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Nearly a year ago, you set off on your own, leaving your former life behind to seek your fortunes on the wild frontier — a year of traveling, exploring, fighting, and surviving alone. You've earned yourself a little coin in your travels, enough to book passage to the furthest reaches of the known world: the Frost Marches.

Welcome to Corruption of Champions 2! We hope you're ready to hit the ground running, because a Marethian demon has been unleashed on this post-apocalyptic world and you're apparently the only one who can stop her.

Getting Started

So you're fresh out of Character Creation and have been dumped in the Frost Hound with the small task of saving Savarra. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

  • Shops in Hawkethorne are available right away, so you can upgrade your starting equipment and dump any items you don't need. The way the game is set up, the generic equipment you pick up here will be usable for the rest of the game. And you do want to upgrade your Comfortable Clothes and fill out your equipment slots, it's difficult to save the world in a t-shirt.
  • There are two powerful companions available on Day 1, Cait in the Frost Hound and Brint at the entrance to the Old Forest. Don't go adventuring without a full party.
  • Transformations are a major part of the franchise, and this game has a helpful system to keep from needing to save-scum. For a small fee, Ivris can set you up with reagents to localise transformative items, so you can get the body parts you're looking for.
  • The game encourages a healthy sleep cycle. As you level up, you get timed sleeping bonuses that reset once you get your eight hours, and there are various events that can only take place when you're back at home base.
  • You have storage at the tavern, and there are opportunities in the world to increase it. Garth might be selling a small chest, for example. You won't have enough room to keep every unique item you find though, so prioritise.
  • The areas from easiest to hardest are ordered something like: Old Forest, Harvest Valley (North), Foothills, Harvest Valley (South), Frostwood, Glacial Rift, Undermountain. It doesn't really matter what order you hit the starting areas in, though a little red skull in the map interface will let you know if the game thinks you should be a higher level.
  • Hostile areas such as above have bosses or boss quests, and disposing of them make it easier to Explore without being swarmed by enemies. They will be bolded in the area encounters.
  • You can unlock the Ways Between (fast travel) in the area just past the Old Forest. Hint hint.
  • If you're having trouble winning battles, there are a few things you can do. You can use the Sense action, you can level up, or you can switch out your abilities, equipment, or companions. Failing all that, you can just change the difficulty to Story.
  • Use Trail Rations daily to give yourself the Well Fed status. You regenerate half the health you lose during a fight, and Well Fed doubles that, so you'll get full regen post-battle, as long as you don't flee combat.
  • And finally, read. We on the Wiki, Forums, and Discord (link available in blog posts) are happy to answer your questions. However, most questions are also answered in the text if you'd like to save yourself some time.

Builds and Optimisation

Because this game isn't about smut, it's about metagaming the strongest build possible. Or at least getting an edge on the battle that's giving you trouble.

  • Generally speaking, you want to pick three main stats and stick with those. Your class will give you recommendations, and you can read how combat works in the Codex. Once you're set with the basics, you can mix and match, see what happens when you give your Warrior some Willpower.
  • Garth sells stat boons for a small amount of electrum. You can use that to boost a fourth stat of yours for 24 hours, just make sure you keep coming back to the bar.
  • Trainers are available on-hand to teach you abilities from different classes. Garth (Warrior/Thief), Ivris (Black Mage), River (Charmer), Brother Sanders (White Mage), and Leorah (assorted ranged abilities) will be happy to instruct you for a modest fee.
  • It's worth experimenting. Resetting your attribute increases, learning new talents, even changing class is all affordable. So don't feel like you're stuck as a White Mage because that's what you started at.


The platform from which your great heroism (or villainy) will be launched. While you will later pick up allies, resources, and fortifications, it all starts here.

  • Potential Companions
  • Locations
    • Abandoned Temple: It's in bad shape after the tutorial, but progress through the game and someone will take interest in the real estate soon enough.
    • Castle Hawkstone: The Baroness lives in a crumbling wreck of a castle overlooking the town. She keeps to herself, but may be available if you seek an audience with her.
    • Chapel of Velun: Brother Sanders runs the chapel, and can be reached during visiting hours for healing, blessing, or just friendly conversation.
    • The Frost Hound: Like any RPG, you'll find everything you need in the trusty tavern. Garth is at the bar to hand out quests, your companions will be chilling here when they're not adventuring with you, and don't forget the motley assortment of guests.
    • Hawkethorne Gym: Look, you know you can't save the world without first getting those gains. Garth will have it fixed up before long so you can pump some iron.
    • Hawkethorne Nursery: Out behind the tavern, Garth's daughter Gwyn has opened a nursery where you can leave your children while you're saving the world. It's not much to look at now but she is accepting donations.
    • River: If you want to change your name or title, the catfolk bard in the town square will run from door to door across the Frost Marches to make it happen.

Old Forest

The recommended starting area. With the recent goings on, the forest has become a lot less friendly, and a lot more filled with people who want to 'victory sex' you. (Level 1)

  • Potential Companions
    • Brint is at the entrance to the forest and can be recruited upon meeting him.
    • Azyrran is to the north, just before the Wayfort. She might be willing to join you after the corruption in her hive is dealt with.
    • Viviane can be recruited for a science experiment with Succubus Milk once you have some. It's dangerous material, and Viv might need a heads up about what she's dealing with. Or not...
  • Mobs
    • Corrupted Lupines: A nice group of wolf-men who just want to take you home and meet their friends. (Post-the Alraune)
    • Effigies: Sexually aggressive plants roam the forest looking for friends to play with, and have information on the corruption plaguing the forest.
    • Eryka: A paladin of Velun has been waylaid after an encounter with Kasyrra and could use some help. (Day 3+)
    • Forest Kitsune: A trio of wildlings have been trapped in the forest and are desperate for sustenance. They can be friend or foe, depending on whether you're willing to help. (Level 2+)
    • Hornets: Giggly hornet bimbos set on egging you. They may stop being so aggressive if you take steps to address the corruption.
      • Hive Knights: Once you've cleared Land of Milky Honey, the hornets are replaced with knights. Their purity or corruption depends on your actions during the quest.
    • Ninian: A feisty yet ultimately harmless fairy who wants to rob you. Talk to him and you may be able to convince him to give up his thieving ways.
    • Painted Demon: After defeating Winter City, they start appearing in the world. They're seeking out travellers to waylay and turn into more demons like them. (Act 2)
    • Valkyrie Hunts: Once you've completed Shadows Over the Sun, you can join valkyries hunting a Cave Bear or Frost Elk.
    • Wolves: Unusually aggressive wolves who want your food.
    • Wyld Elf Band: Drunken revellers looking for new friends. They're happy to welcome you into their merriment, though who tops or bottoms depends on a friendly sparring match.
  • Encounters
    • Alraune: Deep in the forest, the mother of the effigies receives fertilisation from those unfortunate enough to be captured by her daughters. See In Her Footsteps.
    • Drifa: A young lay priestess from town who's set out to try and rescue the Corrupted Lupines. You can stumble across her and intercede before she gets into trouble. (Act 2)
    • Dryads: Grainne is stealthily following you around the forest, and may introduce you to her sisters/guardians Doireann and Orlaith.
    • Elf Boy: A young man with a horse cock that needs attention.
    • Fountain Goddess: A fountain statue that bestows purity and boons.
    • Kitsune Camp: If you help the Forest Kitsune you can be invited to their camp to sleep over.
    • Ruined Shrine: A mysterious shrine deep in the forest. Solve gem puzzles for some loot and an amulet belonging to a mysterious kitsune who may visit you in your dreams.
    • Sugo: A pretty boy centaur has gotten himself stuck and needs a hand getting free.
    • Witch Set: A set of clothes just waiting for someone to pick them up. If you keep the clothes, their owner may take an interest in you.
      • Viviane: A forest witch who can sell you some interesting magic items, teach you how to summon a wolf, and help your companions accessorise.
  • Quests and Events
    • Be Witched: You need a magical expert crazy enough to work with corrupted materials. Viviane is up for it, but be careful with exposing her to demonic essence.
    • Convocation of Mirrors: A very large and intimidating woman, Sigrune, is guarding an archway. You will probably need to come back at a higher level to get past her.
    • Dog Days: Garth's son, Garret, has gone missing while investigating loggers trapped in a logging camp. Insert yourself into the situation to resolve it peacefully - or not.
    • I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost: One of your companions wants help fighting ghosts. Viviane might be able to help.
    • In Her Footsteps: Kasyrra has flown north, and you will need to fight through her servant the Alraune to follow (bring fire!). After the battle you can end the source of the forest's corruption... or bend her to your will.
    • Land of Milky Honey: Something is causing the hornets to attack and egg random travellers. Once you've defeated the Alraune, Azyrran can recruit you to help rescue her hive from the grip of corruption.

Ruined Wayfort (Act 1)

It's not much to look at now, but a large, somewhat intact fort in need of an owner may be of interest to you in the future...

  • Potential Companions
    • Etheryn has been left hanging around by Kasyrra and is in quite the predicament. She can be recruited as soon as you rescue her.

Note: I strongly recommend peaking your head through into the Frostwood as soon as possible so you can pick up fast travel and progress Cat Call. Fast travel is very helpful.

Harvest Valley

The farming valley is in trouble as well. Cultists are running amok, and the valley's peaceful inhabitants are fleeing, disappearing, or are no longer peaceful.


Things are honestly pretty dire, and this is the easy zone. Travel around thwarting the activities of the Cult and rescuing the few residents that remain. (Level 1)

  • Potential Companions
    • Quintillus is wanted by the cult and needs a friend. In return he can provide information and direct assistance in thwarting Master Tollus's machinations.
  • Mobs
    • Centaur Pack: A group of centaur raiders led by a visibly corrupted packleader. End enough packleaders and they might not show up as often.
    • Crazy Horse: A crazed marefolk male only interested in rutting anyone he comes across.
    • Cultist Evangelist and Cultists: Have you accepted Master Tollus into your heart? No is not an option.
    • Lupine Scouts: A pair of lupines who are looking for some action and don't particularly care about consent. An unfortunate by-product of the cultists doing something to the water.
    • Marefolk Shaman: She needs sexual energy to power her magic and she's not asking either. Seems to be a running theme.
    • Painted Demon: After defeating Winter City, they start appearing in the world. They're seeking out travellers to waylay and turn into more demons like them. (Act 2)
    • Sariel: A ranger who's fallen afoul of a cursed butt plug. Once you've sated her needs a few time you may be able to help her. Available in all areas of Harvest Valley. (Level 4+)
  • Encounters
    • Ahmri: A centaur princess is fleeing her village and is being chased by centaurs with impure intentions. Can happen in any area of the valley.
    • Clementine: A chatty sheepfolk being accosted by a Crazy Horse, rescue her to get another NPC in Hawkethorne.
    • Dragon Lair: Kaina sends you here to check on her auntie. Depending on how you resolve A Teatime For Dragons, can become Evelyn's new home.
    • Pupperidge Farm: A farm run by friends of Garth's family. You can visit to do various farm-related activities with the owners Anna and Morwen, and the many cow-girls including Gloria and Lucia.
    • Tainted Witch and Cultists: Cultists are set up at the river, forcing anyone who wants to cross to pay the toll. The toll is being violated and/or forcibly indoctrinated into the cult.
    • Zo: A lupine monk with a lot of content including training and dirty hand gestures, as long as you rescue her from a Centaur Pack. (Level 3+)


It's more dangerous here, but here you'll be able to get to the heart of the Marefolk and Centaur conflict and help resolve things. Also, there's a set of armour that might fit one of your companions, but save first just in case. (Level 3)

  • Mobs
    • Centaur Pack: Higher level than the ones in the north, but not any nicer.
    • Crazy Horse: Same as the Centaur Pack; higher level, just as mean.
    • Gnoll Raiders: Nasty brutes who nobody likes.
    • Hashat: A half-marefolk warrior looking for a good fight and an elf-wife to bully. Nice enough to take 'no' for an answer.
    • Lusina: Stand and deliver, your money or a fuck. Might be open to moving to the Marefolk Village once you've met her a few times and calmed the region.
    • Mushroom Druidess: A voluptuous mushroom-lady looking for a strong host to bear her spores. You might say she puts the fun in fungus.
    • Painted Demon: After defeating Winter City, they start appearing in the world. They're seeking out travellers to waylay and turn into more demons like them. (Act 2)
    • Sariel: A ranger who's fallen afoul of a cursed butt plug. Once you've sated her needs a few times, you may be able to help her. Available in all areas of Harvest Valley. (Level 4+)
    • Slime Siblings: Some friendly slimes near the lake. Their 'victory sex' consists of a hug.
  • Encounters
    • Ahmri: A centaur princess is fleeing her village and is being chased by centaurs with impure intentions. Can happen in any area of the valley.
    • Valencia: This bratty manticore will appear first in the Frostwood, and then in the Old Forest, before settling here. As long as you help her, that is...
  • Quests and Events
    • Harboring a Fugitive: Once you've rescued Ahmri, travel to the Marefolk Village to prepare to settle things once and for all.
    • Mad Cow: In a magical cave, you find a set of armour that could have dramatic side-effects. Definitely save first.


Bandits and harpies and orcs, oh my! This route will eventually lead to Khor'minos and the Undermountain, but you have plenty to deal with as things are. (Level 2)

  • Potential Companions
    • You can repeatedly beat down Arona and her warband to convince her to follow you. Then again, losing will get you to follow her a lot quicker...
  • Mobs
    • Berwyn: The half-lupine summoner needs someone to practice his summoning against. You'll do, at least until you help him out with something.
    • Byvernia: Once you reach a certain point, this wyvern-hunter will show up in the Foothills to start hunting you. (Level 4+)
    • Harpies: A group of Harpy Thieves, potentially led by a Harpy Enforcer and Harpy Wingleader. Looking for coin or seed, preferably both.
    • Manticore Girl: An imposing bat-cat-scorpion lady who promises she'll be gentle if you surrender to her. She's lying. (Level 2+)
    • Marked Mercenary Band: A mercenary company hired to protect the roads has turned to banditry. Looks like they're your problem now.
      • Lieutenant Jen: The second-in-command who is searching for their charismatic leader to help restore order to the company, but also won't stop attacking you.
    • Orcs: There are a lot of them.
      • Arona: She and her amazons are looking for a good fight and a good fuck, whether you like it or not. (Level 3+)
      • Grettel: Another orc shows up to make sure you're not missing out on menacing orc women after dealing with Arona.
      • Vaush: He'd rather be drinking or smoking, but his friends made him join a raiding party and try to beat your face in instead. He might be more agreeable if you can meet him on his own.
    • Painted Demon: After defeating Winter City, they start appearing in the world. They're seeking out travellers to waylay and turn into more demons like them. (Act 2)
    • Wyvern Girl: As you might suspect, this is how you obtain Wyvern Venom. Either milked into a bottle or directly applied to your person.
  • Encounters
    • Alante: A centaur warrior you meet fighting a troll. Serves as a preview for upcoming Khor'minos content.
    • Captain Fenraus: Captain Fenraus and his Chargers are guarding the entrance to the Undermountain. The only way through is to impress them with your other deeds, or by force.
    • Harpy Matron: She sics her children on you when you first enter the region, and seems like she'll be involved if you ever need to deal with the harpy problem.
    • Ihzalti: A reclusive drider hiding from all the harpies and orcs going around. May let you play with her pet mouse.
    • Sexy Statues: Statues you can fuck. You know, if that's your thing.
    • Shar: Unlike her sisters, this harpy just wants help getting into a tower. You won't let her go alone will you?
  • Settlements
  • Quests and Events
    • Missing Meows: A rather unlikeable gentleman, Hirrud, has misplaced his harem and would like you to go find them. You can decide whether to return them, keep them for yourself, or set them free.
    • The Mistress: Berwyn's worried about what his mistress is up to and needs your help going to her tower to confront her.
    • Right of Conquest: Arona is tired of how her brother is running things and needs her trusty top/bottom to back her up when she challenges him. One way or another, the orcs won't be a danger to Hawkethorne once you're done.
      • Blacksmith's New Clothes: Ragnild is a delicate orcish maiden in need of something she can't get from her own people. Take her out on the town and bond over how you both think slavery is bad.
    • Shades of the Past: Garth wants your help retrieving a medallion from an abandoned fort. Unfortunately, the fort is haunted. Maybe you'll need some back up!
    • Ugly Duckling: It's another quest where you're visiting a magician's tower. Except this time you're helping Shar.


You're following the yellow brick road to the Winter City, but there are a few roadblocks on the way as well as some powerful potential allies - or foes. Clear Winter City to make the area a little safer to Explore. (Level 4)

  • Potential Companions
    • It's probably been a while since you picked up Kiyoko's amulet from the Old Forest, but taking a job from Lady Evergreen will give you the opportunity to add her to your team.
  • Mobs
    • Drider Queen: This giant spider-lady is looking for a strong vessel to carry her eggs. Hope you like ovipositors.
    • Frostwood Kitsune: A rotating cast of soulsuckers looking for a feed. They might stop pushing the issue if you can find a way to climb kitsune society though.
    • Goblin Succubus: A demonic shortstack who shows up after you clear Winter City. Skilled in hypnosiss and mind magic, seeking thralls.
    • Imps: A classic CoC enemy, back again to be generally nasty little things.
    • Kurako: She's a sneaky fox-ninja who wants to have some fun and nibble on your life essence. She'll probably get tired of fighting you if you keep beating her.
    • Meira: One of Lady Evergreen's daughters is causing trouble stealing inches off of people's dicks. Of course, that means she has plenty to give you if you agree to play her game.
    • Painted Demon: After defeating Winter City, they start appearing in the world. They're seeking out travellers to waylay and turn into more demons like them. (Act 2)
    • Valkyrie Hunts: Once you've completed Shadows Over the Sun, you can join valkyries hunting a Cave Bear or Frost Elk.
  • Encounters
    • Frost Pupper: Explore the middle region enough and you'll stumble across a very good girl looking for someone to hold the leash.
    • Gytha: A random guard protecting the entrance to the Winter City. Once you've cleared Winter City, she becomes a roaming Frostwood encounter as she searches for Queen Alissa.
    • Hatsumomo: Sometimes a kitsune lumberjack needs to take a break from handling wood to handle your wood. Or whatever your genital configuration is.
    • Lyla: After resolving Winter City, you'll find a warrior who's had a run-in with some demons and is looking for revenge. Of course, she could always take some time off to bully you.
    • Sleepy Snake: You know how it goes, you have sex with a sleepy naga who needs help keeping warm and she starts following you around.
    • Temple of Terrestrial Fire: On the far east of the map, a ferocious Hellhound guards the secrets of this ancient temple. Contains powerful fire spirits for you to bind, as well as a new fire-based set for a companion of yours.
    • Vari: A friendly lady inviting you back to a gangbang village. Don't worry, it's a lot friendlier than the other gangbang village.
      • Liresh & Syrish: Half-Leothran troublemaking twins with knowledge of alchemy. Bring Cait along for extra content and the possibility of a TF for the pretty kitty.
  • Settlements
    • Kurokawa Kitsune Den: The home base for kitsune colonials in the Frost Marches. Content as far as the eye can see, as long as you don't mind wet fur smell.
    • Oxana's Mansion: Just beyond the wayfort, Lady Evergreen lives with her daughters and wards and provides a number of helpful services.

Winter City

Act 1

Steel your will, gather your strongest companions, and travel forth into the brink. (Level 5)

  • Quests and Events
    • In Her Footsteps: It's time to face your destiny and confront Kasyrra's vile schemes... you are here to confront her, right? Either way, this is the end of Act 1.

Act 2

Brand new elfy content for you, now that you've cleared the palace and become a figure of note in this insular society.

  • Locations
  • Quests and Events
    • The Demon of Ice: Now that Etheryn is regent, she needs to bring the fallen Queen Alissa in to face justice so she can ascend to the throne.
    • Redemption: During the events of the Winter City, if you're Romantic with Kasyrra she'll give you the directions to her new pad where you can pick up a new quest for the demoness.
    • Specter of the Wyld: Learn more about the ancient schism dividing the Boreal Elves and the troubled history of the crown. A special adventure with your elven friends.
    • The Wyld Hunt: If you accept an offer of higher station in the Winter City, you'll be asked to look into a personal matter pertaining to a figure from Etheryn's past.

Wayfort (Act 2+)

You're moving up in the world! To turn the Wayfort into your very own fortress, you need someone to facilitate repairs. The Winter City will offer you a barony and assistance overhauling the crumbling ruin, or you can use the resources of someone less trustworthy as long as you kept them around. Be careful about who you invite to stay though, too many corrupted neighbours might lower the property values.

  • Potential Companions
    • Agnimitra: Once you've cleared Winter City, an Old Woman appears in the Wayfort who may be more than she seems.
  • Stewards
    • Bailiff Daliza: If you become a Marcher-Baron, Daliza will be here to enforce your will and generally do the boring parts of owning a barony.
    • Farrah: If allowed to stay, the catfolk-turned-demon has some goods and services available to you and can use her mercantile wiles to get things done.
    • Jael'yn: If you send Jael'yn to the Wayfort, the Alraune or Farrah fuck out what's left of her soul and she starts a tavern.
  • Quests
    • A Dragon in the Roost: Get a little closer with your draconic squatter. Once you're in good with her, she might be willing to ask you for help with something.
    • Vision Quest: The drunken rambling harpy may or may not have an important lead for you to follow.
    • Wayfort Renovations: Time to give your crumbling ruin a makeover. First, you'll need one of the Stewards and 2500 EC.

Glacial Rift

Something's amiss in the Rift. You'll meet interesting people (who hate you), travel inhospitable wastes (pursued by people who hate you), and try to resolve a conflict that's been brewing for centuries (which will be difficult because everyone hates you). Luckily there's an old 'friend' of Hawkethorne to help you out. (Level 5)

  • Mobs
    • Avanai Rider: A flying sorcerer who rides a roc and is mad at the elves (and by extension you).
    • Demon Cultists: Everyone Tollus pressganged into the cult now has demonic powers.
    • Jotuns: Big frost giants who are mad at the elves (and by extension you).
    • Liulfr: A half-jotun, half-lupine man with a very close relationship with his horse. Initially hostile, but softens up (eventually) if you get intimate with him.
    • Selkies: Friendly seal-people who are mad at the elves (and by extension you).
    • Siorcanna: Hierarchical sharks who don't really have a problem with the elves, they just want to fight you because you're there.
    • Valkyrie Hunts: Once you've completed Shadows Over the Sun, you can join valkyries hunting an Ice Troll or Walrus.
    • Wraith Chimera: Did you know wraith-touched can besurprisingly maternal?
  • Encounters
    • Frozen Kobold: A helpless little kobold looking for a good meal and your body heat.
    • Frozen Tower: The icy counterpart to the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, and a good place to get a new set for Brint and camp for the night.
    • Kaina: Dragons! Kinda! We have kind of a dragon! Find her to the west of the Rift.
    • Gweyr: A lupine lady with a grudge against Master Tollus and a lot of backstory.
    • Imora: Just a friendly siorcanna shaman and tattooist who's happy to help out.


Once you're the Champion of Frost (or beat up some minotaurs), you can make your way under the mountain. Things are pretty dire though; the minotaurs are under assault from an army of imps and have retreated into the city. So that just leaves you, the imps, and anyone else you can find to help you. (Level 6+)

  • Mobs
    • Batfolk Muggers: Once you go bat, you don't go back.
      • Nocturna: Mess with the little bats enough, and the big bat will show up looking for a piece of you.
    • Earth Elemental: A tough wandering miniboss that's looking for something.
    • Hobgoblins: These mino/goblin hybrids are struggling to get by. They'll accept money to let you pass, but have a grudge against Minotaurs.
    • Imps: They're levelled up and ready to party with your various orifices. After the bridge ambush they're better equipped than usual, though there may be something you can do about that.
    • Kobolds: Little roguish blighters who want your metal. If you have Lyric with you they'll suggest a nonviolent method of acquiring it.
    • Minotaur Miners: Big beefy boys looking to blow off some steam. They drop some gemstones if you go along willingly or beat them in a fight.
    • Sandre & Caera: A nice demon couple who just want to beat you down and fuck you until your soul comes out. Can be removed from the encounter table by repeatedly defeating them.
  • Encounters
    • Imp Horde: As you travel to Khor'minos, you're swarmed by a tremendous number of imps. Luckily a Champion and the forces she leads arrive in time to intercede.
    • Kobold Queen: After you've beaten the kobolds up a few times (or Lyric's negotiated a peaceful resolution), the Kobold Queen will extend an invitation.
    • Legionnaire Escort: Once you've stopped the smugglers in The Siege of Khor'minos, you can encounter legion patrols and pay them to escort you to key locations in the Undermountain you've visited already.
    • Livernus: The friendly boatman can take you where you need to go on the water.
    • Nihara: Part elemental, part goo, part cat, part big sister. The water wyrd is dependant on fluid intake to survive, allowing you to purify or taint her.
      • Tiran Temple: You can access the temple without Nihara's help, but if you go with Nihara she can get you into the catacombs where all the good loot is kept.


After struggling through the Undermountain, you make it to Khor'minos, the most populous city this side of Savarra. Shame about the demonic invasion though, maybe you can help with that.


  • Shops
    • Ambra: Hanging out by the Waystone is a bottom-heavy catfolk with a distinctive vocal tic. Where have you heard that before? She certainly has a wide variety of goods to purchase.
    • Marilla: Marilla the latex googirl farmer has latex clothing for purchase. Or if you prefer you can just hang out with the googirls.
    • Nash: A shady fellow in a shack, advertised by a sign that simply says 'Nash', and selling very expensive corrupt transformatives.

Main Street