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Busts of Lusina by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Full name Lusina en Errion
Pronunciation Lou - see - nah enn Airy - on
Alias Moth Girl
Species Mothfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Thief
Title Heir to Maidenbridge
Bust Size F (base)
G (w/ Milky)
Location Harvest Valley (Lake & South)
Level 4
Health 325
Resolve 134
Strengths Lusina has 2 action points
Version Added 0.1.18

"See? We could have saved all this trouble, but now I'll just take what I wanted... and maybe a little something else besides. I'd hate to let a pretty piece of ass like you slip by, after all. Consider it payback for fighting back. Somebody could have gotten hurt! Oh, don't look so put out... (resolve defeat: you're practically begging for it| It's only fun when we both enjoy it),"

"Well, not here specifically, but... yeah. I've been on my own a while. At least a decade; I lost count after a while. Long enough to grow into a woman out here in the wilderness."

Lusina is a mothfolk bandit who robs travelers in the south and lakeside region of Harvest Valley. She has been a bandit for at least a decade, long enough that she's grown into a woman out in the wilderness, and is a member of the Errion family, which was a ruling family of a city-state in the Belharan heartland.

She wields a silvered steel claymore that was a relic of the Empire of Belhar, difficult and expensive to produce even in the empire's hayday. It was a badge of office for the empire's noble Mage-Knights, a unique weapon for a unique brand of warrior — those tasked with the destruction of the worst monsters to plague the realm. When Belhar collapsed, most of these knightly blades were lost or destroyed...


A curvy woman flutters before you, human at first glance save the delicate pink wings beating behind her. Her limbs and the collar of her neck are covered in a downy white fuzz as thick as wool, and by the looks of it just as soft. Beyond the whiteness, though, she's half bare: a pair of leather breeches cling tightly to her long legs, armored with hardened leather half-greaves, and crossing chains of shiny coins and gemstones hang from her belt to dangle between her legs.

Conversely, her large breasts and belly are uncovered, F-cup tits proudly on display and inverted nipples stiff in the cold breeze. They sway hypnotically as she hovers, occasionally giving a glimpse of a glittering pink amulet held aloft by a slim silver chain tucked between her hefty mounds. Her fiery red eyes lock with yours, and with all your willpower you drag your gaze from the buxom body on display to the imposing two-handed sword she's leveled at you.

She's a curvy specimen of her race, with alabaster skin and snow-white cuffs of silky fluff. Dark red eyes fixate on you, and her branching feelers atop her head twitch as you size her up.

A glorious mane surrounds her neck, the only thing approaching modesty on her upper half — she's got her tits out and bouncing with every motion, drawing all eyes to those full knockers. They're easily (if Milky: G-cups, swollen by the creamy bounty trapped inside them. Her broad pink teats, once inverted, are rigid with desire and beading with alabaster. Every time she breathes too deeply, a little more milk drools down her prominent mounds |F-cups, each tipped with a pale pink teat that's inverted in on itself]. A small but faintly-glowing amulet is nestled between her tits, flickering every time she bounces in such a way that her boobs part for a moment. The moth is wearing only a set of fingerless gloves and a pair of leather-reinforced breeches; crossing chains of shiny coins and gemstones hang from her belt to dangle between her legs.

She's buzzing about on a set of brilliant pink wings, so delicate and translucent they look like they'd be more at home on a butterfly than a humanoid, and they're so delicate that you can't imagine how they're strong enough to bear her aloft. Especially considering how damn busty this daring thief is.


First Encounter

As the Champion makes their way through the valley, they will suddenly hear a faint buzzing sound. While cautiously searching for the sound, they trip and flop on their backside, but spot their assailant circling them from on high. Before they can get a good look, it dive-bombs them, forcing the Champion into a roll. Once they rise and their assailant stops, they get a good look of her and ask what she's doing, before she cuts them off and demands that they hand over their valuables, although how much fun they make it is up to them. With that, the Champion has the following options:

  • Fight - Time to teach this fluffy slut who's boss!
    • If Champ wins the fight, they have the option to victory sex Lusina, to try to make friends with her, or to simply leave.
    • Losing the fight allows Lusina to choose from her various defeat-sex options.
  • Pay - No need for violence... just take my money! Give her 100 coins. (requires 100 EC)
  • Sex - You're not willing to give her your money, but by the way she's eyeing you, you bet she's got other things on her mind, too.

Encountering the moth girl will also unlock the Mothfolk codex entry.

Subsequent Encounters

Repeat encounters will provide the same options:

  • Fight - Time to teach this fluffy slut who's boss!
  • Pay - No need for violence... just take my money! Give her 100 coins. (requires 100 EC)
  • Sex - You're not willing to give her your money, but by the way she's eyeing you, you bet she's got other things on her mind, too.


Paying will have the Champion toss a coin pouch of 100 EC to Lusina, who catches it with a self-satisfied smile. Should Arona be present, she will call out the Champion for being a coward. If the Champion had sexed her before, she plants a kiss on their cheek and thanks them for the donation, but she asks if they can offer something more intimate next time as she sees something she wants more than coin, and proceeds to grope their crotch before leaving.

Camp Encounter

When the Champion has sexed Lusina at least 3 times, there is a 50% chance that the next time they meet her will be at her camp. This scene only occurs once if they approached her.

A very similar scene will occur after defeating Lusina and sending her off without victory sex three times. Again, it is a one-time scene. However, since Champ has already made several choices to consciously make friends with her, there is no option to leave.

While wandering through the valley, the Champion will hear humming not too far away. Upon quietly investigating, they see Lusina sitting on a tree stump and reading a leather-bound book at her camp. She in unaware of their presence, and the Champion may decide to:

  • Approach - Go over and try to have a chat with the brigand. Maybe this time you'll be able to strike up a dialogue instead of a duel.
  • Leave - No reason to bother her. She'll probably just try to rob or rape you, anyway.

Deciding to approach Lusina will have the Champion emerge from the bush they've been peeping from. Champions with the Barbarian or Hunter background will find out why Lusina is so comfortably absorbed in her book — because her camp is surrounded by tripwires and snares, but they deftly weave through the traps and make it to the camp clearing, before they clear their throat. Champions with other backgrounds will step into a snare as they tumble face-first into the dirt and the sound of jingling metal echoes through the camp.

The sudden sound will cause Lusina to shriek as she scrambles for her claymore, although she stops when they tell her they mean no harm and that they just wanted to talk. After a flag of truce is established, she returns to her stump-seat and introduces herself. The Champion will reply in kind, before those with the Noble Scion or Scholar background will note that Errion was a ruling family of a city-state in the Belharan heartlands, or those with other backgrounds will note that it sounds like a noble's name. Lusina replies that her name doesn't mean much in the Marches, and that her family was of noble status, but that was a long time ago. She asks what their story is, and the Champion gives her the highlights of the events of the tutorial. The mention of the cult makes Lusina note its recent activities with the centaurs to the west, although the Champion reassures her (if cleared Harboring a Fugitive: that she doesn't have anything to worry about |that they have another reason to deal with the centaurs). Lusina smiles with a genuine grin as she mentions she was thinking of leaving for greener pastures because she didn't spend all those years scraping by just to get jumped in the night by a 'buncha rape-ponies'. When asked to clarify that she's been a bandit for years, she states that it's been long enough that she grew into a woman out in the wilderness, although she mentions that when the centaurs have been dealt with, she might come to Hawkethorne to show them her appreciation. Before the Champion leaves, Lusina gives them a ring that will help them on their adventure, with a parting kiss and a slap on the ass.

The Champion receives the Rogue's Ring.

Marefolk Village

After completing Harboring a Fugitive and playing through Lusina's camp encounter, the moth moves to the Marefolk Village to settle down from her life of crime. Champ can find her there for casual conversations and sex.

  • Talk
    • Her Sword - That sword's unlike any you've seen. What's the story there?
    • Her Home - Lusina's mentioned being from a noble background. Shouldn't she be lording over some village instead of rubbing chests with marefolk?
    • Thieving - Ask Lusina how it is she came to be a thief and, if she's given it up, what she plans on doing instead.
  • Sex
    • Let Her Lead - Let Lusina take the lead. (Selects from two variations.)
      • Cowgirl Titfuck - 75% chance if Champ has a dick (real or magical), otherwise 0% chance
      • Eat Her Out - Default otherwise
    • Her Mouth - Play with the moth-girl's tits while she eats your [pc.vagOrAss] out.
    • Her Tits - Focus your attention on the mothgirl's breasts, and all the ways they can pleasure your dick. (Requires a dick, real or magical.)
    • Her Ass - Take Lusina to new heights of anal orgasm.
  • Bovum Sherry - Ask Lusina if she'd be willing to take some Bovum Sherry and really bring out the best in those lush boobs of hers... (Requires Bovum Sherry in inventory; Lusina must not yet be milky)

Combat Stats

Losing to Lusina in combat will have her take up to 200 EC.


Attack Power: 30 Spellpower: 11
Sexiness: 7 Temptation: 10
Armor: 75 Physical Resist: 18
Warding: 48 Magic Resist: 13
Focus: 22 Mental Resist: 2
Evasion: 34 Fire Resist: -150

  • All Cocks
  • All Breasts






  • Victory sex options:
    • Titfuck - Shove your (cocks) between those big, succulent breasts of hers! (requires a cock)
    • Buttfuck - Shove your (cocks) between those big, succulent breasts of hers! (requires a cock)
    • Ride Face - Play with the moth's tits and make her eat you out!
    • Bov.Sherry (SC) - This moth-girl has an absolutely killer rack. The only way it could be more appealing would be if it was bigger, swollen and leaking with milk. Give her a dose of Sweet Cream-infused Bovum Sherry. (must have sexed Lusina before, she is not Milky, and requires a Sweet Cream-infused Bovum Sherry)
  • Defeat sex scenes:
    • Eat Out (includes fucking if the Champion has a cock)
    • Tit Cowgirl (requires a cock)


  • Lusina provides the codex entry quote for the Mothfolk


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