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Bust of Nash by DCLzexon
Creator Wsan
Species Lupine
Gender Male
Occupation Merchant
Location Khor'minos Outskirts

You wander off the beaten path, following the direction on the posted sign. It leads you to a shack in approximately the middle of nowhere — more exactly, it looks like a farmer's storehouse. There's even another scrawled sign out the front, laid against the door.

"Nash's Service"

Nash is a perfectly legitimate merchant and the esteemed proprietor of Nash's Service. He's an affable fellow, befitting a merchant, and claims that his stock originates from the bowels of the underworld, retrieved at great personal risk so as to be available for you to purchase today.


He's a tall, black-furred man with a spring in his step and a friendly smile, dressed in comfortable-looking clothing.


First Encounter

Following a handwritten sign that just says "Nash", you travel down a path to a shack, with another handwritten sign. As you're about to leave, Nash appears and introduces himself. If you'll just come downstairs, you can peruse his goods available for purchase.

Subsequent Encounters

"You wound me," Nash says, feigning sorrow. "Alas, but the danger involved in procuring these goods more than justifies the prices. They come from the underbelly of the civilized world, after all."

As a hardworking small business owner, Nash is on-hand to personally greet visitors at all hours. His prices are on the steep side, which you can bring up with him, but he assures you that he is a trustworthy and honourable man who definitely isn't scamming you.

  • Shop: Check out his wares.
  • Prices: These prices... (requires having checked his shop, one-time)
  • Leave: Leave the lupine merchant to himself.


"What do you sell?" you say.

"All sorts of ill-gotten gains. Transformatives, drugs, weapons," he says, spreading his arms. "I guarantee you won't find these anywhere."

Being a perfectly legitimate merchant selling perfectly legitimate goods, Nash sells at a 900% markup. But if you're happy paying 10 times the game value, he has a range of corrupt Transformative Items for sale.

Item Cost
Ashen Leaf 4000 EC
Blackened Herb 4000 EC
Discolored Egg 4000 EC
Tainted Clover 4000 EC
Twisted Reed 4000 EC