Minotaur Miners

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Minotaur Miner


Uses the Mino Guard Headshot by Moira
Creator Fleep
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Miner
Location Undermountain
Level 6
Health 350
Resolve 224

"Hey boy/girl, what do you say we give you some of these stones and you empty our balls?" says the one with the deep voice. Then he grabs the handle of his pickaxe with his big callous hand. "Unless you want to refuse and force us to play rough."

Minotaur Miners are a group of miners returning to Khor'minos with a full load of precious minerals. They've been away for a while, and are looking for someone to help sate their pent up frustration. Luckily, you're there. They'll pay you for your time, but they will not be accepting 'no' for an answer.


The metallic noises roar once more as an old wagon comes into sight, being pushed by two minotaurs just as big and burly as the one you saw first. Shiny gemstones flood the cart to the point where not even a pebble would fit, and on top of it all rests the lantern that blinded you, looking way dimmer now that you've gotten used to having some light.


First Encounter

As you're travelling through the Undermountain, you're blinded by the bright light of torches. As your eyes adjust, you see three minotaurs pushing a large cart full of precious minerals. They express that they've been underground for a long time, and it's been a long time since they've emptied their balls. What good fortune it is that they happened upon you. They're happy to compensate you with some stones from their cart for your services.

  • 'Refuse: It seems like they won't take "no" for an answer, so you may have to fight your way out of this one.
  • Accept: You gonna take your fill of minotaur cum and get paid for it? They got themselves a deal.

If you Refuse, you enter combat with the Minotaur Miners. You have the option of taking your satisfaction if you win, and they take their satisfaction if they win. If you Accept, you orally service the three miners and are rewarded with Ashenstone, Blazingstone, or Emberstone, as well as copious amounts of minotaur semen down your throat.

Subsequent Encounters

Subsequent encounters proceed the same way, with the miners facing the same problem and extending the same generous offer.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 51.0 Spellpower: 30.0
Sexiness: 32.0 Temptation: 17.0
Armor: 92.0 Physical Resist: 22.0
Warding: 7.0 Magic Resist: 7.0
Focus: 34.0 Mental Resist: 10.0
Evasion: 7.0 Blight Resist: -75.0
Crushing Resist: -10.0 Penetrating Resist: 25.0
Pheromone Resist: -75.0
  • No Cocks
  • Vaginas
  • All Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • All Cocks
stealable - [+]
  • 500 XP
  • 150 EC

Total Gain Per Encounter

Total Loot


When you encounter the Minotaur Miners, you can Accept to blow the minotaurs and receive a gem in return. If you Refuse and do battle with the miners, you have the following options if you win:

  • Get Fucked: Let them run a train on you.
  • Get Licked: Ass or pussy it doesn't matter. You can make him lick anything right now.
  • Get BJ: (requires penis)
  • Make'em Fuck: You're not gonna participate. If they want to empty their balls so much, why don't they fuck each other? That should teach them a lesson. (requires 50 corruption,
    • No: You lied. Just leave the blue balled minotaur there. That should teach him a lesson. (+2 corruption)
    • Yes: You're gonna make him cum, but you're gonna do it by ravishing his ass not the way he was hoping. (requires penis, +3 corruption)

If you are defeated, the three minotaurs rather vigorously fuck you, one or two at a time. .


You can be impregnated by the miners if you choose Get Fucked or are defeated by them. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Generic Minotaur Pregnancy for more details.