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Perks are bonuses that provide the Champion with special abilities or increased attributes for combat and non-combat purposes. Most of them are permanent and will remain active while the conditions for their acquisition or activation remain in place. Perks can be earned through a different number of ways such as during Character Creation, events, or through attaining certain class levels.

Class Perks

Name Description Acquisition Shared with
Used by
Twist The Knife When you land a weapon hit on a creature suffering from a negative status effect, you deal 50% bonus damage. Thief (Level 1) No
Sharpen Blades When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 bonus to Critical Chance for 12 hours. Thief (Level 3) Yes None
Escape Artist You add half your Agility to your Physical Resistance. You also use Agility to escape from restraints rather than Strength. Thief (Level 5) No
Veteran When wearing Heavy armor or carrying a shield, you generate 25% more Threat and are immune to Terror. Warrior (Level 1) No
Armorer When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +5 bonus to Armor and Armor Penetration for 12 hours. Warrior (Level 3) Yes
Iron Will You add half your Toughness to your Mental Resistance. Warrior (Level 5) No
Healer's Hands Whenever you heal someone via a power you also recover some of your own Health, equal to half your Spellpower. White Mage (Level 1) No
Prayer of Warding When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 bonus to Ward for 12 hours. White Mage (Level 3) Yes None
Focused Will You add half your Willpower to your Magic Resistance. Black Mage (Level 5)
White Mage (Level 5)
Arcane Strike You add half your Willpower to your Critical Chance when casting spells. Black Mage (Level 1) No
Arcane Attunement When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 bonus to Spellpower for 12 hours. Black Mage (Level 3) Yes
Stylish While wearing Light armor, you gain a bonus to Sexiness equal to twice your level. Charmer (Level 1) No
Focusing Performance When you finish sleeping, you give your friends a show. Your party gains +10 Mental Resistance for 12 hours. Charmer (Level 3) Yes
Commanding Presence You add half your Presence to your Mental Resistance. Charmer (Level 5) No None
Heart's Desires When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain +10 bonus to Temptation for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Filthy Tease Once per combat round, Lust damage is reduced by half. N/A No
War Paint When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +5 bonus to all Resistances for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Rending Strike When you connect with a melee weapon, there is a 20% chance the opponent bleeds for 1 turn. N/A No
Frenzy When you drop below 60% Health, you give into your inner fury, throwing yourself into a berzerker frenzy. You gain +50 Attack Power, +10 Critical Chance, and +10 Focus and Lust Resistance, but your Armor is reduced by half. N/A No
Eye of the Storm When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 Attack Power bonus for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Journeyman Summoner Your summons gain bonus Toughness equal to your level. N/A No
Ranger's Quarry When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 Initiative bonus for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Take Comfort In Me When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 bonus to Focus for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Cherish This When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 bonus to Magic Resistance for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Cold Blooded You become immune to Frigid. When you damage a Frigid enemy, you gain bonus Threat and recover 10% Health. N/A No
Slip of the Mind You generate -35% Threat and your maximum Resolve is increased by +35. N/A No
Omikuji When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 bonus to Magic Resistance for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Countermagic Once per round, when you are hit with a spell you immediately retaliate with Foxfire. N/A No
Second Sight You add your Willpower to your Accuracy. N/A No
Arcane Infusion When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 spellpower bonus for 12 hours. N/A Yes
Hive Knight's Scent When you finish sleeping, you and your party gain a +10 bonus to Focus, and you deal Pheromone Damage in place of Tease Damage, for 12 hours. N/A Yes

Sexual Perks

Name Function Description Acquisition Used by
Well Hung
  • +2" to cock length
  • +0.5" to cock width
  • Raise max TF size to 1.3
  • Raise max TF change to 1.5
You start with a larger penis, if you have one, and it's easier for transformations to increase your penis size. Character Creation
  • +1 breast cupsize
  • Raise max TF size to 1.3
  • Raise max TF change to 1.5
You start with larger breasts, if you have them, and your cupsize increases more rapidly with transformations. Character Creation
  • Anal & Vaginal stretch recovery speed raised by 50%
  • Vaginal insertion capacity reduced by 20%
Your orifices can more easily accommodate large insertions and more quickly recover from stretching. Character Creation
Size Queen
  • Anal & Vaginal stretch recovery speed reduced by 25%
  • Vaginal insertion capacity raised by 20%
  • Maximum vaginal stretch set to 50%
Your orifices become gaped more easily by large insertions and stay gaped longer. Character Creation
  • Set Feracity to 3
  • Set Raw Pregnancy speed to 1.5
You start with higher fertility and virility, and your Pregnancy Speed is higher. All three stats increase more easily with transformations. Character Creation
Sterile You start with a fertility and virility of zero, and it increases more slowly as the result of transformations. Character Creation None
  • Increase milk multiplier by 33%
  • Increase milk storage multiplier by 33%
  • Increase milk rate by 33%
  • Reduce milk loss multiplier rate by 33%
It's easier to start lactating, you lactate more, and it takes longer for lactation to wind down. Character Creation
  • Increase Libido by 30
You start with a higher Libido, and it increases more readily when events and items would increase it.
  • Set Libido to 0
You start with a lower Libido, and you gain less Libido when items and events would increase it. Character Creation None
Messy Orgasm
  • Double max cum quantity
  • Raise raw cum multiplier by 1
  • Raise vagina wetness by 2
Your orgasms produce a greater volume of ejaculate if you have a penis, and vaginal orgasms are more likely to end in squirting. Character Creation
Bubble Butt Your ass is always big and soft, no matter how your tone and thickness would otherwise affect it. None
  • Reduce Tease resistance by 25
  • Reduce Pheromone resistance by 25
  • Unable to full heal Resolve when sleeping until next orgasm
  • Orgasms fully heal Resolve
Etheryn is trapped in a magic chastity belt that cannot be removed. She loses Resolve over time based on her libido, and can't tend to her own desires without help. N/A
  • Allows the Oviparous Sorra Dream and the oviparous ovilixer pregnancy scene to occur
  • If more than 14 days since last pregnancy, become pregnant with an Egg (Ovilixer pregnancy)
  • Allows the color selection of Eggs for Ovilixer pregnancies (unfertilized)
Your womb has been molded into the perfect egg-layer: once a month, your body will produce an egg on its own, which may be delivered fertilized or raw. This perk is only active when you're a member of an egg-laying race, such as harpies and mothfolk. Ovilixer if a Harpy or Mothfolk None
Nuki Nuts
  • Double the max of ball fullness
  • Raise ball size based on current ball fullness
    • Fullness >= 75 → Raise ball size by 25%
    • Fullness >= 100 → Raise ball size by 50%
    • Fullness >= 150 → Raise ball size by 75%
    • Fullness >= 190 → Raise ball size by 150%
Your balls are enchanted with the magic of tanukis. They swell in size over time, and produce more ejaculate as they grow. Orgasms reduce the excess size. Ring Peach None
Cum Cascades When you ingest semen, your own balls' production is greatly increased for a short time. None
  • Minimum Libido set to 75
  • Champion gains Bimbo personality
Your mind is, like, totally full of fuck. Its hard to think about anything that's not sex, but who cares! That's, like, what life's all about! Deciding to Drink and continue to Suck Queen Nyzerrah's honey while she is a bimbo and the Champion has the Honey Brain status effect

This perk is permanent

  • Fertility base * 1.15
  • Increase Cum Multiplier by * .5
Your fertility is permanently increased by 15%, and your cum output increases by 50%! N/A
Corrupted Libido
  • Increases Tease resistance by 33
Your corruption inures you to sexual domination; you reduce all Tease attack damage by 33%. N/A
Goblin Broodmare
  • After a non-butt pregnancy, the following effects will occur:
    • Raise Cup Size by 1 if < Z
    • Raise Butt Rating by 1 if < 20
    • Raise Hip Rating by 1 if < 20
Thanks to your goblin nature, your hips, ass, and breasts now expand upon giving birth! None

Story Perks

Name Description Function Acquisition
Soulbound You are dead inside. Keros has laid claim to your soul. Your physical form will become that of a kitsune. You will never be able to change your race away from kitsune.

As a result of stabilising the portal magics which caused you to be highly mutable, transformations that fall into these categories, and sub-categories thereof, will be blocked and made ineffectual: face, head, limbs, tail and body. Some transformations may slip through nevertheless; if you wish to change or realign your form, you may return to Keros to restore your form.

You will become Soulbound. This signifies that you are dead inside and your soul has been claimed. While you will get a decoy implanted to fool your enemies, those of the Seven will know what's up and you will not be able to make any further deals of this nature, should they be offered.

Keros will name you his champion. This will significantly change the attitude of all kitsune towards you; you will be given the respect and deference that your station accords by decree of the August Master at the Center of Heaven. It will not make you magically fluent in the language and cultural nuances, but at least you will be properly revered as you ought to be.

Champion's Resolve Your victory at the Winter City has filled you with determination. Your Resolve is increased by +20. Permanent increase of Resolve by 20. Complete Winter City

Miscellaneous Perks

Name Description Function Used by
Leftovers This unit heals some HP at the start of each turn. Heal 10% of Max HP per turn.
Light Sensitivity This unit must make a Mental Resistance check when taking fire damage or will be stunned.
Font of Will This unit heals some Resolve at the start of each turn. Heal 5% of Max Resolve per turn.
Horsey Heat Your natural horse pheromones deal X Pheromone damage passively each turn to everyone. X = Default 3, 7 for Behemoth
Medicae You have a X% chance of clearing Poison and Bleed from yourself each round. X = Cunning * 2
Archmage You gain a passive 50% bonus to your total Spellpower.
Immovable You cannot be Stunned or knocked Prone.
Arousing Aura You have an aura of corrupted arousal exuding from you. All enemies take passive Psychic damage. 10 Mind damage per turn.
Starting Attribute Bonuses
Attributes Condition Attributes Condition Attributes Condition
Strength Agility Toughness
  • Races:
  • Backgrounds:
    • Scholar
Willpower Presence
  • Races:
  • Classes:
  • Backgrounds:
    • Noble Scion
    • Minstrel
    • Courtesan

Perk Removal

Perk Character/Event Steps Note
Nuki Nuts Perk is removed if Pure while Orally Filled
Remove Nuki Nuts option Complete Den of Foxes and talk to Meira
Cum Cascades Removed when Nuki Nuts is removed
Goblin Broodmare Does not have a vagina
Race is not Goblin
Oviparous Is not a member of an egg laying race
Remove Oviparious option Complete Den of Foxes and talk to Meira