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Behemoth Moira Full.png


Full body art of the Behemoth by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Centaur
Gender Male
Height 14'
Location Centaur Village (during Harboring a Fugitive)
Ruined Wayfort (if spared and sent there)
Level 5
Health 300
Resolve 137
Strengths The Behemoth has 2 actions points
Version Added 0.3.5
0.3.25 (Ruined Wayfort expansion)
Construction in Progress --Spotty McBumble Fuck (talk) 15:15, 27 March 2021 (UTC)


Behemoth be dis boi


The equine centaur is truly titanic, an abominable creation forged by Kasyrra's hands.

Were he to stand up to his full height he'd be just under fourteen feet tall, and if he reared up on his hindlegs he could probably mount a fucking house.

The fur of his equine head and centaur half match, a sort of dull, dirty brown, though his skin itself is a more pleasant blend of tanned and natural. His upper half is quite muscular.

His "clothing" is little more than a harness, clearly there for support or hauling things rather than covering him up or making him comfortable. It doesn't seem like he minds it, though. His ruffled white hair is tied up in a knot.

Below his humanoid torso is his equine body, that of a centaur's. His shaggy legs almost have his hooves covered in tufts of fur, though you can just see their black sheen beneath. Muscles ripple along the length of his form, veins standing out across his underbelly.

His heavy, seed-filled balls — each one big enough for the Champion to wrap their arms around — sit comfortably between his hindlegs, right behind his black, leathery sheath.

All in all, he's a lot of man — and horse — in a very large, muscular package.


Harboring a Fugitive and First Encounter


Ruined Wayfort

Having spared the Behemoth, he remains unconscious in the Centaur Village TODO

Combat Stats


Attack Power: 42 Spellpower: 18
Sexiness: 19 Temptation: 14
Armor: 69 Physical Resist: 16
Warding: 31 Magic Resist: -4
Evasion: 34 ^Blight Resist: -75
^Pheromone Resist: -75

  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Breasts

  • All Cocks
  • No Breasts



  • 550 XP
  • 150 EC


After sending him back to the Wayfort, a few sex options are available.

- Suck Him Off: Suck his cock as best you're able and swallow his pride.

- Get Mounted: Get down on all fours and brace yourself while you get mounted like a beast

- Milk Him: Stroke your centaur's gargantuan cock, encouraging him until he lets out all the cum in his balls.

- Bellyride: Get the alraune to tether you to the underside of this enormous centaur and get taken for the ride of your life.

Bad End


Quest Related

Harboring a Fugitive