bather in the Khor'minos Baths. Born with a particular Wyld Mark, she moved to Khor'minos after a chance encounter gave her an appreciation for bulls.


There's a small, pale-skinned elf with an enormous butt sitting on a bench brushing her long, brown hair. She keeps casting glances around the room, often fixating on a minotaur or a similarly large man.


Tarandra is hanging out in the Teyarium, keeping a very close eye on some of the other bathers. For most champions, it doesn't take much interaction to proposition her.

  • Her Wyld Mark: So, her wyld mark...
  • Minotaurs: She seems to love minotaurs — or does she just like them for their cocks? (requires asking about Her Wyld Mark)
  • Sex: Proposition the curvy-assed elf girl for sex. Given her choice of bathing bottoms she's clearly got a dick, but it can't be that big... (requires penis, asking about Minotaurs. See Sex)

However, if you're a minotaur and have a penis, Tarandra is very distracted by your bathing attire and you can get straight to the point.

  • Dick Her Down: Not every day a little wild elf falls into your lap like this. She obviously has a dick given the choice of bathing clothes around her waist — though it can't be very big, the way it's hardly tenting... (requires penis, being a minotaur. See Sex)

After you've had sex with her, she's clearheaded enough for a bit of conversation.

  • Wyld Mark: Ask a bit more about Tarandra's wyld mark.


The first time you have sex with Tarandra through Dick Her Down or Sex, it defaults to Standing Fuck. Afterwards, you can choose from her sex menu. Being a minotaur groupie, Tarandra is very focused on size, with scene variations depending on how much you're packing.

  • Standing Fuck: Have Tarandra put her dainty hands on the wall and stick that big, curvy ass out for you to rail.
  • Pick Her Up: Pick Tarandra up — she's tiny — and slam her down on your bulging cock[|s].
  • Sit And Hug: Sit back against the wall and have Tarandra climb into your lap so you can hug and kiss her while you fuck. [|Then pull her down onto your knot to keep her there.]