Divine Pussy

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Divine Pussy
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Cait
Requirements Completed Cat Call
Level Range 4+
Quest Type Companion
Reward Unlocks Temple of Mallach content
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No, but can be rejected

"I've been thinking. Ever since we lost Calla that night, in fact. I... I want to build a temple here in the Marches!"

Writer Credit

The Observer

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Cait and Salwah,
agree to Help Them
Cait's explained her intentions of setting up a temple to Mallach, right on the site of the ruins where her sister was kidnapped. There's a lot to be done to make her dream a reality, but your first step is to visit the baroness up at Castle Hawkestone and seek her permission to use the land.
1 Talk to The Baroness about Temple After consultation with the Baroness, she's agreed to let Cait build her temple. However, it's best to survey the site first and make sure it's safe for settling down on. Bringing Cait and her father to the ruins of the old temple where this all began should give the two of them a good sense of what's up with the place to begin with, and why it's attracted so many crazies over the years.

You should probably speak to Barnaphous to see what he has to say about the matter of his daughter's ambitions.

2 Talk to Barney about Temple Barnaphous has agreed to survey the site of Cait's new temple with you; speak with him again after you've made preparations. It's likely that there will be some danger involved in stabilising any residue from what happened on the night of the blizzard, so you ought to be prepared for combat.
3 Last 10 rounds in the temple battle Now that you've stabilised the remnants of the portal that Kasyrra came through, Cait can start refurbishing the ruined temple to her own ends without worrying about it exploding all over her.

Given that Garth's the person to speak to when it comes to construction projects about town, you should discuss the matter of the temple with him.

4 Talk to Garth about Temple Garth's ready to supply the men and materials needed to refurbish the old temple into something more suitable for Cait's purposes, but these things don't come for free; while everyone involved has agreed to work at cost as a sign of gratitude for what you've done for the village, it's still going to put you out of five thousand hawks.

Return to Garth once you've amassed the funding required to get the job under way.

5 Pay Garth 5000 EC You've coughed up the money Garth needs to get the temple construction underway. There's nothing left for you now but to enjoy the fruits of your labor when the time comes.
Wait 10 days The temple should be complete at this point. All that's left is to head on down and see the results of your handiwork.


It seems that, once again, Cait's come looking to you not just for mundane help, but for your support. If you do help her build this temple, Cait will be more-or-less tied down to the Marches, and to Mallach's service, for years to come.

Once you complete Cat Call, Salwah will appear in The Frost Hound. After Cait and Salwah reunite, Cait will mention she has something to talk about with the two of you once Salwah's had a little time to settle in.

The next time you speak to Salwah (in the Guests tab), Cait will announce her plan. She wants to turn the Abandoned Temple into a Temple of Mallach here in the Frost Marches, and needs your help to do it. If you choose to Help Them you acquire the quest.

  • Help Them: You could definitely see yourself helping to found a new Temple of Mallach here in the Marches. If nothing else, it'll give Cait a new home away from home, and a reason to stick around for the long term.
  • No Thanks: You aren't interested in a temple to the god of lust springing up right next to town, here.

No Thanks

If you choose No Thanks, you tell Cait you aren't interested in having the politics and backstabbing that could come with an organised clergy this close to Hawkethorne. Salwah chimes in that this is too much for members of the clergy as junior as her and Cait to take on. Cait is disappointed, but agrees to drop it. The quest is never added to the Quest Log so it will not appear as a failed quest.


The first step is to head up to Castle Hawkstone with Cait to approach The Baroness about building a Temple of Mallach where the Abandoned Temple stands. Baroness Reverra is initially against the idea of building a house for sacred harlots, but is convinced by Cait's arguments about having a place prepared for Calla's return, and to have an organised group occupying the space to keep cultists like Master Tollus from returning in future. Her conditions are that Cait keeps the church's more lascivious activities contained, that you and Cait find a way to finance and build the temple without her resources, and find some way to neutralise whatever it is that keeps attracting nefarious groups.

Next, you need to approach Barney (through Cait's menu at The Frost Hound) to head up to the Abandoned Temple with you, Cait, and your party to survey the area. When there, you discover nascent magic emanating from an overloading magical conduit. Barney is able to stabilise it, but needs you and your party to protect him while he works. When you're ready, Cait and Salwah perform a magical ritual to conjure a circle of protection while Barney performs his experiments. The Unstable Elementals erupting from the conduit are able to overwhelm their spell, forcing you to hold the hostile forces off so Barney can complete his work.

The Elementals are immune to physical damage, respawn without limit for the duration of the battle, and use Detonate to explode if left unchecked. To complete the battle you need to survive for 10 turns, using magical or resolve damage to clear the elementals. It's recommended you also bring healing to increase your survivability. If you lose the battle, Cait will stop the ritual, banishing the elementals but leaving the nascent magic unresolved. You will not be able to progress the quest until you succeed.

Once that's done, the last step is to talk to Garth about having the temple constructed. He will ask for 5000 EC, which combined with The Baroness's discreet contributions and Barney's expertise will be enough to build the Temple of Mallach at cost. Once you turn in the money, all that's left to do is wait 10 days for construction to be completed.


The Temple of Mallach will be constructed where the Abandoned Temple once stood. Cait is ecstatic about having an opportunity to practice her faith away from the politics of the temples in Jassira and will be bound to the Frost Marches after the events of the game, Salwah will run the temple and have extra services available to you, and new characters will be showing up to staff the temple and serve the people of Hawkethorne and the Frost Marches. In exchange for reasonable tithes, of course. Barney will also be able to use parts of the temple as a base to study the portal in the hopes of unlocking its secrets and bringing Calla home. You'll be getting a dream visit from someone grateful to you as well.