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Since August 14, 2020, CoC2 has been available on Steam. As of version 0.6.31, there are currently 81 Steam Achievements.

TODO: find out why the achievements are split into 3 different border colors (Drake says they dont matter much)

Icon Name Description Note Is Hidden?
Tis the season-AchvIcon.png 'Tis the Season View a seasonal event. There is a seasonal events toggle in the settings to view these out of season. No
Arrow p-AchvIcon.png ↓ ↘ → P Receive the Silver Mask from Zo. Complete all of Zo's training. No
Flower love-AchvIcon.png A Flower For Your Love Marry Ahmri. Available after reaching the pure end in Harboring a Fugitive No
Form comfortable-AchvIcon.png A Form You Are Comfortable With Discover River's true identity. Speak with River about 'Seen Before?' after completing the Convocation of Mirrors. Yes
All roads.png All Roads Lead To Enter Khor'minos. Khor'minos can be accessed normally after The Winter City has been cleared. No
Ample bounty-AchvIcon.png An Ample Bounty Visit the Milking Barn in Khor'minos. Khor'minos can be accessed normally after The Winter City has been cleared. No
And my hat-AchvIcon.png And My Hat? Recruit Quintillus. Complete the quest Quintessentials. No
Baby bag-AchvIcon.png Baby Bag Have 32 kits with Kiyoko. This achievement requires 32 kits be born not including Kinu. No
Breed butter-AchvIcon.png Breed and Butter Keep the Cat Harem at your side after saving them from Hirrud Grune. Allow the Cat Harem to stay after completing Missing Meows. No
But i trusted-AchvIcon.png But I Trusted You TBD Tell Kasyrra that you have sold your soul. Must be romantic with Kasyrra, have completed Divine Pussy, and started the quest Redemption. Yes
Cart horse-AchvIcon.png Cart Before The Horse Resolve the centar troupe's living situation. Complete the quest Rehoming the Centaurs. No
Cat got back-AchvIcon.png Cat's Got Your Back Recruit Cait. Speak with Cait after completing the Tutorial No
Champion of frost-AchvIcon.png Champion of Frost Save the Winter City from Kasyrra's clutches. Finish Act One. No
Child support-AchvIcon.png Child Support Upgrade the nursery to its maximum level. See the Hawkethorne Nursery for more information. No
Cloister hoister-AchvIcon.png Cloister Hoister Recover Sorra's Succor for Sanders and the chapel. Complete the quest Getting Into The Closet. No
Coming up-AchvIcon.png Coming Up In The World Accept a noble title from Etheryn. Accept the Wayfort Barony after completing The Winter City No
Daycare-AchvIcon.png Daycare Put a kid in Gwyn's nursery. Unlocked after siring or mothering a non-unique child. No
Deus buzz-AchvIcon.png Deus Buzz Recruit Azyrran. Achieve the pure end during the Land of Milky Honey, then ask Queen Nyzerrah if Azyrran can join you. No
Divine pussy-AchvIcon.png Divine Pussy Build the Temple of Mallach for Cait. Complete the quest Divine Pussy. No
Donut steele-AchvIcon.png Donut Steele Transform away from your original race. N/A No
Duel of wits-AchvIcon.png Duel of Wits Beat Nareva at her own game. Complete the Convocation of Mirrors event. No
Edge of death-AchvIcon.png Edge of Death Revive yourself from death. Fall and revive yourself in combat, whether through an ally or the use of Kaelirra's Tears. No
Elven nature-AchvIcon.png Elven Nature Let Hashat show you a good time as an elf. Have sex with Hashat as an elf. No
Exiled amazon-AchvIcon.png Exiled Amazon Caused Arona to be exiled from the Kervus Tribe. Complete the quest Right of Conquest with Arona having been exiled. Mutually exclusive with Right of Conquest. No
Extra thicc-AchvIcon.png Extra Thicc Turn Cait into a Half-Leothran. Bring Cait with you to the Leothran Village, then speak with her at The Frost Hound. No
Faster than light-AchvIcon.png Faster Than Light Fast travel using The Ways Between. Complete the quest Inheriter of the Idols. No
Flame dear-AchvIcon.png Flame, Dear Flame Conquer the Temple of Terrestrial Fire. Defeat the Flame Knight and Flame Dancer in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire. No
Folded thousand-AchvIcon.png Folded One Thousand Times As a kitsune, equip the swift sword, fluffy scarf, kabuto and lamellar armor all at once. All of these items appear at random in Kohaku's shop. No
What profits-AchvIcon.png For What Profits It A Man Trade in your soul to one of the gods for power and profit. Sell your soul to Keros, Lumia or Nareva. No
Getting a head-AchvIcon.png Getting A Head Recruit Atugia. Atugia will attack the player leaving The Frost Hound on day 5, thinking that the champion was responsible for the events of the Tutorial. After clearing up the confusion, she will ask to help and become recruit-able. Visiting Castle Hawkstone before day 5 will also lead to her recruitment. No
Ghostbusters-AchvIcon.png Ghostbusters Put the spirits of Fort Marrok to rest. Complete the quest Shades of the Past No
Oinari sama-AchvIcon.png Goddess of the Grain Kinu grew up as an Inari Shoujo. See Kinu for more information. Mutually exclusive with Princess Maker. No
Both mommies-AchvIcon.png Guess We'll Both be the Mommies Get Brienne pregnant while you're already pregnant with her kid. Have Brint get you pregnant, complete Mad Cow, and then get Brienne pregnant. No
Gunboat diplomacy-AchvIcon.png Gunboat Diplomacy Fight your way to the end of the Kurokawa kitsune den. Defeat Komari during the quest Den of Foxes. No
Hat trick-AchvIcon.png Hat Trick Have a child with Kiyoko, Miko or Mai, and Rindo. N/A No
Hi mom-AchvIcon.png Hi Mom! Visit Brint/Brienne's childhood home. N/A No
Hoarder-AchvIcon.png Hoarder Obtain more storage space. There are numerous ways to increase storage space during the course of the game, but buying it from Garth is the earliest way. No
Hoshi no tama-AchvIcon.png Hoshi no Tama Pick up the Amulet of Transference. Can be found in the Ruined Shrine in the Old Forest. No
Hot for teacher-AchvIcon.png Hot For Teacher Visit Serena's class in Khor'minos. N/A No
I built this-AchvIcon.png I Built This Obtain maids for the Wayfort. Complete the quest Maids of Wayfort No
Lumberjack-AchvIcon.png I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay Rescue Garret from the logging camp. Complete the quest Dog Days to earn this achievement. No
Learn power-AchvIcon.png Is It Possible To Learn This Power TBD Steal Dragon's Breath. Characters that use it are Kasyrra, Dragon Evelyn and Hydra (1st head). Requires having done the Convocation of Mirrors event and learned Mirror Stance Yes
Kitty cream-AchvIcon.png Kitty's Cream Make Cait lactate. Give Cait a Sweet Cream infused Bovum Sherry. No
Milky honey-AchvIcon.png Land of Milky Honey Restore peace to the vesperian hive. Achieve the pure end during the quest Land of Milky Honey. No
Totally awesome-AchvIcon.png Like, Totally Awesome Permanently bimbofy yourself. Obtained through Bimbo Brew or drinking from Queen Nyzerrah. No
Literacy-AchvIcon.png Literacy Solve a wordlock chest. N/A No
Mareiage-AchvIcon.png Mareiage Marry Atani, chieftain of the marefolk. Available after completing Harboring a Fugitive No
Maximum overmoo-AchvIcon.png Maximum Overmoo Obtain the largest cat chest. Give Cait 16 Sweet Cream infused Bovum Sherry. No
Mofu mofu-AchvIcon.png Mofu Mofu Sell your soul to Keros for fluffy tail. Become a kitsune. No
Moo-AchvIcon.png Moo! Recruit Brienne. Complete Mad Cow. Brint and Brienne are mutually exclusive, and the quest will no longer be attainable once you enter the Khor'minos Outskirts. No
One mans poison-AchvIcon.png One Man's Poison Help Leorah with her venom problem. Complete the quest One Man's Poison. No
Panty thief-AchvIcon.png Panty Thief Steal a pair of panties. You can steal a pair of Berwyn's panties during The Mistress, or a pair of Ryn's panties during the Palace of Ice dungeon. No
Princess maker-AchvIcon.png Princess Maker Kinu grew up as a Kitsune Hime. See Kinu for more information. Mutually exclusive with Goddess of the Grain. No
Pupperidge-AchvIcon.png Pupperidge Farm Remembers Discover Pupperidge Farms. Complete the quest Farmhand's Freeholds. No
Rare value-AchvIcon.png Rare Value Purchase a special deal from Kohaku. Requires completion of Den of Foxes. No
Refused the call-AchvIcon.png Refused the Call Decline to help Cait at the start of the game. N/A Yes
Right of conquest-AchvIcon.png Right of Conquest Help Arona become the chieftain of the Kervus tribe. Complete the quest Right of Conquest with Arona having been made chieftain. Mutually exclusive with Exiled Amazon. No
Say neigh-AchvIcon.png Say Neigh to Demons Purify the centaur village. Achieve the pure end during the quest Harboring a Fugitive. Mutually exclusive with Un-Stable Corruption. No
Specter wyld-AchvIcon.png Specter of the Wyld Help Etheryn put her ancestors to rest. Resolve the Specter of the Wyld event after completing The Winter City. No
Spoils conquest-AchvIcon.png Spoils of Conquest Sire a child with each possible member of the Kervus tribe simultaneously. Get Arona, Hretha, Ragnild, and Infrith pregnant all at the same time. No
Tenkiame-AchvIcon.png Tenkiame Marry Kiyoko. Speak with Komari after freeing Kiyoko from the Amulet of Transference. No
Brawl-AchvIcon.png The Brawl To End Them All Win the bar fight in the orcish warcamp. N/A No
Butcher hawkethorne-AchvIcon.png The Butcher of Hawkethorne Discover Hawkethorne's sordid past. Achieved during the first part of Winter Wolf, in the Glacial Rift. No
The corrupted-AchvIcon.png The Corrupted Reach maximum Corruption. Reach 100 Corruption. No
Great outdoors-AchvIcon.png The Great Outdoors Get involved with Brienne outdoors. Bring Brienne exploring with you; there is a random chance event that grants this achievement. Requires Brienne to be pregnant. No
Mean green-AchvIcon.png The Mean Green Recruit Arona. Speak to Arona after completing the quest Right of Conquest. She must have been made chieftain or exiled. No
The redeemed-AchvIcon.png The Redeemed Become a Champion after being a Dark Knight. Go to 0 corruption after hitting 100 No
Russet rogue-AchvIcon.png The Russet Rogue Your daughter survived an attempt on her life. Listen to Kinu retell the events of The Princess Blade Yes
No chaos-AchvIcon.png There Is No Chaos, There Is Harmony Acquire the Pure Dawnsword. Obtained during High Ground. Mutually exclusive with Through Power, I Gain Victory. No
Theres gold-AchvIcon.png There's Gold Under Them There Mountains Have an audience with the kobold queen beneath the Undermountain. The Undermountain can be accessed normally after The Winter City has been cleared No
Through power-AchvIcon.png Through Power, I Gain Victory Acquire the Corrupt Dawnsword. Obtained during High Ground. Mutually exclusive with There Is No Chaos, There Is Harmony'. No
Time to cook-AchvIcon.png Time to Cook Buy a portable alchemy kit from Ivris. Costs 200 EC. No
To the brim-AchvIcon.png To the Brim Become inundated with fluids. Become filled in all available orifices at once. No
Ugly duckling-AchvIcon.png Ugly Duckling Help Shar move into the ruined tower. Complete the quest Ugly Duckling. Shar can be encountered in the Foothills, east of Hawkethorne. No
Unstable corruption-AchvIcon.png Un-Stable Corruption Corrupt the centaur village. Achieve the corrupt end during the quest Harboring a Fugitive. Mutually exclusive with Say Neigh to Demons. No
Weed whacker-AchvIcon.png Weed Whacker Defeat the Alraune. Decide whether to Dominate or Kill the Alraune in the Old Forest during In Her Footsteps. No
What beef-AchvIcon.png What's Your Beef? Recruit Brint. Brint can be encountered in the Old Forest North of Hawkethorne No
Who are you-AchvIcon.png Who Are You? Change Your Name. Speak to River and buy a name change. No
World 1 dad-AchvIcon.png World's #1 Dad Reunite Cait with her Dad. Complete the quest Cat Call. No
World old profession-AchvIcon.png World's Oldest Profession Offer your services at the Temple of Mallach for a high price. Requires the completion of Divine Pussy. To bring in 60 EC, you can have a combination of a starting sexual perk, being soulbound, having high presence, being pure, having a transformation-based sexual perk, and being a bimbo. Being a baron/ess is also a checkmark. Each checkmark is +5 EC, and baseline is 40? No
Wyn wyn-AchvIcon.png Wyn-Wyn Situation Help Berwyn confront his mistress. Complete the quest The Mistress. No


  • The All Roads Lead To achievement is a reference to the saying 'All roads lead to Rome', as Khor'minos is based on Rome.
  • The Donut Steele achievement is a reference to the game Trials in Tainted Space, by Fenoxo.
  • The Gunboat Diplomacy achievement is a reference to the foreign policy of the same name.
  • The Time to Cook achievement is likely a reference to Breaking Bad.
  • The There Is No Chaos, There Is Harmony and Through Power, I Gain Victory achievements are references to Star Wars.