Unstable Elementals

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Unstable Elemental


Headshot of an Unstable Elemental by Moira
Creator The Observer
Species Elemental
Location Abandoned Temple
Level 4
Health 250
Resolve 170

Barney looks contemplative, scratching his beardy chin. "Oh, I believe I can, but I'll need to take some more readings, assess the aetheric situation further. It's quite possible that the energies will lash back in some fashion if we try to stabilise them, so both you and I will need to account for that. Caitriss, I do think I'll need the assistance of that junior of yours after all. If you feel you're ready for a fight, I can try to stabilise the area now."

The Unstable Elementals are creatures born from the wild magic present in the Abandoned Temple, which form and attack if Barney tries to stabilise the magic conduit at the heart of it.


As power gathers and congeals into more of those amorphous, spectral masses of crackling magical energy, [comp2.name] and you step forward to hold the line even as Cait and Salwah retreat, the former to your side, the latter behind Barney.


First Encounter

The Unstable Elemental appear when Barney tries to stabilise the power conduit in the Abandoned Temple during the events of Divine Pussy. They swarm and attack chaotically, forcing you and your companions to hold them off Barney as he works. You need to survive 10 turns against the respawning enemies, and if successful they will be sealed away. Otherwise, you and your allies are driven away, the elementals ceasing to spawn as Barney abandons his work. They will continue appearing at the Abandoned Temple until you successfully complete the battle.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 21.0 Spellpower: 45.0
Sexiness: 5.0 Temptation: 7.0
Armor: 7.0 Physical Resist: 7.0
Warding: 15.0 Magic Resist: 15.0
Focus: 15.0 Mental Resist: 22.0
Evasion: 11.0 Crushing Resist: 100.0
Penetrating Resist: 100.0 Tease Resist: -100.0
Drug Resist: 100.0
  • All Cocks
  • All Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
N/A stealable - [+]
  • 300 XP

Quest Related

Divine Pussy

The Unstable Elementals appear as you try to stabilise the Abandoned Temple, forcing you to defend Barney as he works.