Temple of Mallach

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Temple of Mallach
Temple of Mallach map.png
Region Hawkethorne
Level range 4+
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Neutral Hub Yes

Written by The Observer

Following Divine Pussy, the Abandoned Temple is extensively refurbished, becoming a beacon of Jassiran hospitality in a frozen land. Some measure of hospitality is freely available to any petitioner, while others are available for a tithe to the upkeep of the temple.

"This place is absolutely marvellous. I couldn't imagine that ten days was all it took to spruce it up, mend all the pillars and seal all the holes — looking at it, you'd never know that it used to be an old elven ruin. Both Garth and Mr. Zethra did a wonderful job, and I'm really blessed to have such a comfortable place to do my missionary work in."
—Grand Cleric Salwah



Floored with white and pink marble in a checkerboard pattern, the chamber is suffused with a light, sweet smell, barely perceptible unless one is looking for it; heavy, gold-trimmed draperies hang from the walls, keeping out the cold of the marches. Save for the couple of braziers doused with aromatic oils and dancing with flame, the rest of the entryway is lit by crystal lamps, no doubt imported all the way from Tychris at great expense; a glass-domed roof lets in the sunlight after suitable filtering.

The grand entrance, promising comfort and succour to any who enter. Grand Cleric Salwah waits here, poised to greet anyone entering her temple.


A Mallachite temple is a place of passion and comfort, of warm fragrances, whispered nothings, gentle touches and soothing sights; the reception chambers promise all of those and more while a depiction of Mallach in stained glass, large enough to take up the height of one wall, gazes down upon all who would enter. Soft glowing crystal lamps, brought in all the way from Tychris, hang from chains and hooks, casting a quiet, sensual glow to the hallways that lead away from the main entrance chambers; the echoing of numerous footsteps rings in one's ears and down the passageways.

Rune can be found here just beyond the entrance, propositioning petitioners looking to get intimate in the name of Mallach.

Performance Stage

An exquisite, carpeted lounge, made for poetry recitals, musical performances, general appreciation of the arts which lie within Mallach's domain, or simple relaxation. Guests remove their shoes as they step in from the adjoining tiled hallway and take up repose either on one of the many heavy cushions on the ground, or on the padded recliners — both look equally comfortable, if in different ways. The room's designed to allow sound to carry from the raised stage to the rest of the chambers, filling the entire place without needing to be overly loud up front.

A place to sit back and enjoy the creative arts. The minstrel Amina can be found here, as well as her watchful brother Imad.

Cait's Chambers

Compared to the lavishness possessed of the rest of the temple, Cait's own pad is quite bare — the hallmark of a girl who spent most of her life growing up as a temple acolyte, then lived on the road for a while. It doesn't look any different from a room at the Hound, to be honest, and it's probably better for the acolytes involved that their matron doesn't live too differently from them despite her station. There's a desk and chair, as well as several cupboards and shelves for holding records and the like that come with the running of a place like this.

Where Temple Matron Cait kicks back her heels when she's not adventuring with you or spreading Mallach's love in a more direct manner. Researcher Darius is set up near here as well, so as to have better access to the dormant portal.



The interactions at this location are all through the various temple staff. You can also trigger new scenes on approach, announcing the arrival of a new character to meet at the temple.

Work Clients

Cait's jovial face turns serious. "No, they can't. A lot of people are quite shy, especially around those they admire. Having some kind of structure, some kind of reassurance that everything won't go to pot and they won't make a fool of themselves — why, it's part of what the temple is here for, [pc.name]. To give people just that bit of confidence they need. So yes, I think it's a very noble and nice thing you're doing, volunteering to help out, and while Sally isn't wrong in her reasoning I know you well enough to bend the rules a little for you! You're just that special, not just to me but everyone else!"

Once the temple is built, you can talk to Salwah about attending to some petitioners yourself. Salwah is opposed — sacred harlots of Mallach devote their whole lives to learning to serve, after all — but Cait overrules her. After this conversation, you can speak to Salwah again to get to work.

  • Work Clients: [Live the life of a sacred harlot for a little bit. All the fun, none of the responsibilities! / Ask if you can help with the temple's clients. This means prostituting yourself.]
    • Work: Help in the temple's day to day business.
    • Fame: [So, how are you doing on the popularity side of things? / What's it take to get well-known about these parts?]

If you choose Work with Cait in the party, you can choose whether you'd like to Cait to attend to temple duties with you. Once you've performed your services, Salwah will pay you a small stipend for your work based on your Fame.

  • Milk Wall: Put your milky tits in a wall and present yourself on tap. You don't get to see just who's nursing from you, but that's part of the appeal, isn't it? (requires C-cup or larger breasts, and to be lactating. One of three scenes chosen at random, depending on whether Cait is present)
  • Oil Massage: Offer to help give massages to the temple's clientele.
    • Breasts: Roll some big old oily titties over someone's sore muscles and make the poor sap feel all nice and warm inside. (requires C-cup or larger breasts)
    • Cock: Surely there's no part of your body more suited to applying oil than that. (requires penis)
    • Vagina: You have some plush, sensitive lips down below, perfect for smearing liquids all over smooth surfaces... (requires penis)

Temple Fame

Your temple fame is determined by a number of factors, although you cannot increase your fame through repeating scenes. Your stipend after servicing a temple petitioner is calculated as 20+(Fame*5)

Event Effect
Bind your soul to one of The Seven +2 Fame
Unlock the title Marcher-Baron or Marcher-Baroness +2 Fame
Have Presence of 75% or higher +2 Fame
Have Presence of 50% or higher
(does not stack with 75%)
+1 Fame
Have perks Well Hung, Buxom, Stretchy, Size Monarch,
Milky, Messy Orgasm, Bubble Butt
(stacks with each other)
+1 Fame
Have Bimbo personality +1 Fame

Temple of Sin

Breath so hot it almost stings billows across your ear as the mystery woman leans in so close she's nearly kissing you. A different voice, sultry and oh-so-familiar, comes from her lips this time. Kasyrra's voice. "What a pretty temple you two have built. Shame if some big, bad demon slithered in and defiled it with her wretched presence. Will the devoted champion of order rise up to overpower her, I wonder...?"

To trigger this event, you need to have completed the Palace of Ice, be on the romance path with Kasyrra, have sexed Cait, and have talked to Imad and Amina. It has a random chance of proccing at the start of a new day. You will need to talk to Skimpy Cat to begin the event, otherwise it will disappear once the day rolls over again and you will need to wait until it appears again.

One day, you spot an alluring guest enjoying Amina's performance and beckoning you over. She is Kasyrra in disguise as 'Katherine', a catfolk dickgirl who is your friend from out of town and definitely is not a soulless monster bent on corrupting all around her. Kas has an errand to run at nightfall and wants to spend some time with her favourite champion. You have the option of bringing in Cait for a threesome or just snuggling up to your demonic lover.

Come nightfall, Kasyrra invokes a significant guest to appear. They exchange hostile banter, with the guest asking if you realise what Kasyrra is planning to use your soul for. You can answer Don't Care, Redemption, For a Child, For Power, and Her Portal, each eliciting a different response from Kasyrra and the guest. With one more threat, the guest departs, leaving you and Kasyrra to continue your affections until morning comes and you need to resume your 'hostilities'.


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