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Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Half-Marefolk
Gender Female (Hermaphrodite)
Occupation Warrior
Faction Marefolk Village
Location Harvest Valley (south)
Level 4
Health 275
Resolve 100
Strengths Hashat has 2 action points

I’m Hashat. I fight, fuck, and travel. Around here I get plenty of all three, so I guess that’s all I need. I’m training to use my powers; getting better at earth magic every day."

"At some point I’ll be done with it, then I’ll build myself a nice big harem full of sexy elves, and marry and cuddle and love and breed the lot of them."


Hashat is a half-Marefolk, standing at roughly 6'8" and built like an Amazon warrioress. She has broad hips, toned thighs, full E-cup breasts, strong arms along with a tight muscular belly and back. Although the sides of her head are shaved, the rest of her long, white hair hangs to her mid back in the fashion of a lengthy horse’s mane. Dark brown skin stands out in stark contrast to that hair, although it fades to white at the forearms and shins akin to a horse’s foot-socks. Intricate white tattoos decorate her shoulders, back, arms, hips and face in the form of interlocking diamonds and swirling lines. Oddly, she has a pair of small horns growing from her forehead coupled with long, pierced equine ears and warm hazel eyes. A long tail of hair just as white as her mane trails down from the base of her spine. Her legs are long, toned and powerful, ending in strong, sturdy hooves instead of feet.

Between thick, muscular legs hangs a fat equine cock. Hashat's dick is a ponderous thing; fourteen inches long and a bitchbreaking three inches thick. Its whole girthy mass is a chocolate brown with white tribal tattoos wrapping around the medial ring. The tip is flat and round with a winking hole ready to fountain out the horse girl's virile seed. Right under her cock hangs a pair of meaty, cum churning nuts the size of ripe oranges. A heady, pussy-soaking musk perpetually hangs around those balls to arouse any female into wanting the she-stud’s virile spunk. One tight asshole rests between her firm round buttcheeks, right where it belongs.

Hashat is clothed simply, with a leather brassiere holding her breasts back and keeping them protected. Long skirts of leather hang around her hips and down a little past her knees, held up by a series of belts. Over her shoulder she carries a huge stone hammer; the weapon looks as if someone had simply stuck a haft of granite into a block of stone and called it a weapon. Both sides of the hammer's massive head are covered in long lines of a strange runic language.


While exploring the southern region of the Harvest Valley, Hashat will approach the Champion and ask to fight as a warm-up for combating the centaurs and then she will introduce herself. On repeat encounters Hashat will ask to spar if the player is a non-Elf, and offer a "pony ride" if the Champion is an Elf.

The Champion will have the following options:

  • Fight - Let’s do this!
  • Fuck - Let Hashat take you for a ride. (The Champion must be an Elf and have a vagina)
  • Nope - Nope, she’s huge!
  • Appearance - Take a good long look at this slab of horsemeat.

Defeating Hashat in combat will allow the Champion some post victory sexing or the opportunity to talk.

If the Champion is defeated by Hashat, one would expect some immediate loss sexing, however that is not the case (unless the Champion is an elf with a vagina). The following options will become available if the Champion is defeated in combat.

  • But Sex! - Where’s my loss sex?!
  • Talk - Exchange a few words with the spunky pony-girl.
    • Elves
    • Magic
    • Herself


Hashat has the unique perk Horsey Heat, which deals passive pheromone damage to all characters (allies included).


Armor: 35 Physical Resist: 44
Warding: 8 Magic Resist: 33
Focus: 14 Mental Resist: 17
Evasion: 39 Fire Resist: 25


  • Vaginas



If the Champion is an Elf and has a vagina, they may skip the foreplay and head straight for the sexing. Otherwise there are several sex scenes available after engaging in combat whether they win or lose.

Available before combat

  • Fuck - (Requires The Champion be an Elf with a Vagina) Hashat makes The Champion worship her cock and balls before fucking them vaginally.

If the Champion is victorious in combat, they may:

  • Fuck Pussy - (requires a cock)
    • Suck
    • Jerk
    • Nah
  • Ride Pony - (requires a vagina)

If the Champion is an Elf with a vagina, Hashat will automatically fuck The Champion. This scene is identical to "Fuck".

If the Champion is defeated in combat and is not an Elf with a vagina, they may request some loss sexing from Hashat, where she proceeds to vigorously fuck The Champion's face while they are overwhelmed by her scent. (If Etheryn is also present in the party, Hashat will spot her, and tell her a horrible pick up line. Etheryn will then be overwhelmed by the her "Horsey Heat" as well and proceed to get lifted up and bounced on Hashat's cock.)

Note: Even if The Champion is recognized as an Elf, if they do not have a vagina they will be subject to the post combat options as well as the non elf defeat sex scene in which they are said to be "not as stretchy as an elf". (Hence why "Elf with Vagina" is specified so many times)


  • 90 EC
  • 375 XP