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Busts of Clementine by Moira
Creator strawberry_tea
Pronunciation Kleh - muhn - tain
Species Sheepfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Seamstress
Height 5'
Bust Size B
Family Unnamed Sheepfolk Parents
5 Younger Siblings
Nationality Savarran (Barania)
Location Harvest Valley North (first encounter)
Version Added 0.3.14

"W-well, I was traveling to Hawkethorne because I heard there weren’t many sheepfolk here, meaning I could sell my wool without too much competition. But I never thought I would be attacked! I mean I knew the Frost Marches were a lot more dangerous than the Heartland but everyone I spoke to in Tychris said Harvest Valley is the safest way to Hawkethorne. And before this some weird shaman lady sent a tree to come and attack me. A tree! And before that some moth girl tried to rob me! And she was topless! Wasn’t she cold? I mean even I’m cold in this weather and I’ve got arms of wool!"

"Well of course! Every sheepfolk takes pride in their wool. It’s defined us throughout all of history. If you have anything and I mean anything made of wool, I guarantee it came from a sheepfolk. We’re not the strongest people or the smartest, but we’ve clothed the backs of Savarra and that’s something no other race can lay claim to."

Clementine is a sheepfolk girl who recently moved to Hawkethorne to sell her wool, due to the lack of sheepfolk competition. Like most sheepfolk, Clementine takes pride in her wool and boasts that it's quite soft. At Hawkethorne, Clementine was accepted as an apprentice seamstress under Nelia in exchange for supplying her wool. She also loves baking and says that if she wasn't a seamstress, she'd be a baker.


Clementine is a short, petite sheep girl standing at about five feet in height with pale skin to match her white wool. Her hair is a jungle of white curls, looking more like wool than actual hair. It’s remarkably well maintained, brushed with care to prevent tangles and split ends. Overall it’s quite short, looking like a big poofy cloud resting atop her head. A pair of ram-like horns curl around the top of her head into tight circular bunches. They’re not very threatening but they retain a clear sturdiness to their form if [if Dark Knight: you ever need a good handle bar to fuck her with.|else: she ever needs to use them.]

Her face is just adorable. There’s just an undeniable cuteness to it that makes you want to smush it between your [hands] and lavish all of your love and affection upon it. Her eyes are as blue as the sky, bearing whatever thoughts run through her innocent mind. Two ears jut out from the sides of her head, distinctly sheep like as they droop slightly. Fuzzy white hair coats the outside while a faint pink colors the inside.

Her neck is entirely covered in a thick layer of her soft white wool, entwining itself with her hair in one singular pattern of fluff. You’re not sure where her hair ends and where her neck wool begins but you’re not sure if Clementine knows either. The floof doesn’t end there as white wool cascades across her shoulders, joining with her arm wool to create a sea of endless fluff.

It’s so fucking soft. You don’t even have to touch it to know that her wool is a wonderful bundle of furry warmth. The hairs of her wool puff out proudly, advertising their fleecy texture to any fortunate passerby. Clementine carefully maintains it, trimming it to have a perceptible thickness while constantly combing it, ensuring every inch of her fluffy goodness is as smooth as possible.

Both of her arms are completely covered in her wool though it begins to thin out once it reaches her wrists. Her hands lack any wool, capping off with her pale skin instead. Finally prying your [eyes] off of Clementine’s beautiful fleece, you bring them down to her perky B-cups. They certainly aren’t the most eye-catching but you couldn’t imagine any other rack on her. Heading down further, you reach her plump little butt. It’s a nice, cushy piece of ass to grope and knead while not being too over the top in size. Her hips are narrow, fitting her petite form quite nicely while accentuating the curves of her rump. A white sheep tail sits directly above her bum, covered in white hair as it swishes with a mind of its own, completely free from Clementine’s control. Going further down, you reach her legs which have even more wool than her arms, capping her two drumsticks with a thicker coat of soft, blissful white. [if Champion is Bimbo:Just two poofy thighs to rest your head in as you dive tongue deep into her pussy.|else: They look like the perfect pillow to lie in. Just the thought of nestling your head in that dream cloud has you yawning already.]

Clementine’s wearing a blue, sleeveless dress, letting most of her arm wool breathe freely. She blushes cutely when she realizes you’ve been staring at her, quickly stuffing her mouth with a cookie and diverting her gaze.


First Encounter

To encounter Clementine, the Champion must have encountered a Crazy Horse before.

The first time the Champion will meet Clementine is while exploring the northern region of the Harvest Valley, where, suddenly, they will hear a piercing cry for help. Rushing over to the source of the noise, they will bear witness to a sheep girl on her hands and knees while a Crazy Horse towers over her. The Champion will have to fight the stallion, and win or lose, the stallion will leave after.

Once the horse has been dealt with and left, if the Champion lost to the stallion, Clementine will rush over to the Champion and attempt to remove the sweat and dirt they've acquired from their ordeal with several handkerchiefs, while apologizing profusely. After realizing her attempts are futile, she stops and apologizes for the state they're in, but the Champion reassures her they're alright, although it's going to take a long bath to get cleaned up. She thanks them again for what they did and asks for their name. If the Champion had won against the Crazy Horse, she will thank the Champion for helping her, but realizes they're hurt and proceeds to vigorously wipe the Champion's face until she's satisfied. The Champion will awkwardly thank her, to which she replies that it's the least she could do since they rescued her, and she goes to ask for their name.

Regardless of the outcome, when Clementine asks for the Champion's name, they answer, and ask for hers in kind, further asking what she's doing in the valley, considering she doesn't have a weapon or any means of defending herself. She explains that she's travelling to Hawkethorne to sell her wool, considering the lack of sheepfolk competition, and that everyone in Tychris said the valley was the safest way to Hawkethorne. Before she knew it, she was attacked by a shaman lady who sent a tree after her (a Marefolk Shaman and her Treant), and a topless moth girl who tried to rob her (Lusina). She continues ranting about how a baker in Tychris accused her of stealing, all the while the Champion attempts to snap her out of her tangent, eventually managing to get her attention and an embarrassed Clementine apologizes that she's done it again. When asked 'again?', she explains that it's a sheepfolk thing and changes topic by thanking them again and saying that she's moving to Hawkethorne pretty soon, and maybe she can see them there.

After meeting Clementine for the first time, the Sheepfolk Codex entry will be unlocked, if it wasn't already.

Hawkethorne & Subsequent Visits

The Champion can find Clementine north of Hawkethorne's town square, where, on one of the leaning homes, a small plaque with the name Clementine is carved in with delicate care. Knocking on Clementine's door will have her happily greet the Champion and bring them into her home, where they will be seated at a dining table and be served a fresh hot pan full of cookies. With introductions out of the way, the following options will become available:

  • Appearance - Talk with Clementine about this and that.
  • Talk
    • Chat - See what’s on the sheep girl’s mind.
    • Herself - Learn more about Clementine.
    • Wool - Ask about Clementine’s wool. You can bet she’ll be overjoyed to talk about it.
  • Sex
  • Cuddle



Chatting with Clementine will have a variety of topics for her to talk about; the Chapel of Velun compared to the ones back in the city-state of Barania and how kind Brother Sanders is, how the Baroness never leaves her castle and that Garth and Brother Sanders do a better job in leading the people, how Nelia used to be an adventurer, or how flustered and embarrassed she got when she lined up at Sugo's stall and didn't realize what his business was about.


On the topic of herself, Clementine explains that she was born in Barania, which is the only sheepfolk nation in the world. If Arona is present, she will openly mock and laugh at the name of the state, and should Cait be present, Cait will get angry at Arona's rude remark, Dom and Sub Arona have different variants, but ultimately she stops laughing. Clementine continues by stating she's the oldest of six siblings, and they were farmers but their small farm couldn't compete to the large estates and selling their wool wasn't an option either considering the state's population. She left when she was eighteen summers old, and states that it was hard leaving home, but it made it easier for her family to live. She thought of following in her parents' footsteps but droughts and gnoll thieves convinced her otherwise, so she took up sewing. However, once more, the abundance of her people pitted her against impossible odds, so she decided to travel around. She tried to get an apprenticeship a handful of times, but most sheepfolk tailors and seamstresses only apprentice their kin, and those non-sheepfolk only saw her as a wool factory. She eventually decided to go to the Frost Marches after learning that it had an extremely small population of sheepfolk. She was taken as an apprentice to Nelia in exchange for supplying her wool. She adds that she also loves to bake as seeing people enjoy her baking makes her heart melt inside. She admits that if she wasn't a seamstress, she'd be a baker instead, however, she can't stand the mess as there is so much to clean up afterwards.


Clementine gasps excitedly at the topic and she offers them a feel as she extends her poofy arm at them. She insists that they touch her wool in order to learn about it, with commanding authority, as well as the Champion's companions, should they have any. Should the Champion have equipment on their hands, Clementine will tell them to remove it so they can get a good feel. Once they grab a hold of the white wool, they swear openly as they state that they knew the wool was soft just by looking at it, but feeling it is another level. While the Champion and their party continue to feel the wool, Clementine is having the time of her life as she grins giddily, however, she snaps out of her euphoric glee when the Champion asks her about her wool. Clementine explains that sheepfolk are born with wool, but not everyone has wool as soft as her's. She goes on to explain the meticulous nature of her wool and how well she keeps it, from cleaning to trimming to brushing. If Kiyoko is in the party, she will ask if Clementine uses any oils for her wool because Kiyoko applies it on her tail constantly to maintain it's silk touch. Clementine says that she doesn't as oil would ruin the wool's entire constitution and it would sink into the roots, and the only way to get it off is to completely sheer it as wool is too dense to use oil on, to which Kiyoko will politely thank her for the insight. On the conclusion of the topic, the Champion notes that Clementine is quite prideful of her wool, to which she replies that every sheepfolk takes pride in their wool.


On the suggestion of cuddling, Clementine gasps and her eyes visibly widen as she's practically bouncing in her seat. Clementine happily leads the Champion to her bed, where the two cuddle. A dopey smile is plastered on her face as she explains that there isn't a sheepfolk who doesn't enjoy a good cuddle and she's doesn't know anyone who would pass down a cuddle with a sheepfolk. The two cuddle in soft silence for an hour or so until the Champion departs and wishes her well.

Note that the Cuddle scene from Fuck Vag is different from this cuddle scene.


  • Regular Sex options:
    • Fuck Vag - Fuck Clementine’s tight little pussy until she’s creaming all over your cock. (requires a cock)
      • Lovingly - Overload Clementine’s brain with a healthy dose of love and affection while you fuck her sweet cunt.
        • Cuddle - How could you not?
        • Leave - You can’t just cuddle with every girl you sleep with.
      • Roughly - Plow that pussy.
        • Cuddle - Give Clementine some well needed affection.
        • Leave - [if Silly Mode:YOU GO TO THAT CUDDLE OPTION RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME!|else:Clementine’s a strong girl, she’ll be fine.]
    • Blowjob - Put Clementine’s cute little mouth to work on your [cock]. (requires a cock)
      • Let Her Suck - Let Clementine worship your cock. She’s so eager after all.
      • Facefuck - Pound that pretty little mouth.
    • Eat Her Out - Get tongue deep in Clementine’s muff.
    • Fuck Ass - Take at trip downtown with Clementine. (requires a cock)
      • Gently - Take your time with Clementine and show her how fun anal can be.
        • Bath & Cuddle - Help your lamb into the bath and finish it off with a nice cuddle.
        • Leave - You do have places to be.
      • Roughly - Pound this ass.
        • Bath & Cuddle - Calm your trembling lamb with a nice bath before cuddling her to sleep.
        • Leave - Eh, Clementine will be alright.
    • Get Eaten Out - Get your pussy serviced by her sweet tongue. (requires a vagina)
      • Cuddle - Of course!
      • No Cuddle - You do have places to be.
  • Options after shearing:
    • Lap Fuck - Bounce your sheep girl on your cock. (requires a cock)
    • 69 - Exchange some oral loving with Clementine.