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Lusina Bust DCL.png
Lusina Bust, by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Full name Lusina en Errion
Species Mothfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Thief
Location Harvest Valley (south)
Level 4
Health 325
Resolve 100
Strengths Lusina has 2 action points

"Don't make this hard, sweetheart," she says, indicating the coin pouch hanging on your belt. "Stand and deliver! You're going to hand your valuables over, but how much fun it is... that's up to you!"

Lusina en Errion is a moth girl highwaywoman who robs travellers south of the river in the Harvest Valley. She has been a bandit for at least a decade, and comes from a distant land. She wields a steel Belharan claymore sword, a rarity, since after the Godswar the knowledge of how to craft iron and steel was largely lost.


She's a curvy specimen of her race, with alabaster skin and snow-white cuffs of silky fluff. Dark red eyes fixate on you, and her branching feelers atop her head twitch as you size her up.

A glorious mane surrounds her neck, the only thing approaching modesty on her upper half — she's got her tits out and bouncing with every motion, drawing all eyes to those full knockers. They're easily G-cups, swollen by the creamy bounty trapped inside them. Her broad pink teats, once inverted, are rigid with desire and beading with alabaster. Every time she breathes too deeply, a little more milk drools down her prominent mounds. A small but faintly-glowing amulet is nestled between her tits, flickering every time she bounces in such a way that her boobs part for a moment. The moth is wearing only a set of fingerless gloves and a pair of leather-reinforced breeches; crossing chains of shiny coins and gemstones hang from her belt to dangle between her legs.

She's buzzing about on a set of brilliant pink wings, so delicate and translucent they look like they'd be more at home on a butterfly than a humanoid, and they're so delicate that you can't imagine how they're strong enough to bear her aloft. Especially considering how damn busty this daring thief is.


Upon initially encountering the highway mothgirl, the following options will become available:

  • Fight - Time to teach this fluffy slut who's boss!
  • Pay - No need for violence... just take my money! Give her 100 coins. (requires 100 EC)
  • Sex - You're not willing to give her your money, but by the way she's eyeing you, you bet she's got other things on her mind, too.

If the Champion decides to pay with sex or is defeated in combat, she will take 200 EC from the Champion.

There is a chance for the Champion to encounter Lusina once at her camp in which the following requirements must have been met:

  • Has met Lusina before
  • Has fucked/sexed Lusina at least 3 times

If the Champion does encounter her at her camp, the following options will become available:

  • Approach - Go over and try to have a chat with the brigand. Maybe this time you'll be able to strike up a dialogue instead of a duel.
  • Leave - No reason to bother her. She'll probably just try to rob or rape you, anyway.

Deciding to approach the mothgirl's camp will result in a friendly chat and a brief scare of varying success if the Champion has the Hunter or Barbarian background. Waving a white silk dress acting as a temporary truce flag, Lusina will tell a little bit about herself and what she's been doing in Harvest Valley. Once the Champion wraps up and heads out for more adventuring, she will give them the Rogue's Ring as well as a kiss on the lips and a slap on the ass.



Attack Power: 30 Spellpower: 11
Sexiness: 27 Armor: 35
Physical Resist: 11 Warding: 28
Magic Resist: 18 Focus: 32
Mental Resist: 7 Evasion: 44
Fire Resist: -150


  • Any and all cocks
  • All sizes of tits




If the Champion is victorious in combat:

  • Titfuck - Shove your cock between those big, succulent breasts of hers! (requires a cock)
  • Buttfuck - Stick your cock in her butt! (requires a cock)
  • Ride Face - Play with the moth's tits and make her eat you out!
  • If the Champion has fucked Lusina before and she is not milky
    • Bov.Sherry (SC) - This moth-girl has an absolutely killer rack. The only way it could be more appealing would be if it was bigger, swollen and leaking with milk. Give her a dose of Sweet Cream-infused Bovum Sherry. (requires a Sweet Cream-infused Bovum Sherry)

If the Champion decided to sex at the start of the encounter or is defeated in combat, chance for the following scenes and a deduction of 200 EC:

  • Eat Out
  • Cow Girl