Under- and Over-clothes

From Corruption of Champions II
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Under- and Over-clothes
Region Hawkethorne
Level range 1+
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Neutral Hub Yes
Operation Hours 8:00 - 18:59

Written by Balak Knightfang


A small, low to the ground stall with a sign saying "Under- and Over-clothes" sits near the edge of the market. The display has a selection of various bits of clothing—mostly underclothes, but some hats and belts populate the display as well. Behind the small counter, you can see that the stallkeep is a motherly-looking goblin. She seems to be going between sewing something behind her stall and looking around for any potential customers. She spots you and waves, likely hoping you'll come see what she has to offer.

Nelia runs this shop and will sell an assortment of accessories and sexy underclothes for the Champion to wear.