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Busts of Imad by Moira
Creator The Observer
Full name Imad Narod
Species Anubian
Gender Male
Occupation Bouncer
Family Amina (sister)
Religion Mallachite
Nationality Jassiran
Location Temple of Mallach

"Good day to you." His Belharan isn't bad, but there's still a lilt to it that sings of Jassira's dunes.

And a good evening to him. How's the crowd looking today?

"Good. Mostly peaceful." He rolls his shoulders. "Can I help you?"

Imad is a Mallachite who travelled with his sister Amina to be part of Cait's Temple of Mallach. He knows Cait, Calla, and Barney through his sister, having grown up in the temple. Imad has a complicated history with Mallachism and organised religion, starting with his conception to a temple harlot and a spice merchant, who paid to sire him and Amina and then disowned them. As a result he isn't passionate about the faith, only staying with the temple to support his sister however he can.

"My brother, Imad, is just about my favorite person in the world... He's always been there for me. Even when I wanted to pick up and move halfway around the world, Imad just asked how soon he needed to be packed... and he's never been totally comfortable at the temple. Really wanted to go off and become a mercenary, make a name for himself — at least one that'd travel further than just the ladies that frequented our home temple. Well, and a few pretty cat-boys that liked their meat tough."


Like his sister, Imad Narod is an anubian, standing at six and a half-feet tall. It's not a particularly impressive height for the Marches given the orcs, lupines and minotaurs native to the region, but he would've stood out amongst the anubians and catfolk of his homeland. His skin is tanned a deep shade of bronze as opposed to Amina's darker colors, his eyes are coal-black, and his hair and fur have been dyed the same golden color as Amina's — although the black roots betray their original shade. His jaw is square and defined in a stereotypically masculine fashion, his shoulders are broad, and the soft, jackal-like ears that sit atop his head do little to soften the stoic countenance with which he goes about his duties in Cait's temple.

As for the man himself, he's muscled. The man clearly works out in his free time — he's not bulging or overgrown, but there's undoubtedly clear definition to his limbs and chest, and he looks qualified to serve his post as temple bouncer. A job that, no doubt, requires one to be able to look imposing when the situation calls for it, yet approachable and attractive given the fact that this is, well, a temple to Mallach. Carefully clean-shaven, oiled and groomed, Imad is impeccably neat for all the quiet power and confidence he exudes as he makes his rounds of the wide lounge.

The man himself is simply dressed: a white loincloth with a red string belt, the colors of the Temple; brass bracers and anklets, and a loose-fitting collar of fine brass chain, adorned with spikes on the exterior. On closer inspection, said spikes have blunted tips — probably a good idea so they can't inadvertently hurt him — but it's not something someone would be likely to notice in the heat of the moment. The man's skin gleams with some kind of perfumed oil; even in the dim light of the temple lounge, it highlights the contours of his muscles and keeps his hair and fur slick and in shape.

Finally, there's the tattoo in black ash ink across his chest: a wide, exotic symbol that rolls over his bulging pectorals and converges over his heart. Knowing what you do from your little talk with Cait, that's probably his Brand of the Harlot, although you could be wrong; you're not one to be initiated into Temple mysteries. Still, it looks like a good bet, given how exquisite and professionally done the pattern is.

Imad eyes you, then grunts, breaking the gaze and turning his attention back to the stage and his sister. The man's clearly used to being someone's eye candy, for better or for worse. Well, now that you're done ogling him, is there some business you have with the anubian bouncer?


First Encounter

"Imad here used to be a — I'm not sure if there's a proper word for in in Belharan, so we'll just leave it at temple guard, or maybe a bouncer. It was his job to get rid of people who were making a fuss back in the temple, gently but firmly ask them to stop or leave. And if they didn't want to, he'd do that anyway, just less gently."

Cait introduces you to Imad while he's watching over the performance area. Like Amina, he insists on calling her 'Matron Zethra', much to Cait's annoyance. Cait tells you about how Imad and Amina grew up in the temple, and how his present temple duties are primarily evicting misbehaving patrons. Though he's also free to take on 'other duties' that might be expected in a temple to Mallach, at his discretion. Imad doesn't seem wholly enthused at that, though he does thank you for helping take care of Cait and invite you to speak with him whenever he's not busy.

Subsequent Encounters

Imad is available to talk to at any time, though you may see him 'taking care' of a patron who overindulged or catch him tapping his foot along with the music. He has a number of talk scenes available for each option, expanding on his life and his occasionally cynical view of the world. If you're interested in carrying a litter of puppies you can also ask him about Stud Service. When you go to leave he says he enjoyed talking to you, as most people don't take that kind of an interest in him.

  • Appearance
  • Talk: Try to find out more about the anubian and what he's like.
    • Recent Events: Make small talk about recent events around the temple.
    • Himself: What's up? Does he like his job?
    • His Sister: He's pretty close to Amina, isn't he?
    • The Zethras: How well does he know Cait and her Dad?
    • Jassira: What are his thoughts on his homeland?
    • Stud Service: Ask if Imad's willing to fuck some anubian pups into you. This is a service he provides, right? (one-time, unlocks pregnancy)
  • Sex: Engage the bouncer for his other… ah, services. (see Sex)


"Twenty-five electrum for a romp is the price Salwah's set for me. Fifty electrum, and I'm yours for the next couple of hours — unless, of course, someone starts a fight or something equally stupid. You'll get a refund if that happens, of course, or we can pick up where we left off..."

If you want to bone the hunky guard, the first thing you need to do is make a small donation to the temple. It costs 25 EC if you'd like to proceed.

  • Yes
  • No

When you drop off your donation to Salwah on the way to the private rooms, the Grand Cleric asks you to be kind to Imad. He's a big guy, but evidently very sensitive. Imad doesn't perform his temple duties with the same enthusiasm as Cait or Salwah, but if treat him good he appreciates it. And being a Mallachite he is very good at it.

  • Get Fucked: Why, have Imad fuck you straight in the [pc.vagOrAssNoun]. What did you imagine was going to happen?
  • Suck Cock: You want to have a piece of that man-meat inside your maw.
  • Fuck Him: Stick your prick into a big, burly anubian man's butthole? Yes, this is the dream you've had for a long, long time. (requires penis)


You reach over and dump the coins into Salwah's palm, the chocokitten purring and slapping the both of you on the butt before lying back down on her recliner.

"Your generosity is appreciated. Please, do treat Imad kindly. He... is very sad when it comes to doing stud duty. All the puppies out there shaped from his seed who he will in all probability never know, or only see from afar on the rare chance the former happens..."

If you have a fertile vagina and have asked Imad about Stud Service, you can pay 2000 EC to be filled with a litter of pups. Imad's brand ensures pregnancy if you choose this option, though unlike Salwah's womb rental the children stay in the nursery in this case. He has complicated feelings about performing this service, though since you're a VIP he makes sure to show you a good time. See Imad Pregnancy for more information.

  • Stud Service: Get Imad to fuck some anubian pups into you. This will put you out 2000 EC. (requires fertile vagina, costs 2000 EC)