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Meira DCL Bust.png

Meira DCL Nude Bust.png

Meira DCL Nude Cock Bust.png

Busts of Meira by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Species Tanuki
Gender Hermaphrodite
Family Lady Evergreen (mother)
Numerous half-sisters
Location Frostwood
Level 4
Health 280
Resolve 100
Strengths The Tanuki Witch has 2 action points

"We can do the usual — if I beat you, you get fucked and I take your cock and balls if you have any on you. If you manage to beat me, then I'll be so nice as to relinquish a couple of inches to you when you fuck me. That should give you enough of an incentive to keep improving, no?

"Of course, if you're not enthused about this whole game, then I guess I'll just leave out the whole cock theft bit like Mother asked me to. Completely and utterly bo-ring, but I've got to be a good girl, you know?"

The Tanuki Witch is a thief that steals the inches off of cocks and balls from the local Leothrans, and other wanderers, for her and her other sisters to use.


A tall, slender raccoon girl comes into view, stepping out from behind the tree she was peeking out from. There's a faint familiarity to her that you can't quite place at the moment, even if the face is human and not animalistic...


First Encounter

The Champion will first encounter the Tanuki Witch while exploring the Frostwood, in which she notes that her mother had received quite the interesting visitor a while ago. She confirms this when she sniffs the air with her dainty nose, explaining that she was waiting for some nice, virile Leothrans to test her newest incantations on, but that the Champion will have to suffice. The Tanuki codex will also be unlocked if it wasn't already.

Subsequent Encounters

On repeat encounters, the Tanuki Witch will greet the Champion and tells that she has just met and had fun with a bunch of big, manly Leothrans. When the Champion asks if she's not going to do something awful to them and if she can leave them alone this time:

  • If the Champion has a cock:
She will cheerfully decline since the Champion is packing a nice, juicy cock and a pair of family jewels (if applicable)
  • If the Champion does not have a cock:
She contemplates that since the Champion doesn't have some nice family jewels she can coax out of the Champion so she can turn a blind eye and hope for another bunch of Leothran studs. This opens up a Leave option in which the Champion can safely end the encounter without having to fight the Tanuki Witch



Attack Power: 15 Spellpower: 33
Sexiness: 19 Temptation: 5
Armor: 5 Physical Resist: 13
Warding: 9 Magic Resist: 9
Focus: 3 Mental Resist: 11
Evasion: 8

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks




When the Tanuki Witch is defeated for the first time she will lose control and reveal her massive, knotted canine cock and melon-sized balls. She states that she only wanted steal an inch or two of the Champion's cock and a bit of their balls. After listening to her reason, the Champion is given an option and a warning (Do you want to let the tanuki witch alter your cock and ball size during victory or loss sex, and perhaps even remove them altogether?). This option is offered by the Tanuki Witch if the Champion was defeated by her, the deciding factor being which party was the first to lose.

Choosing Yes will have future combat victories/defeats against the Tanuki Witch result in stealing inches off her cock or the Champion's cock respectively. Choosing No will disable the stealing of phallic length.

Victory Sex Options:

  • Balljob - Tanuki have a reputation for their massive balls, and Evergreen and her daughters are no exception.
    Use those 'nuki nuts of hers to get yourself off. (requires a cock)
  • Docking - Pump your seed up into the witch's cock and see how far you
    can inflate her balls. (requires a cock <= 12")
  • Pussy - While you know the 'nuki has nuts, she also presumably has a pussy.
    You want to take it nice and vanilla this time around.
    • Additional variety if the Champion has a pussy or a cock (random if has both bits)
  • Ball Worship - You know she's got a pair of jewels hidden away, huge ones; you want to touch,
    knead and kiss them for all they're worth.

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Defeat Knotting
  • Defeat Oral (written by William)
  • Defeat Tailcunt (must have a Tailcunt)
  • Defeat Frotting (must have a cock > 14")

Should the Champion Leave once victorious, the scene will vary if she was defeated by HP or Resolve loss.

Cock Theft & Growth

Having previously agreed on the stealing of cock and balls, the tables below will show the changes that will occur.

Condition Change
  • If does not have a Cock
  • Grow a 4" to 8" Cock
  • Grow 2 Balls
  • Set Raw Ball Size to 4
  • Libido +5
  • Temporary reduction of 75 Resolve
  • Immediate orgasm
  • If has a Cock
  • Raise each Cock by 2" or until 30"
  • If has Balls:
    • Raise Ball size by 1 or until 50
  • If does not have Balls:
    • Grow 2 Balls
    • Set Raw Ball Size to 4
    • Libido +5
Condition Change
  • If Base Cock Length is < 6
  • If has more than one Cock
  • One Cock is removed
  • If Base Cock Length is < 6
  • If has only one Cock
  • Cock is removed
  • Balls are removed
  • Grow a Vagina
  • If Base Cock Length >= 6
  • Reduce smallest Cock by 2" to 3" or until 4"
  • If has Balls
  • If Ball Size <= 1
  • Balls are removed
  • If has Balls
  • If Ball Size > 1
  • Reduce Ball Size by 1 + [Floor]Ball Size / 10 or until 2


  • The bust of the Tanuki Witch is based on The Rising of the Shield Hero's Raphtalia in the clothes of Touhou Project's Kagerou Imaizumi