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Full body art of Salwah by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Full name Salwah Amin
Nickname(s) Sally
Species Catfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Missionary
Title Priestess
Grand Cleric (if Divine Pussy is completed)
Religion Mallachite
Nationality Jassiran
Location Hawkethorne (initially)
Temple of Mallach (if Divine Pussy is completed)

You step through the door to find Salwah setting a device that looks like a large glass bottle with a connected tube on the desk. After making sure it's secure, she dusts off her hands with a smile and invites you to sit on the edge of the bed with her.

"Don't mind my occasional indulgence, the spice smoke will clear in a bit. Is there something I can do for you today, []? Or if you'd rather, do with you, do to you, or just plain do you?"

Salwah is a sacred harlot of Mallach who grew up in the temple with Cait and Calla, and took her rites a month after Cait was supposed to. She was told that Cait had gone on 'missionary work' to the Frost Marches and asked permission to follow, using her temple-honed talents to pay her travel to Hawkethorne.


Salwah Amin is a mostly lithe, but also more bottom-heavy catgirl standing at five feet six, not counting her tall, thin ears. Skin the color of rich milk chocolate covers her body from head to toe, the result of the stereotypical dark-skinned Jassiran staying indoors and out of the sun, as would be expected from someone destined for divine harlotry since a young age. Her face is a little bit long and her chin more pointed, giving her a more feline appearance, and wide eyes of deep emerald sit above her small nose, bearing vertical slits like those of an actual cat.

Deep purple-dyed hair spills from her head, down her shoulders and right up to the small of her back; it's held somewhat in check by the ruby-red hooded camel-wool shawl that she wears, threaded with gold along the edges and with flaps cut into the front to accommodate her feline ears. Aiding it is a circlet of banded gold that adorns her brow, the symbol of the Jassiran sun with the heart of Mallach prominent upon her forehead in red garnet. Around her shoulders, she's got a copy of the same white priestesses' cloak Cait wears, held in place by an identical gemstone clasp. Even if it stands out against the rest of her colors, it is, after all, her badge of office.

That's about all that she wears, though. Save for a thong and an equally skimpy top of that same gold-threaded camel wool, Salwah wears absolutely nothing else; in lieu of clothing, midnight-black tattoos crawl across her skin. They start from a circular pattern painted atop her generous D-cup rack and stretch out across her breastbone before running down her back and sides; they creep down her arms and legs like vines over branches, swirling and flowing, forever in flux before ending at a set of golden bracelets and anklets that adorn her wrists and calves. The only parts of Salwah's body that doesn't bear any kind of ink are her crotch and belly — and the former's occupied by her Brand of the Harlot, a simple pink outline of Mallach's heart emblazoned just a couple inches above her thong. Unlike Cait's brand, which is usually hidden, Salwah's is visible unaided, advertising her vocation for all to see.

Sally's hands and bare feet are small yet strong and dexterous, no doubt trained for all sorts of fine stimulation; they end in small claws like that of most catfolk, but these have been painted the same dark purple of her hair and their points smoothed and rounded to harmlessness. Salwah's long, slender and sinuous tail is covered with that same sleek deep purple fur, and its base joins up with her plump butt and wide hips that curve away from her slender waist. Despite its size and shape, her ass is quite firm and un-jiggly, only pushing lightly against the thong that no doubt has been fitted to her proportions. There's a faint outline of a camel toe as the harlot kitten's pussy pushes out against the sinfully thin fabric, never missing an opportunity to advertise the goods.

All in all, Salwah's the quintessential Jassiran temple courtesan... only without a temple to ply her trade in at the moment, even if Cait is working on that. She's certainly got the body and the looks for it, no doubt improved by whatever secret mystical techniques Mallachites use for such.


First Encounter

After finding Barney and completing Cat Call, you and Cait return to the Frost Hound to find Salwah performing for the taverngoers. She's dancing on a table, with River accompanying with a Jassiran melody, and Garth watching to ensure the event doesn't get too rowdy. Cait is very surprised, and then thrilled to see her best friend so far afield, and Salwah spices everyone's drinks, as the three of you catch up.

Cait informs Salwah that, contrary to the temple's claims, she eloped without completing her initiation to follow her family. She also catches Salwah up on Calla being missing and the general malaise afflicting the land. Salwah tells Cait about how her mother has been diminished in the temple hierarchy back home, which she now realises is punishment for encouraging Cait to abscond and not become an ordained priestess. The conversation ends with Salwah passing on Cait's Sun-Dancer's Silks, and Cait telling you and her there's something important she needs to ask the two of you later.

Second Encounter

Cait stands and grabs her junior by the shoulders as she sits, shaking the younger kitten until she vibrates. "Sally, we can do it. I know that Mallach is with us — it's only by his grace that I've lasted as long as I have. This must be what he wants, or I'd have broken or fallen long ago. Are you with me?"

The next time you go to visit Salwah, Cait tells the two of you her plan to convert the Abandoned Temple into a Temple of Mallach. She's too busy adventuring with you to run the temple day-to-day, but with Salwah here she could take over management with Cait checking in whenever she's available. Cait passionately explains that she wants a safe place for Calla to return should she come back through the portal, and to practice Mallach's faith without the politics and backbiting back home.

  • Help Them: You could definitely see yourself helping to found a new Temple of Mallach here in the Marches. If nothing else, it'll give Cait a new home away from home, and a reason to stick around for the long term.
  • No Thanks: You aren't interested in a temple to the god of lust springing up right next to town, here.

If you choose to Help Them, Salwah is agog at the prospect of becoming a Grand Cleric at a new temple. Cait assigns her to familiarise her with Hawkethorne and its residents, since a new temple will be dependent on the good will of its neighbours. You then obtain the quest Divine Pussy.

If you say No Thanks, Salwah reminds Cait that she's just a first year missionary and Cait isn't even a priestess. Cait glumly agrees with the two of you that the project is too much to take on, and they should stick to spreading the faith as missionaries.

Subsequent Encounters

Whether you take on the task of refurbishing the temple or not, Salwah will be available in her room at The Frost Hound when she isn't busy with customers/petitioners who pay. All of her interactions and talk scenes have added content if Cait is in your party at the time.

  • Appearance: Take in the sight of the comfy chocolate cat.
  • Talk
    • Herself: Why doesn't she tell you something about herself?
    • Spice: What's with the red-brown powder? (one time)
    • The Marches: How's she settling into this part of the world? (until Divine Pussy is completed)
    • Vocation: Can she tell you something about her vocation as a sacred harlot of Mallach?
    • Childhood: What was growing up with Cait and Calla like?
    • Jassira: Can she tell you something about her country of origin?
    • The Temple: What kind of role does the temple of Mallach play in peoples' lives across the sea?
  • Spice: Pass the spice plate, please. (once asked about Spice, must be Catfolk, Leothran, or Manticore)
  • Pet: You can't stand it. You want to pet a comfy chocolate cat and have her melt and run through your fingers.
  • Bath: You've heard this is something people can get for free at any Mallachite temple in Jassira
  • Sex: Approach Salwah about engaging her professional services.

Temple of Mallach

If you complete Divine Pussy and set Salwah up in a new temple, she will have more interactions with you and some of her previous interactions will be upgraded. She'll have a proper bath to bathe you in, and a dedicated spice room rather than smoking out her guest room at the tavern. She will also have the following talks added pertaining to the temple and her newly available services as a 'garden of children'.

  • Work Clients: [Live the life of a sacred harlot for a little bit. All the fun, none of the responsibilities! / Ask if you can help with the temple's clients. This means prostituting yourself.] (see Temple of Mallach)
  • Talk
    • Temple: How's she settling into this new place and her role in it?
    • Womb Rental: This is something she can do for you, can't she? (one time, unlocks Womb Rental)
    • Pregnancy: Find out how this so-called "garden of children" is doing. (Salwah must be pregnant)
    • Kittens: Check in on how the kittens are doing. (Salwah must have given birth)


Salwah is always available for a fun time, so long as you're willing to pay a small fee of 25 EC. If you're good at something, never do it for free. As with her other interactions, Cait joins in all these scenes if she's in the party.

  • Vaginal: Take this harlot pussy down to pound town. (requires a penis)
    • Finish Inside
    • Finish Outside
  • Get Fucked: This… is something she can do for you?
  • Get BJ: You've heard that kitties have very nice tongues… why doesn't she show you some of her skills? (requires a penis)
  • Nursing
  • Double Anal: Cait takes two cocks up the ass. (one time, Cait must be anal virgin)
  • Pregnant Fun: Have fun with a heavy kitty. (Salwah must be pregnant)


"Once born, the kittens will stay here in the temple as junior acolytes; they will be fed, housed, educated and loved in the manner of the Jassiran temples. And when they reach their age of majority, they'll be given the choice as to whether they want to stay on and dedicate their lives fully to Mallach, or leave for their own reasons like Caitriss and Calla did."

As a 'garden of children', Salwah has been specially trained to one day bear children for the temple so as to cater to petitioners with a fetish for impregnation and pregnancy, as well as nobles who wish to sire an heir with an especially fetching sacred harlot. She refuses to perform such a service while living out of a tavern, as part of the service is providing offspring with shelter and an education. However, should you build the Temple of Mallach, Salwah will be happy to offer it to you for the small sum of 15,000 EC.

Once you've discussed Womb Rental with Salwah, you will be able to pay to sire a child with her or to have one of your companions do the deed. You will have a 100% certainty of procreation if you choose to go ahead with it, and can see Salwah Pregnancy or Salwah Companion Pregnancy for more information.

  • Womb Rental: Rent out Salwah's womb for you, or one of your eligible companions, to fill with kittens. This will put you out of fifteen thousand coins.
    • Yourself (requires virile penis)
    • Brint
      • Join
      • Don't Join
    • Arona
      • Join
      • Don't Join
    • Quin
      • Join
      • Don't Join


Divine Pussy

Salwah is part of accepting this quest, and will be working behind the scenes strengthening her ties with Hawkethorne in preparation for managing a temple with the assistance of the town. She will also be present for the battle at the Abandoned Temple, though she will not join in the fight.