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Full body art of Taldahs by Moira
Creator Gardeford
Species Centaur
Gender Male
Title Chieftain
Family Ahmri (daughter)
Spouse Tiki
Location Centaur Village
Level 5
Health 345
Resolve 212
Strengths Taldahs has 2 action points

"People of the harvest tribes, since when do accursed witches and arrogant mages order us about like brainless fools? Have we forgotten the last time mages experimented so heavily with the state of the world? Our ancestors would be sick."

Chieftain Taldahs is the leader of the Centaurs in Harvest Valley and father of Ahmri. He and his tribe were one of Kasyrra's first targets upon entering the realm, with only Ahmri, Sugo, and potentially a few other tribe members escaping the cult's corruption. During the events of Harboring a Fugitive, you can either convince Taldahs to forsake Kasyrra's influence and purify the tribe, or kill Taldahs and take the corrupted tribe for your own.



The chieftain of the centaurs is a large and powerfully built man. Visible muscle meshes with just enough softness to relieve any feelings of intimidation you'd get from his nearly nine foot frame. Perhaps he might be scarier if it weren't for his perpetual smile and open demeanor.

His blonde hair is usually combed backwards, and falls to his neck in thick locks. His face is creased with years of smile lines, and his bright blue eyes are full of a curiosity that belies his age.

Usually, the chieftain can be found shirtless, with nothing but a set of saddlebags adorning his equine shoulders. All in all the ensemble combines to create a very "fatherly" figure.


You watch in apprehension as a monstrosity steps through the door. It looks like a centaur, but carved from the same living crystal as the tentacle spear from before. The thing has no mouth, but you can see the smile in its eyes as it looks past you, focusing all its attention on Ahmri. It opens its arms, holding them out as if to welcome her.


Initial Encounter

Taldahs is the final boss of the Centaur Village dungeon during Harboring a Fugitive. You reach him after fighting through the other corrupted tribe members and can engage him in a conversation battle to convince him to fight Kasyrra's influence. To win the battle you need to choose options that remind him of his family and his duties, and steer away from options that further his corrupted mindset. Having done Ahmri's dialogue options in Camp and at the beginning of the quest will be helpful as well.

Depending on your choices, you can either talk Taldahs down completely, talk him down partially but still have to beat the corruption out of him, or Attack him prematurely to kill him and take over the corrupted tribe.

If you are successful in purifying Taldahs, he will angrily renounce Kasyrra and peel away the corrupting physical mass covering his body. Despite being exhausted, Taldahs quickly regains control of the majority of the centaur population including Genova and Eubicha and banishes the remaining cultists. The village is quickly restored, and a party is held to celebrate its recovery and the brave champion who rescued them from corruption and depredation.

Bad End

If you lose the conversation battle (very difficult, unless you spam a negative option until you reach 0 resolve) or lose in battle against Taldahs, you will be enveloped in the corruption covering Taldahs. You are repeatedly penetrated by tentacles until you lose the will to resist anymore.

Subsequent Encounters

Taldahs does not have repeatable interactions after the end of the quest, but you can encounter him performing tasks around a pure Centaur Village.

  • Appearance: Take a look at the chieftain.
  • Behemoth: Ask about the whereabouts of the behemoth. It's not like he could have gone far without being noticed. (if Behemoth is spared during Harboring a Fugitive, can lead to moving Behemoth to your wayfort.)
  • Wedding: Speak to Taldahs about marrying Ahmri. (if you've talked about romance with Ahmri)

Ahmri's Wedding

"Alright, so all you have to do is show her the flower. Then you might want to brace yourself. Proposals usually result in hugs, and you have one less pair of legs to brace with."

Taldahs is very supportive if you ask to marry Ahmri. He explains the 'rules' of centaur marriage - monogamy is not expected or requested, you're free to go do what you like and so is she (but she probably won't) - and sends you out to collect betrothal flowers. Taldahs has you present them to Ahmri, then leaves to go arrange the wedding preparations while the two of you are celebrating.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 42.0 Spellpower: 18.0
Sexiness: 13.0 Temptation: 14.0
Armor: 69.0 Physical Resist: 26.0
Warding: 31.0 Magic Resist: 6.0
Mental Resist: 6.0 Evasion: 51.0
[+]Blight Resist: -75.0 Crushing Resist: -50.0
Penetrating Resist: 35.0 Tease Resist: 35.0
Pheromone Resist: 100.0 Mind Resist: -35.0
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Breasts
  • All Cocks
  • No Breasts

stealable - [+]

Quest Related

Harboring a Fugitive

Taldahs is the final boss in the Centaur Valley dungeon, and can be reasoned with (pure ending) or killed (corrupt ending). Reasoning with him ends the quest.