The Pale Flame

From Corruption of Champions II
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The Pale Flame
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Nakano
Requirements Completed Meet and Greet
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side
Reward Fire Jade
Location Kurokawa Kitsune Den
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"These here lands are two extremes placed by each other — earth an' fire down below, water an' wind up above. Th' elemental interplay o' th' scenery is what really interests a gal like lil' ol' me, leastways more than the obligations that my predecessors had to survey these lands. Knowing where everythin' is helps a lot with many kinds o' divinin', especially when yer dealin' with folks who ain't as skilled as Miko an' me. That's why I want them shiny rocks..."

If you'd like to continue helping the Kurokawa Kitsune Den, Mai's submitted a vague request for a fetch quest, much to Nakano's chagrin. If you're feeling benevolent you can take it off his plate.

Writer Credit

The Observer

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Nakano about Fire Gem According to Nakano, Mai would like to contribute more to the kitsunes' understanding of the local lay of the land. To that effect, she's looking for certain elementally-infused rocks that may be found in certain locations in and around the Marches in order to better comprehend the geomantic features of what lies underground.

Before beginning, you should probably consult with Mai as to exactly what you're looking for and where you might find it.

1 Talk to Mai about Fire Gems Mai has asked you to retrieve some elementally-infused items to help her better understand the geomantic lay of the land when it comes to the Marches.

These can be found in Undermountain.

[Alternatively, the Temple of Terrestrial Fire may have some. / You turned the Hellhound down, so you'll have to look elsewhere.]

[Instead of gathering the stones, you may instead acquire a Molten Core from the Magma Golem in Northern Undermountain, near the Windy Peaks exit. / The golem has collapsed the tunnel leading to it following its victory. You'll have to complete Mai's request some other way.]

2 Fulfil one of the quest requirements [You have defeated the magma golem and acquired a fire jade. / You have collected all the elementally-infused stones.] You should return to Mai.
3 (complete) Return to Mai One way or the other, you've enabled Mai's studies on the local lay of the land. Let's just hope that she uses this knowledge for good and not mischief.


Once you've completed Meet and Greet, this quest is available in Nakano's Missions menu.


There are three paths to complete this quest. If you want the most rewards for completing the quest, you will need to defeat the Magma Golem to claim its Molten Core. You can confront it at the far north-west of the Undermountain. If you lose the battle, the Magma Golem leaves, preventing you from battling it again.

Otherwise, you can collect the required gems from the Hellhound in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire. If you ask about Fire Gems, she gives you the choice to either Submit and collect the gems from her, or Decline. If you Decline, you'll need to get the gems from Minotaur Miners in the Undermountain.

However you collect the required material, return to Mai once you're done.

Notable Loot & Reward

However you complete the quest, you receive a Fire Jade for delivering the materials. If you deliver the Molten Core from the Magma Golem, she also gives you a Ley-crystal Grenade to thank you for your extra effort.