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Bust of Barney by Moira
Creator Savin
Full name Barnaphous Zethra
Species Catfolk
Gender Male
Occupation Magister
Title Magister Zethra
The Most Major of the Minor Prestidigitators (informal)
Family Cait (daughter)
Calla (daughter)
Spouse Lady Randa
Religion Mallachite
Nationality Jassiran
Location Harvest Valley (during Cat Call)
Hawkethorne (post-Cat Call)

Barnaphous Zethra (or Barney) is the father of Cait and Calla and a magister of the Sultanate. His position takes him far and wide, and led to his ill-fated journey to the Frost Marches with his daughters. In proper Jassiran fashion, he is both married to a noblewoman and a great admirer of a high-ranking temple harlot with whom he fathered his two children. Once retrieved during the events of Cat Call, he will dedicate his expertise to studying the portal Calla disappeared through in the hopes of unravelling its mysteries.

"Mr. Zethra's a man of deep surprises and pockets, []. Don't let that roly-poly exterior fool you — I've known him since I was a kitten, and while he does tend to get in over his head he's a sharp man through and through."

"Mister Zethra is certainly a character!... Wizard, tinker, scholar, mathematician... and most importantly, a great dad. I'm only a little jealous of the twins for having such a great guy around for them. Even if he'd been nothing more than a peasant, I think Barnaphous would probably be one of the most pleasant men in the world to be around."


And then a much more reasonably-sized, if heavyset, fellow shuffles out from behind the old curtain on the stage, adjusting a loose-fitting shirt and a small red cap clinging to his head between a pair of greying feline ears. He smiles at your group, "Caitriss! Ah, it's so good to see you, sweetheart. And your friends, too."

"Dad!" Cait cries, dropping her staff and running to her father's arms. The elder catfolk embraces her warmly, and for a moment their tails intertwine. Barnaphous is about the same height as his daughter, you note, huskily built with slightly darker skin and fur that might once have been a light brown, now largely grey. A short but full beard clings to his jowls, framing a smile so warm that it all but closes his eyes. His clothes are much more modest than Cait's, a full tunic and trousers, but the rich silks they're woven from speaks of wealth, but not overly flaunted.


After the events of Cat Call, Barney will be available to interact with through Cait's talk menu in Hawkethorne

  • Thanks4Cait: Thank the most major of the minor prestidigitators for his most enchanting contribution to the world. (one-time)
  • Mage Training: Perhaps Barney could teach you a little of that impressive illusion magic he used back at the Caravanserai? (one-time, teaches Prestidigitation)
  • About Calla: Talk with Barney about his missing daughter...
  • Cait's Mom?: Ask Barney about his sandy homeland across the sea.
  • Randa: Ask Barney about his noble wife, and her take on his relationship with Nadira. (after asking about Cait's Mom?)
  • Temple: Discuss scouting the site of Cait's future temple with her dad. (during the events of Divine Pussy)
  • Survey: Bring both Cait and her father to the temple ruins up atop the hill. (during the events of Divine Pussy)


Cat Call

Once properly incentivised, Lady Evergreen will reveal that Barney is investigating at the Caravanserai to the far north-west of Harvest Valley. However, due to the centaur threat, he's in more danger than he realises...

Divine Pussy

Once situated in Hawkethorne, Barney and his magical research will be needed to evaluate the ruined temple.