Rogue's Ring

From Corruption of Champions II
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Rogue's Ring
Creators Savin
Item Type Attire
Slot Ring
Price 500
Has Special Effect? Yes
Is Unique? Yes
Stack Limit 1
Version Added 0.1.18
Changelog 0.6.29
"Rogue’s Ring now checks only that your armor slot isn’t heavy, rather than for any heavy equipment"
Evasion 5 Ward -
Damage & Resistances
Damage Type Resistances
- Magic 5
The witch I got it from says it helps you hide in plain sight... but only if you don't wear much in the way of armor. Something tells me you'll need it more than I do. Now go on and save the world —



A nondescript silver band set with a strange black gemstone. Lusina the moth-girl gave it to you as a gift, claiming she was given it by a mysterious witch. Supposedly it helps one hide in plain sight, but only if you aren't using any Heavy equipment...

Special Effect: While not wearing Heavy armor, you gain 25% less Threat.

Special Effect

While not wearing any Heavy armor, you gain 25% less Threat.


Given by Lusina during her Camp Encounter, the conditions for said encounter are:

Variant Condition Note
Send Off
  • Has attempted Send Off three times
  • Guaranteed next encounter with her
  • Takes priority vs Regular variant
  • Sexed the moth girl at least 3 times
  • 50% chance to occur in next encounter