Hirrud's Cloak

From Corruption of Champions II
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Hirrud's Cloak
Author Savin
Type Attire
Slot Shoulders
Base Price 450
Additional Information
Sexiness -5
Bonus Resistances 5 (Magic)
10 (Mental)
10 (Holy)
10 (Fire)
10 (Frost)
Additional Flags Cloth
Version Added 0.1.10


A road-worn travelling cloak that bears a distinctive musk. It's a deep, blood-red color — the same as the royal guard of Khor'minos. It's pinned at the breast by a Lumian holy symbol, a relic of Selima's former life. She's asked you keep it with her blessing.


Dropped by Hirrud after fighting him to free the Cat Harem during the events of Missing Meows.