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Bust of Amina by Moira
Creator Savin
Full name Amina Narod
Species Anubian
Gender Female
Occupation Minstrel
Family Imad (brother)
Religion Mallachite
Nationality Jassiran
Location Temple of Mallach

Amina disrobes piece by piece, giving the temple's other patrons a thrill that, one by one, sends them eagerly into the arms of Cait or her acolytes, until Amina's all but naked and you're just about the only person left in her little audience.

Laughing, the anubian stripper swings herself off the stage and takes a seat across from you, totally comfortable in her nudity. "Welcome back, hero. Not interested in any of the girls after that, are you? Well, I'm free to chat, if you want."

Amina is a Mallachite who travelled from Jassiran with her brother Imad. She grew up as part of the temple, and came to know Cait and Calla through their visits as they travelled with Barney. Amina trained in song and dance, spreading Mallach's love through her creativity and craft. Practically speaking this means she entices the crowd with tantalising performances so they spend money to patronise the sacred harlots. She came to the Frost Marches to join Cait's Temple of Mallach, believing Cait would care more for the women and men under her than the clergy in her homeland.

"She's been looking happier ever since we got here and settled down just nicely — Caitriss is a good person, and so is Salwah. Maybe in time she'll open up just a bit, maybe not. But it hasn't been that long, and she's already putting so much more of her heart and soul into her music and dancing, and as her brother I'm happy for her."


You saunter up to the stage, admiring the beautiful music coming from the golden-haired anubian sitting on the edge. A handful of other patrons are lingering about, too, captivated by her playing. She's closed her eyes, fingers dancing between the chords. As you draw near, her bushy blonde tail begins to wag gently, though it's not that she can hear you so much as she's just lost herself in her song, for a moment later she begins to sing. You can't understand the language, a trilling tongue from the far east that's full of rolling 'r's and undulating tones, but nevertheless you find yourself drawn into the cushions surrounding the stage, enraptured by the songstress.

As she sings and plays, the anubian begins to sway and shake her hips. The sheer silks hugging her body tightly leave nothing to the imagination, emphasizing hefty bosoms chained together through silver piercings and an ass that, even when sitting, seems plush and bouncy.


First Encounter

So like Cait said, I'm a... performer. I don't think there's a word for it in your language, but I entertain patrons and get them... ready... for the harlots to ply their trade. Which is not my profession, for the record."

When you visit the performance stage of the Temple of Mallach, you see a scantily clad singing and playing the harp for a group of entranced patrons. If Cait's in the party she introduces you, or otherwise she introduces herself. Her name is Amina, and she's very excited to meet Matron Zethra's saviour — Cait if present insists she's just 'Cait' — and the temple's financier. She's a performer, she uses her bardic talents to get the crowd horny so Cait and her acolytes can seduce them. Or, she uses her bardic talents to inspire the crowd to be in the correct mindset to receive Mallach's love. Amina then goes back to practicing her performance, but is happy to talk to you anytime.

Subsequent Encounters

You can approach Amina between performances. There's plenty of time, seeing as by the time she's done most of the audience will have been dragged away by a sacred harlot, leaving the floor clear. You can talk to her about her dissatisfaction with the temple in Jassira that led to her coming out to the Frost Marches, her relationship with her brother and their spice merchant father who paid to sire children with the temple and then for whatever reason didn't want to be involved with them, and how she knew Cait, Calla, and Barney from her childhood. She has a number of talk scenes available for each topic.

  • Talk
    • The Temple: Ask Amina what she thinks about the Temple of Mallach here.
    • Herself: Ask Amina about herself.
    • The Zethras: What's her take on the Zethra family?