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Nelia Bust DCL.png
Bust of Nelia by DCLzexon
Creator Balak Knightfang
Species Goblin
Gender Female
Occupation Ex-Adventurer
Family Unnamed Goblin Mother
Unnamed Non-Goblin Father
Spouse Unnamed Goblin Husband (deceased)
Children Keala
Location Hawkethorne

"Heya, always good to see a new face around! I'm Nelia, and this is my stall. I own it and I'm proud to say that I make most of the items that I sell. A few I get from traveling merchants, but the rest is all home made," she says proudly.


The woman sitting on the stool next to you is the quintessential goblin matron, with motherly thighs and hips, a perfectly round ass, and a pair of breasts that could only have come from nursing her fair share of children, all of which strain her burgundy dress. In the hearthlight of the tavern, her violet eyes stand out even more from her dark green skin than usual, giving her an almost mesmerizing gaze, complemented further by her matching lips.

From the droplets of ale dotting her dress and the perpetual blush on her face, you can tell that this is definitely not her first tankard. As you're appraising her, she downs the remainder of her current tankard with a grin, then proceeds to bat a stray black hair out of her face in the aftermath of her chugging.


During the day, Nelia can be found at her stall selling an assortment of accessories and lingerie. The Champion can view and buy her wares but she will decline idle chit chat because she has a stall to run. The Champion will be able to get to know her better during the night, when she's at The Frost Hound. For her shop options, see Under- and Over-clothes.

The Champion will not be able to talk to Nelia at the Frost Hound until they've met her at her stall, during the day. Nelia will be at her stall from 8:00 - 18:59, in which she can be found under the Guests option in the Frost Hound during her off-hours.

If the Champion were to find Nelia at the tavern, they will occasionally see her talking with the Cat Harem (if they are present), sketching out new lingerie designs, nursing a tankard of ale and a variety of other things. At the tavern, the Champion will have the following options:

  • Appearance
  • Talk - Chat with Nelia.
    • About Her - Ask Nelia about herself.
    • Goblins - Ask Nelia about Goblins as a race. (will unlock the Goblin codex entry)
    • Locals - Get her opinion on some of the other members of the town.

The following options will be available once the Champion has asked Nelia about herself:

  • Her Shop - Ask her about her shop.
  • Family - What's her family like?

Dialogue on the Locals will vary based on the actions of the Champion.