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Drifa booba nude.Moira.0.png

Creator Jstar
Species Half-Lupine
Gender Female
Religion Lumian
Version Added 0.5.5

""If something bad was happening, I couldn't just sit back and hide while others could be getting hurt. So... I just started looking around...""


First Encounter

Once you have completed the Winter City palace and Act One, a new encounter will be added to the Old Forest where the champion will discover an unattended wagon and be presented with 2 choices.

  • Investigate: Take whatever you find inside. (gain 4x Vulnerary and 600 EC)
  • Don't: Leave it.

As they are moving away, the Champion discovers a pack of Corrupted Lupines attacking a priestess. You can choose to Investigate, and potentially rescue the priestess, or leave her to be overwhelmed and kidnapped by the lupines. If you select Help and win the battle against the upgraded Corrupted Lupine Skirmishers, the Champion rescues Drifa. If you lose, or Watch, the Champion watches as she is abducted.

  • Help: Jump in and help her fend off the feral beastmen.
  • Watch: [Discretion is the better part of valor.|It's her fault she got into this situation, not yours.] The chance of her becoming corrupt will greatly increase from your inaction!

Subsequent Encounters


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In the Wayfort you can give her Bovum Sherry and a Collar of Submission to increase the size of her Chest and Hips, respectively

Corrupted Drifa

Corrupted stuff are currently in the works! But right now there is nothing.