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Hirrud DCL Bust.png

Bust of Hirrud by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Full name Hirrud Grune
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Mercenary
Nationality Khor'minos
Location The Frost Hound (temporary)
Level 5
Strengths Hirrud has 2 action points


He bears an impressive mantle of horns and a king's ransom of armor: mail and hard leather cover his muscular body, along with a travelling cloak colored blood-red and pinned at the shoulder with a bronze star — a holy symbol of Lumia, goddess of the dawn. Hirrud bears a tower shield and Minothan war-sword, ready to fight.


Hirrud will appear in The Frost Hound after the Champion has defeated the Alraune, where he calls on the Champion to find his missing Cat Harem. If Brint is in the party, he will comment on Hirrud's attitude. The Champion can decide to help with it or not, but if the Champion were to refused to help him, he will be enraged but blackout due to being drunk.

Deciding to help him will lead the Champion towards his Cat Harem who've decided to escape from him due to his abusive and horrid behavior towards them. The Champion can return them to their abusive master, much to their and Cait's (if present in the party) objection, ignore the harem and leave them to their own devices or assist them in fighting for their freedom.

Deciding to help the harem will put the Champion in a combat encounter against Hirrud, but not before the harem is able to damage him for 25% of his health. If the Champion is defeated by Hirrud, he will grant them a swift death (results in a bad end). If the Champion were to defeat Hirrud, he will use a Smoke Bomb to flee, nowhere to be seen.

He reappears at the gate to the Undermountain, being a nuisance to Captain Fenraus and getting punched in the face.



Armor: 72 Physical Resist: 48
Warding: -6 Magic Resist: 9
Focus: 4 Mental Resist: 14
Evasion: 23 Blight Resist: -75
Holy Resist: 10 Penetrating Resist: 25
Pheromone Resist: -75


  • Big Ass (butt rating of greater than 7)
  • Vaginas
  • Normal Tits (greater than B but less than G cupsize)
  • Big Tits (G cupsize or bigger)


  • Any and all sizes of cocks
  • No tits




Quest Related

Missing Meows

Hirrud has a task for the Champion to accomplish, to find his kidnapped Cat Harem