Amulet of Transference

From Corruption of Champions II
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Amulet of Transference
Am. of Trans.
Author The Observer
Type Attire
Slot Neck
Base Price 0
Additional Information
Spell Penetration 8
Ward 7
Additional Flags Undroppable
Version Added 0.0.29


If the Champion has met Kiyoko:

The amber orb set in this amulet serves as the link between you and Kiyoko's Astral Plane. If you wish to see your kitsune (lover/friend) in your dreams, all you need to do is go to sleep with this item equipped.

If not:

A plain silver amulet with an amber orb set in it. There's a sense of foreboding about it.


Aside from being worn, the amulet can also be used for:

  • Talking to Hinata about the Orb at the Kitsune Camp
  • Talking to Komari about Free Kiyoko
    • Freeing Kiyoko will remove the item
  • Talking to Kurako about the Amulet

Special Effect

Having picked up the amulet, the next time the Champion sleeps, they will meet Kiyoko in their dreams. Once the Champion has met Kiyoko, they must physically equip the item to meet her again.


Within the Ruined Shrine after seeing the Kitsune Mural and being Aroused or Neutral to it.

Quest Related

Den of Foxes

Having the amulet worn or in their inventory will allow the Champion to parley with Komari and saves them from getting bad ended.