Magma Golem

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Magma Golem

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Creator The Observer
Species Elemental
Location Undermountain
Level 6
Health 485
Resolve 204
Strengths The Magma Golem has 3 action points

Engrossed as it is in its task, the magma golem doesn't notice you until you're almost upon it — or maybe it doesn't care until it's just about too late. When it does react, though, it's with a fluid alacrity that's absent in its rocky kin, bringing a molten fist down where you were standing a moment ago and splattering droplets of magma in all directions.

The Magma Golem is an enemy that appears in the Undermountain during The Pale Flame. While they would normally be dealt with by a legion of soldiers and a re-routed aqueduct, you can take a more hands-on approach.

"Yer last option, should ya feel up to it, is that there's news in the minotaur outskirts o' a pretty large molten golem that's done popped up in th' tunnels o' late. Pretty nasty thing, or so I'm hearin' — but if'n ya can crack open that nut an' be bringin' me its molten core, I'll have somethin' extra in it f'r ya. Not that it's goin' to be an easy task, [yer Eminence, but someone as esteemed / but someone as well travelled] as ya oughta have a fair shot at it."


But eventually you come upon your quarry — a vaguely human-shaped mass of molten rock in a sweltering chamber of its own making. Heat rises off it, causing the air to shimmer, and as you watch it presses itself against the far wall of the room, slowly melting a path through the mountain like acid slowly eating through metal. Molten magma slowly drips from its body and puddles in its footsteps, the magical creature absorbing the material it mines through its body and leaving bits of itself in its wake.

To be honest, the magma golem doesn't look too different from the earthen elementals that you've seen plying the undermountain's tunnels, only much hotter and a lot less solid. While not outright amorphous like a slime would be, this thing still manages to dribble and splash all over the place, no doubt the cause of the trail of cooling obsidian it's leaving in its wake.


If The Pale Flame is active, you find a MagmaChamber at the far north-west of the Undermountain, next to the exit to the Windy Peaks. If you enter, you're given a choice as to whether you want to approach.

  • Yes: No time like the present.
  • No: You're not quite ready yet.

If you choose Yes, you do battle with the Magma Golem. If victorious, you claim the Molten Core of the golem to return to Mai. If you're defeated, the Magma Golem collapses a section of the tunnel and flees, leaving you unable to fight it again. If you choose No, you can return make preparations and return later.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Attack Power: 51.0 Spellpower: 51.0
Sexiness: 7.0 Temptation: 17.0
Armor: 82.0 Physical Resist: 39.0
Warding: 32.0 Magic Resist: 12.0
Focus: 17.0 Mental Resist: 24.0
Evasion: 44.0 Acid Resist: -100.0
Blight Resist: 75.0 Fire Resist: 100.0
Frost Resist: -100.0 Penetrating Resist: 25.0
Storm Resist: -25.0 Tease Resist: 50.0
Drug Resist: 100.0 Pheromone Resist: 100.0
Mind Resist: 100.0
N/A N/A stealable - [+]
  • 1000 XP
  • 500 XP

Quest Related

The Pale Flame

Defeating the Magma Golem is one of the options to complete The Pale Flame